Anatomica Tubular Seamless Leg Raw Denim Jeans

Anatomica Tubular Leg Jean - No Seam!

Anatomica Tubular Leg Jean – No Seam!

I was perusing Mohawk General Store in Silver Lake the other week ago when I noticed a pair of raw jeans from a brand I’d never seen before, Anatomica. It’s a French label but the tag says “technically manufactured in Japan”, an interest piquer for sure.

So I went through my typical steps when sizing up a new pair: mid-weight 13 oz. denim, singed and calendared with a few stray tweedy bits. Standard nickel finish rivets and a zip fly — interesting. The fit’s a slim-straight with a mid-rise and all the stitching looks good. So I finally turn up the cuff to get a look at the selvedge on the outseam and, lo and behold, there’s no outseam!

That’s right, the legs on these jeans are made from a single piece of wrapped denim that’s only stitched at the inseam. I had to flip through a couple other pairs in the stack to make sure they were all like this and I didn’t just grab an anomaly. Mohawk had just gotten them in last month and I believe they are the only North American retailer as of right now, so we’ll have to wait to see how these seamless jeans fade in comparison to their seamed counterparts.

What are your thoughts on this seamless pair of Anatomica denim? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Name:  Anatomica Tubular Leg Jean
  • Weight:  13oz.
  • Denim: Raw 100% cotton Japanese denim
  • Other:  Zip fly, branded leather patch, no outseam
  • Available at:  Mohawk General Store for $349.00 USD


Front Fit - Anatomica Tubular Seamless Leg Raw Denim Jean

Front Closeup - Anatomica Tubular Seamless Leg Raw Denim Jean

Back Fit - Anatomica Tubular Seamless Leg Raw Denim Jean Back and Side Fit - Anatomica Tubular Seamless Leg Raw Denim Jean

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • tonhash

    looks shit

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      $350 is way over the top for those. This is even more so with the single color thread stitching reminiscent of Unbranded and other value-priced selvage.

  • Jonny

    There’s something awkward about the fit, the yoke maybe.. Or I guess it’s just that nothing is… what it seams..

    • Kyle Brooks Robinson


  • anonymous

    nice, seamless denim!!! shitty fit!!!
    well done

    • a tailor

      there is a short side seam that is more like a dart. but it is necessary because of the pocket and the yoke. that dart causes a pooch at it’s bottom but cant be helped, this is denim not wool. so it is not really fully sans side seam.

      the designer or the quality man dropped the ball here. this model has no ass and does not fill out the jeans seat thats partly why its so baggy.

      also the young man has a tilted pelvis so that the left hip is higher than the right side. this makes the baggy seat slop to the right.

      if it was handled correctly it would have looked rather cool.

      am thinking now about making one for myself.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Very odd jeans. I don’t understand the purpose of seamless denim, why is it special?also the fit is very different, it’s like a reverse taper. Price is pretty steep for these, and im not sure why. The details are a bit boring and these dont seem very creative.

    • anonymous

      because its seamless, its difficult to weave, and difficult to craft to a perfect fit, a challange and hence its something exclusive and new especially in denim world
      but yet, this jeans is a failure shitty fit

      • Cruel_Angel

        What are you talking about? The fabric is no more difficult to weave than any other fabric. This is simply a matter of construction. Typical jeans have both front and back panel, these jeans would have a single piece. This company likely prides it self on it’s minimal design.

        • anonymous

          What are you talking about? Yes its difficult to weave since it is woven tubularly, a modification in the weaving machine is required
          moreover, it indicates that fabrics are specifically woven to a certain specifications and width meaning it is sort of an exclusive fabric

          • DIGertsi

            It is not woven “tubularly” (is that a word??)! They do have a seam: an inseam which is obviously stitched. Only way this could be done seamless is when they’d knit the f*cker. Cruel_Angel is right: a matter of construction. And a construction that is completely useless to me and just wasting more fabric: the pattern pieces can’t be puzzled as close to each other as a normal constructed denim. So not even it’s useless, but by going minimal they also use more fabric (yards per jeans) and will have more waste (which is a sin in my denimhead opinion)… And thus even more polluting than a regular denim already is.

          • olalala

            Hmmm…Are you anonymously cruel_angel?

          • Cruel_Angel

            nope, but he took the works right out of my mouth.

          • anonymous

            sure, of course bro…

          • Zelch

            One useful aspect of fabric is it’s flexibility; this means that it is possible to fold a regular, flat roll of denim into a round shape and sew it without necessarily having to “tubularly” weave it.

            Try not to overthink it kid.

    • anonymous

      and also seamless fabric retains its shape better after wash and abrasion, meaning you can expect no leg twisting and other shape change through your usage

      • Devan Prithipaul

        hey! thank you for that answer, so do you know of any other jeans that are seamless?

        • anonymous

          Your welcome, sorry but i’m no google

    • Zelch

      your “reverse taper” is in fact what no taper at all looks like. I believe the phrase “slim straight” was thrown around.

      • Devan Prithipaul

        No, it actually seems to get bigger in the thigh area, look at the close up pic that shows the whole jean from the back side, it actually gets larger.

  • Anthony Savoy

    I dont mind the fit. Better than the skinny jeans most Pu$$ys now days wear :)

  • Model Citizen

    These almost look bootcut. I can think of plenty other brands I would drop $350 before ever considering these.

  • Ryan Chinaski

    cut looks dope but you know that kid is mad anorexic. id bust the thighs open.

  • Zelch


  • Kyle Brooks Robinson

    Why on earth is everyone complaining about the fit? That’s probably the best thing about these jeans. It’s a classic slim straight fit, nothing wrong with that.

    The seamless outseam is interesting despite the bland detailing of these jeans. I’d like for other makers to start experimenting more with jeans construction techniques and offer up some original ideas like this.

  • Jun

    No selvedge? WTF!!!!!!!!

    • fridaydan

      There’s more to the use of selvedge denim than the pretty tape on your side-seam. It’s about using a more narrow, and therefore stronger cloth. The very absence of the seam makes jean stronger and will reduce twist in the legs.

  • Guest

    Tender’s upcoming seamless does a much better job, I must say.

  • Johnson Benjamin

    This is done in the tshirt industry. (notice some of your t shirts do NOT have side seams). It is done as a time saving, money saving technique. I also find shirts like this, to not fit as well.

    I would expect these pants to be more affordable since they a phase of constructions has been removed.