Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Organic PIMA Selvage – Just Released

Nudie Organic Pima Cotton Grim Tim Selvedge Denim Jean

Nudie Jeans Organic Pima Grim Tim Selvedge

Nudie Jeans arguably helped push raw denim into the spotlight with their many cuts, fabrics, price-point as well as their ideology popularizing the idea that raw denim shouldn’t be washed for long periods of time. Since breaking onto the scene 14 years ago, the brand hailing from Sweden has consistently released new models of jeans in myriad fabrics; including their most recently released, the Grim Tim Organic PIMA selvedge denim.

Front and back view of Nudie Organic Pima Cotton Grim Tim Selvedge Denim Jean

Front and Back of Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Organic PIMA Selvedge

Pima cotton is an Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton that is known for its durability, strength, and softness; making it more commonly used in higher-end bedding and shirts. Nudie first sources their organic pima from a small farm in New Mexico, USA, weaves the cotton into selvedge fabric in Japan, before finally stitching the fabric together in Italy. The result is a 13.5oz denim that has a slightly streaky appearance and will break in nicely over just a few wears.

Details on the Nudie Jeans Organic PIMA Grim Tim Selvedge jeans

Details on the Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Organic PIMA Selvedge jeans

Limited to just 480 pairs, the jean is only being sold in their webshop and in various concept stores. Each pair is numbered from 1-480 on the leather patch and boxed with an informational booklet about their organic pima cotton. They also feature many of the typical details seen in Nudie‘s previous selvedge releases, such as branded silver buttons and rivets as well as a selvedge coin pocket.

Nudie Jeans Organic PIMA Grim Tim Selvedge jeans after 2 weeks wear

After 2 weeks of wear


    • Name: Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Organic PIMA Selvedge
    • Weight: 13.5 Oz.
    • Fit: Mid/Low-Rise, Slim Taper Leg
    • Denim: Japanese selvedge denim made from PIMA cotton
    • Other Details:
      • Sewn in Italy
      • Selvedge coin pocket
      • Silver branded buttons and rivets
      • Limited to 480 pairs
      • Numbered leather patch
    • Available at: Nudie Webstore for $265.00 USD
Young Lee

Young Lee

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  • Grandier

    i heard a lot about pima cottons, but never had the chance to try a denim with one. is it really as good/comfortable as what people say? is there any other brand that uses pima cotton?

    • geo

      The answer to your first question is yes and no. Pima is only grown in Pima County, Arizona (hence the name) and is known for its soft yet durable fibers. But processed cotton labeled Pima isn’t necessarily made from 100% Pima cotton fibers. As long as it has trace amounts of Pima cotton mixed in with other cotton fibers, the producers can label it Pima. It can be made of less than 1% Pima and still be get the label. There’s really no way of knowing. Only cotton that’s labeled Supima is made with 100% Pima cotton and I believe it must be certified (by who, I have no idea) to get that label. So there’s no guarantee Pima cotton is going to be any softer than any other cotton. Its all a marketing gimmick.

      • Knowledge Matters

        Sadly much of your information is incorrect.

        Pima comes mostly from Peru. Supima stands for “superior Pima”. Supima is an organization that promotes the use of American Pima cotton and checks quality control.

        The claim that “Only
        cotton that’s labeled Supima is made with 100% Pima cotton” is simply false. It is true that if something doesn’t say 100% Pima or 100% Supima cotton it may not be 100% Pima. However if it says it is 100% Pima than it is. No Supima verification is needed. Supima mainly lets you know you are getting high quality American
        pima cotton.

        Pima cotton is also called Extra Long Staple cotton. It is a higher quality kind of cotton…and it is softer, takes dyes better, lasts longer. Brooks brothers, Iron Heart, Samurai Jeans, etc, etc, etc…. all use Pima or ELS cotton for its positive traits.

        Pima is not all a marketing gimmick it’s a different and higher quality cotton variety.

  • Justin Wüst

    Sounds lovely and looks pretty decent! Although, the link isn’t working anymore.. wasn’t it supposed to be released yet? 😀

    • Young

      looks like the jean has either been sold out or they pulled it from the site. checked hypebeast and highsnob and their links arent working either.

      • Justin Wüst

        I assume it’s pulled off.. 480 pieces would be allot to sell right away at that price..

        Perhaps 480 collectors were online at the same time to buy 😀

    • Matthew D Stone

      That’s because this article was surprising late. Nudie released these jeans 2 maybe 3 weeks ago. Honestly I was surprised that they actually posted this article because it was sold out about 10 days ago.

      • Justin Wüst

        Yes, I noticed that.. they went quick though..

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Not on the market for any Nudies, but these look like a grab.

  • Justin Wüst

    I had actually send them a tweet and indeed.. they sold the last pair a couple of days ago. They claim some concept stores still have a few..

  • szfofa

    I dont think I will every get over Nudie’s gaudy back pocket stitch design.