i love ugly Raw Selvedge Denim – Just Released

i love ugly Japanese Selvedge

i love ugly Japanese Selvedge

New Zealand-based company i love ugly has been making waves recently in the menswear game, working its way from obscurity to regular appearances on Hypebeast and similar style sites within a year. Making it in North America and Japan from a New Zealand origin is no small feat, but i love ugly were able to accomplish it.

To make it that much more surprising, until now their collection was missing a denim offering. Highly anticipated among those following the brand, they’ve finally turned this around and have released their first run of jeans.

i love ugly Japanese Selvedge Jean

While sometimes a jean added late into a fashion collection can seem forced, i love ugly recognize the art of crafting a perfect jean, explaining their pursuit with the following quote.

Jeans are a form of art, right down to the cut, style, colour, stitching and zippers. We’ve kept this in mind and used Japanese Selvedge Denim and assembled it in Beijing by skilled denim craftsman.

Given the way they’ve stormed through menswear, I see no reason not to expect them to become a well recognized force in denim in the coming months.

i love ugly Details

Unlike some standard denim models, i love ugly, has opted to pepper a range of details throughout this denim – including the additional pen pocket above the left pocket, back pocket loop, and triple stitched hem.

However, one department that they may need to rework is the sizing of the jean. They’re currently sized in a S/M/L/XL/XXL format, which gives the jean a more relaxed fit for most people. Of course, there’s always the option of sizing down a bit, but you’ll want to pay attention to the measurements section of the online store.

i love ugly Jean Details



  • Name: i love ugly Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • Weight: 12 Oz.
  • Fit: Tapered fit
  • Denim: Japanese selvedge denim
  • Further Details:
    • Osaka lining
    • Custom embossed button fly “when nothing goes right go left”
    • Genuine leather patch “I Love Ugly denim – made to wear”
    • Back pocket loop
    • Coin pocket on right side
    • Pen pocket on left side
    • Embossed rivets
    • Triple stitched cross hem
  • Available at: i love ugly for $220.00 NZD


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • Lucas

    THERE, now everybody can stop bitching about “Something Different” in a pair of jeans.

    These are the denim version of Harem pants……..

  • Vinyl Scratch

    Between the zipper, awkward sizing, light weight, helter-skelter construction and unflattering fit pics, these jeans appear to be one huge mess (especially at that price point! $220 for shoddy jeans? Seriously??). I suppose you truly would have to love “ugly” to buy a pair of these.

    • Grandier

      i actually find this denim is quite unique though, we don’t get a lot of tapered fit covered in this website recently, and the linings and the other details like the pen pocket leather patch and buttons are quite nice.

      i wouldn’t call it ugly or messy, more like unconventional.

      • Vinyl Scratch

        It definitely is unique, and I will agree that those details are some nice touches. For me personally, however, I find the fit to be off; I do love tapered fits (and you are right, there’s not enough coverage of them here on Rawr), but this has more of an extreme “carrot shape” feel to it with a really long rise, and the model chosen doesn’t fit in them very well.

        I suppose I was a little harsh on them, I just don’t see them as being worth the price point mentioned (which I’ve now realized is roughly $184 USD–better, but still a little high for what’s being offered).

        Considering your view differed from mine, I genuinely appreciate your reply being as civil and respectful as it was. I commend you, my good sir!

        • Grandier

          i agree, the price is a bit high. now that you’ve mentioned it, it does more like a carrot fit than a tapered one. one thing that gripes me is that they had the S/M/L sizings as opposed of waist number. that makes it a bit harder for denim lovers to be interested in one

          the pleasure’s all mine, my good sir! :)

        • Grandier

          also, i dont see any chainstitchings on the denim. im not used to seeing a denim without one now :( it does reinforce the denim construction, right?

    • Devan Prithipaul

      totally agreed. definitely not a fan, however, i do like that lining and the construction details, such as the pen pocket,back pocket loop, are kind of interesting…. i think its just that bizarre fit that gets me. looks like they tried too hard, if they would have put in half of the features it might have been nice.

      • all hail devan d denim expert

        nobody gives a damn whether you are a fan or not..
        just sayin…

      • growe13

        I agree! The front pocket I find quite cool, but, as for me, I’d prefer this only if it had more texture (and slightly less rise). I’d kill for some slick dropcrotch denim.

    • Kristian Buenconsejo

      The name says it all…
      But in terms of innovating and taking denim into a new direction this pair is a good example. The fit and the features reminds me of something that G-star would do.

    • vinyl scratch the denim expert

      yup, conventional denim is not interesting
      unconventional denim is a huge mess
      what do you expect? its just a pair of denim

      • Vinyl Scratch

        Your statements reflect the comments you’ve seen periodically here
        on Rawr Denim as a whole, but not my own views in the slightest. Even though I look at this site every day, I rarely comment due to the sheer hostility usually present in the comments section, no doubt fueled if not started by you and your hatred for Devan, Mr. Infamous Anon.

        From *your* comments, I see that your interests lie solely in attempting to bring those down that have anything negative to say, as I’ve seen you bash criticisms of simple conventional denim as well as criticisms of unique unconventional denim. The fact is, I for one am impressed by quality and value for your dollar, whether that be conventional denim (which can, in fact, be quite interesting) or not. And while this particular denim may be unconventional–which is a refreshing sight every so often for this site–it has been executed very poorly, and thus is definitely a huge mess. Does that mean all unconventional denim is a huge mess? Absolutely not. I love the things PBJ does with their denim, and the red-core N&F denim intrigues me also (yes, it’s okay to compliment N&F once in a while without losing credibility). But certain models such as this can in fact be terrible. The things I pointed out in my post above have all been done wrong. The Japanese selvedge is nice, but can be found in MANY other brands. The pen pocket is cool but has been done better by Rogue Territory. And the fabric lining is interesting, but can be found in Paulrose Products and numerous collabs between brands with far better execution, like Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts. It can be argued that this jean is unique in that it utilizes all of these features in a single pair, but is it worth $220 considering its numerous drawbacks from a brand that has had no interest in denim up until now and has now decided to produce their line out of China? I think not.

        I would never claim to be an “expert” on denim, I’ll leave such a title to the raw denim brand and shop owners that we read about here each day, as they’ve earned such a title and deserve it. But I know without a doubt that I know a hell of a lot more than you, seeing as you look above and see nothing more than “just a pair of denim.”

      • http://twitter.com/JohnnyBravvo John Chapman

        JUST a pair of denim…ha ha…perhaps this forum is not for you, friend.

  • geo

    “…assembled it in Beijing by skilled denim craftsman.” Sounds like marketing speak for “made in China by sweatshop labor.”

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      It sounds better than “Made by suicidal Chinese peasants forced to sew at least 500 pair per day under pain of death.”

  • Guy

    Do the skilled Beijing craftsman sew them onto you? I’m perplexed how you get your feet through the leg openings otherwise.

  • flats

    What an incredibly awful fit. Also I have a feeling these Beijing skills denim craftsmen were simply children.

  • Derek

    ilu really has to stick to their trackies/zespys. plus, no one in the raw denim scene can appreciate a drop crotch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aeqvitas Justin Wüst

    I like them, although the cuffs seem really small.. Otherwise, great details!

  • http://www.facebook.com/igorpelego Igor Moreira

    jesus, they don’t even fit the model’s waist on the top pics.

  • jim

    People would feel you more when u can just simply say It’s made in China and there is no such thing as crafted and skilled denim makers in China! I am a Chinese and I have never seen a pair of Quality raw denim made in my country!

  • ramartz

    We’ve been asking for “different” and, well, this definitely is.

  • Ryan Chinaski

    what a joke. chinese made garbage. even the sizing is wack. small, medium, and large? with a 32 inch inseam?


  • Trevor Hsu

    These jeans make me want to eat my own eyeballs

  • Richalicious

    mmmm…. i’m on the fence about these also. Fit is terrible based on the top pics but the details are quite interesting. I like the waistband lining though :)
    I had to laugh at Guy’s post: “Do the skilled Beijing craftsman sew them onto you? I’m perplexed how you get your feet through the leg openings” !! :)

  • Guest

    Haha wow.. you pack of lumberjacks should try something other than being grumpy and only buying “Straight selvedge” fit.