12 Wallets to go with Raw Denim


When on the hunt for a new wallet, deciding which one to buy can often become a deceptively hard choice comparable even too buying a new pair of denim. While the difficulty in choice can be partly attributed to the huge variety in today’s accessory market, the biggest struggle can be finding a wallet that enhances your current state of affairs.

Given that a wallet’s necessity is second to none and gets such frequent use, you’ll soon be kicking yourself numerous times each day unless you really love your the one you choose. Take a look at some that we love for a little inspiration.

1) Journeyman Wallet – Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods Journeyman

Tanner Goods Journeyman

The Journey Man wallet from Tanner Goods is an extremely versatile accessory that wouldn’t be out of place either on the ranch or at the races. The Journey Man has two card slots on either side of a central pocket to hold the bills. It’s also cut from 3.5 oz. tooling leather creating an extremely slim profile that would definitely be appreciated if you’re ever thinking about dressing up your denim. The Journey Man is available in five colors including oxblood, indigo and black, though we’re definitely leaning towards Tanner Good’s natural leather offering. Available at Tanner Goods for $60.

2) Billfold with Change Pouch – Il Bisonte

Il Bisonte

Italian leather craft brand Il Bisonte are well known for their pure quality cow-hide leather and quality construction techniques. What caught our eye about their billfold wallet is the added change pouch, an extremely useful detail that has become rare over recent years. Made in Italy, this wallet features 4 card slots, an 8″ long bill pocket as well as the aforementioned change pouch. Available at Unionmade Goods for $188.

3) Classic Bifold – Corter Leather

Corter Leather Bifold

Corter Leather’s Classic Bifold is in all senses of the phrase, a classic wallet. It’s the type of wallet that your dad had, and his dad had, and even your dad’s dad’s dad had. The design has been around forever and because it’s so accommodating, there really is no reason to stray from it. Corter Leather offers the Classic Bifold in Black and Cognac Horween Chromexcel leather, both of which are crafted with a natural leather interior. Available through Corter Leather for $138.

4) Diamond Billfold – Draught Dry Goods

Draught Dry Goods Diamond Billfold

The Diamond Billfold by Draught Dry Goods is a wallet that has a distinctly naturalistic heritage look, one that would look great peeking out of any man’s pocket. The Diamond Billfold is made out of 10 oz. Waxed Canvas and will age just as nicely as any leather counterpart. It’s available in a multitude of colors, but it’s the olive version that appeals the most to us. Available at Draught Dry Goods for $50.

Draught Dry Goods Diamond Billfold

5) Mid-Length Wallet – Studio D’Artisan

Studio D'Artisan

The Mid-length wallet from Japanese heritage brand Studio D’Artisan is definitely one of the most stylish on this list. The wallet opens up to reveal a handy zippered coin pouch along with 6 credit card slots and a convenient bill pocket. The design team at Studio D’Artisan have taken no bit of space for granted and have really pushed the boundaries in terms of classic wallet design with this piece. Available at Blue in Green for $350.

6) Utility Bifold – Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods Utility Bifold

Tanner Goods take on the classic bifold wallet is extremely similar to the offering from Il Bisonte albeit with a slimmer profile due to the lack of a coin pouch. The Utility Bifold is made out of either 3.5 oz. tooling leather or Chromexcel leather and is fully handmade in the USA so we know it will stand up through the test of time. Similar to the Journey Man wallet, the Utility Bifold is also offered in an array of finishes including oxblood, indigo, black and natural. Available from Tanner Goods for $75.

7) Caramel Billfold – Ken Diamond

Ken Diamond Caramel Billfold

The Caramel Billfold by Canadian leather worker Ken Diamond is a heritage inspired take on the classic billfold. The square cut corners, twin card slots and tidy hand-stamped branding of this design are all examples of the minimalistic, vintage details that Diamond has built his brand upon. The Caramel Billfold is constructed from vegetable tanned leather and is made by the hands of Diamond himself. Diamond also offers the same design in black or chocolate leather. Available from Ken Diamond for $94.

8) Credit Card Holder – Iron Heart

Ironheart Cardholder

Best known for it’s heavyweight denim, Iron Heart has also dabbled in the leather goods industry. One particular piece of theirs that caught our eye is Iron Heart’s version of a classic card holder. Like many of the other wallet’s featured, Iron Heart’s Credit Card Holder is offered in black or tanned leather. Available at Iron Heart UK for $110.

9) Mini Wallet in Tabac – Mismo

Mismo Mini Wallet

The husband and wife team behind Mismo have built their company on a similar ethos to Ken Diamond, as the pair specialize in premium quality leathers and sophisticated craftsmanship. These two attributes are blended into classic Danish design and detailing to ensure that each piece in their collection is not without a sense of “purposeful minimalism.” This ethos is what drew us to Mismo’s Mini Wallet in Tabac. While it offers nothing groundbreaking, the Mini Wallet is simply a zippered coin purse, the simplicity, familiarity, and clear usability of the design is what appeals to us. Mismo also offers the Mini Wallet in black, navy and dark brown. Available at Neighbour for $110.

10)  Rollway iPhone Case – Maple Supply Co.

Maple Supply Co Wallet

The Rollway iPhone Case by Maple Supply Co. is an innovative new design, one that would be perfect for anyone looking to slim down their daily carry. The aesthetic of this case has clearly been thoughtfully designed and the result is an accessory that would be equally at home in the boardroom as it would on the boardwalk. In the construction of Rollway Case, Maple Supply Co. has utilized materials such as 5 oz. textured bison leather for the exterior, a lighter 2 oz. bison leather for the contrast card holder and a flannel lining in a nod to logging heritage that offers scratch protection for your iPhone. Available at Haven for $138. 

11) Classic Plain Wallet – Comme Des Garcons

Comme des Garcons

If you’re stuck between Il Bisonte’s Billfold and the Mini Wallet from Mismo, Japanese designer Comme Des Garcons may have created a best-of-both-worlds scenario with their Classic Plain Wallet. The wallet features a zipped exterior that opens to reveal an elegantly finished coin pouch and card holder, taking the talking points of both the aforementioned wallets and combining them into one design. One of our favorite aspects of this design, as with any Comme Des Garcons leather product, is the gold lettering gracing the inside of the wallet. Available at Dover Street Market for £142 GBP.

12) Horizon Three Wallet – Makr


The Horizon Three Wallet from Makr is a design that inherits a great deal from a regular car holder however instead of retaining a static two-sided design, Makr has taken inspiration from a bifold wallet. The result, a cardholder with a twist, is refreshingly new and would be a welcome addition to any of our pockets. Available from Makr for $90.


Harry is a fixie rider, brother of three, full-time student and an Instagram addict. He lives in Wellington, New Zealand. Follow his daily activity: @harryross_

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  • abdul

    seriously CDG? how about no!

  • Geeman

    How has this article not included Obbi Goods Label, Manifold or Redmoon? They are without question the premier wallet makers in the eyes of the denim community@.Tanner does nice kit dont get me wrong but to not include the aforementioned means this article has as much relevance as: 5 Ways to turn up your jeans and 5 pairs of raws with a long inseam!! :-)

  • guest


    Brands that should be found here are also Flathead, OGL and especially Red Moon!!!

  • harry, have a look at this one. it’s the, by far, nicest and cleanest leather wallet around: http://noahlambert.com/shop/uni-fold-wallet

    • Harry Ross

      That looks awesome! And out of one piece of leather? Impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  • to rawrdenim

    rawrdenim, you definitely need a better exposure to raw denim yourself before writing an article

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Voyej also makes excellent wallets, very good quality to price ratio. Also, but more expensive options could be Redmoon or Kawatako, I’m not sure why CDG made the list, I assumed by “that go with raw denim” meant that they would fade and age along with your denim which the cdg one will not.

    • Harry Ross

      Hey Devan, thanks for your input! However I disagree with you when you say that the CDG Wallet will not age along with denim. Whilst it’s obvious that the wear patterns of CDG Brown will be different to a natural or tanned version, there is no denying that the leather will age. The article would have been a fairly boring read had I included 12 natural or tanned leather wallets. Showing some variety to our wide range of readers is never a bad thing!

      • Devan Prithipaul

        Hmm good point, I guess i’m not use to the mixing of high fashion brands and raw denim. It was a good article, and thank you for explaining your decision to me!

  • Geeman

    Voyej is also very nice.

  • Kyle

    Oh man, wallets. If there’s anything I’m more obsessed with than denim, it’s wallets.

    Like others have said, there are some pretty conspicuous omissions here – this is slanted very heavily toward the super-thin/minimalist sort of wallet that dominates in the US. Aside from the fact that I like something more substantial, I’m never going to enjoy using a wallet where I have to fold up my cash. I guess one reason I prefer long wallets is because it keeps my bills nice and neat, and easier to access. Lord knows when I was a supermarket cashier during college I couldn’t stand having people pay with nasty, wadded-up bills…

    In Japan and other parts of Asia where cash and coins, not credit cards, is the dominant method of buying stuff, a good wallet is usually an essential part of the denimhead’s outfit. It’s more akin to a watch or piece of jewelry than something that’s purely functional.

    Voyej probably offers some of the best value on the market – they make really nice quality stuff that’s hand-stitched with cow tendon thread.

    Redmoon basically invented the long wallet as we know it, and they’re probably the most influential wallet maker in Japan. Their leather ages incredibly, but the machine stitching is a weak link and often breaks. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be easy to permanently mess up the appearance of the leather (through water, etc.)

    Now of course I’m a little biased, but I think Flat Head’s hand-sewn line of wallets made in the Stockburg workshop are the absolute best I’ve ever tried. The leather quality and hand stitching is unparalleled, and the designs are original and just about perfect, IMO. Their stuff made with Shinki cordovan is especially nice. All the little details, like the pigskin lining, gusset, and coin pocket, are great too. Of course it’s ridiculously expensive, but I honestly can’t see myself needing to buy another wallet for the next decade or more.

    • Devan Prithipaul

      Great comment, thanks Kyle!

      • Kyle

        Hey Devan, I’d say that you should apply some wax or other conditioner once every 4-6 months, I don’t think most natural leather products really need more than that. The best I’ve found is Equus’s leather wax, it’s cheap and one little container lasts a long time. In my experience, I don’t like to use really strong oils like neatsfoot oil or Obenauf’s leather oil (LP is good, though.) These do a good job of moisturizing the leather but permanently change the color and feel of the leather; the wallets and belts where I’ve used leather oil have changed color and felt too soft afterwards. Save the strong oil for your boots, use gentle wax and conditioner for your wallets and belts.

  • baronbonbon

    How come redmoon is not on the list?

  • Chris

    It would be so much better to crowdsource suggestions and then list them out than do lists like these with so many omissions.

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    $110 for for that plain leather cc holder from ironheart? A fool and his money…

  • BelliCapelli

    I would add Angelos Leather, Hollows Leather, and KC’s to the list. I have a natural “Half Wallet No.3″ from Angelos and it has aged beautifully over time. The burnished edges and stitching are phenomenal for the price. If you’re looking for a more affordable Japanese product in the vein of Red Moon I’d check out KC’s. Nick Hollows makes some impressive leather goods as well; if you want something made in the USA I’d take a look at his stuff in addition to Corter and Tanner Goods.

  • what

    comme des garcons shud not be in the list. what the f ***

  • Philip

    Check out Takeo Kikuchi.