Railcar Fine Goods Type 3 Classic Apron – Just Released

Railcar Fine Goods Type 3 Classic Apron

Railcar Fine Goods Type 3 Classic Apron

As Railcar Fine Goods continues to explore territory beyond jeans, we see the unveiling of the Arcadia, California brand’s latest creation – the Type 3 Classic Apron. Though it’s certainly not a staple of every denim head’s wardrobe, it’s nice to see Railcar transfer their knack for diligent denim construction to another form, yet still maintain a great deal of their vintage detailing.

The Type 3 Classic Apron is composed of a 12 Oz. blue line selvedge raw denim from Cone Mills and built in the same fashion as any of their denim jeans. The outer edges are reinforced with a single chain stitch hemming, each section is bound by a triple stitch, and one can’t help but notice the Railcar emblazoned hardware and 6 Oz. raw leather straps and patch.

Implied within the name as well, the design behind the Apron is inspired by (and pays tribute to) the famous Levi’s Type 3 Jean Jacket. A classic piece in its own right, the Type 3 Jacket is of a slim fitting cut and, more importantly, well known as being the first Levi’s jacket to utilize pointed chest pocket flaps.


  • Name: Railcar Fine Goods Type 3 Classic Apron
  • Weight: 12 Oz.
  • Other details:
    • Both single and triple stitch construction
    • Blue line selvedge waist and pen pockets
    • Railcar washer and rivets
    • 6 Oz. raw leather neck and adjustable waistband straps
  • Available at: Railcar Fine Goods for $128.00 USD


Nick Coe

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    I want just want say, I’m not sure about this. I understand its paying homage to the Levi’s Type 3 jkt – but this for me does not work. Real design is moving this forward, and providing a solution, The pocket on the front, are just not workable.. esp if you use it. and it looks WAY too big. The Apron looks like its been clobbered together, 3 different ideas.

    I respect the guys at Railcar, but is seems like a quick idea.. There are many brands which are doing the Apron theme at the moment… I have a few vintage denim aprons in my archive my self… and collect them.

    If theres any brand, which needs more spot light: Dawson Denim, from Brighton, England, has built an entire brand round selvage denim aprons, and they pay homage to workwear details, and do it a modern way.. with out copying / Plagiarising – They have looked and considered and constructed a modern Apron – Brands like Blue Blanket, Rising Sun, Anachronorm, iron heart, Kapital and even Nudie have also successfully made beautiful denim Aprons this season… This one in my personal opinion should just be buried, and forgotten about.

    • Grandier

      i never wore a denim apron in my life before, and i kinda had an impression that people who wear denim apron are those who had a heavyduty job like….woodcrafting and blacksmithing….? comparing Railcar’s apron with the rest of the aprons that you posted, i find Railcar’s apron lack of storage space by looking at the photo.

      then again, i might be wrong =

      • Steven Dang RFG

        Hi Grandier. The full width of the waist of the apron is a 6 inch deep pocket. It has that blue line selvedge line exposted on top. A little hard to notice in the picture. Two little selections of the pocket is broken off for pen storage.

        • Grandier

          i see. thanks for the explanation. It didn’t appear to be a pocket to me at first, but now it does

    • frenchkiss

      true that, the pocket is beautifully crafted and placed, but still it doesn’t work at all practicality wise
      also real heavy duty apron like this needs lots of pocket, imo

  • Steven Dang RFG

    Thanks RAWR for the feature! Nice surprise this afternoon for me that you guys noticed and posted it. Thanks again. Have a great weekend.