Hartford Denim Company – Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime

Hartford Denim Company - Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime

Hartford Denim Company – Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime

At some point in our lives, we all have found ourselves sitting around with our friends coming up with somewhat lofty ideas for projects and saying things like, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we…”. For better or for worse, a lot of these ideas never materialize and everyone moves on.

For the founders of Hartford Denim Company, the “what if” conversation started off the same, but resulted in a full-fledged denim company that has grown immensely in the short three years they’ve been around.

Front and Back of the Hartford Denim Company 001 Jean

Front and Back of Hartford Denim Company‘s 001 Jean

Hailing from Connecticut, Hartford Denim Company is focused on doing everything in-house. Their denim is cut, sewn, and also repaired all by their small staff. Every aspect of the jean shows their attention to detail and they’ve made sure there is no shortage of details.

From the multi-colored thread and chainstitching used throughout the jean to the heavy 9 Oz. plaid Cone Mills pocket bags, it’s easy to see that the guys behind company are serious about creating a pair of jeans that will last.

To back up their intention for their customers to wear the jeans for as long as possible, they offer a lifetime guarantee that includes free repairs for the jean at any time.

Selvedge Detail of the Cone Mills and the 9 oz Pocket Bags

Selvedge Detail and Cone Mills 90z Pocket Bags

The first run of jeans uses a 14 Oz. Nihon Menpu denim but going forward, the jeans will feature a 16.5oz Cone Mills denim and will come in a variety of fits including a straight, slim straight, and a taper fit.

To make sure they put their homestate on the radar in the denim community, all the jeans have the creatively done leather patch that is shaped like the state of Connecticut.

They also are in the process of coming out with a custom unsanforized denim from Cone Mills as well as developing a larger product line that will include boots, shirts and jeans for both men and women, as well as a selection of leather goods.

Lifetime Guarantee of the Hartford Denim Company

Lifetime Guarantee

I purchased the 001 model in their 14 oz. Nihon Menpu denim and after wearing them for a couples week, they have quickly become my everyday jean. The 001 fit is a mid-rise tapered fit which works well for those who need a little more room in the thigh but with a smaller leg opening.

The top block is boxier and feels more like a vintage 501 fit. Another interesting detail is that the back pockets are offset and larger than most other brands, plus are actually reinforced using two pieces of denim and exposed copper rivets.

The pocket bags are quite deep and the 9 Oz. fabric is tough at first but soften up after a few wears. The jean is solidly constructed, fits well, and if they’re any indication of what Hartford Denim Company has to offer in the future, we’ll most definitely be hearing more from them.

You can find out more about them and purchase their products on their website. Be sure to look to their Facebook page for updates on their upcoming projects.

The Hartford 001 fit pictures

Fit Pictures of 001 Fit

Hartford Denim Company Jeans

Hartford Denim Company

Young Lee

Young Lee

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  • http://twitter.com/m_d_o_o Michael D

    Finally! I’m rocking my 001s now and have been waiting forever for these guys to get their RawrDenim due. They also offer lifetime repairs.

  • Josh Westbrook

    These guys are no joke! If you ever have the opportunity to come and visit the factory, or their outlet store, you shouldn’t pass up the chance for an unforgettable shopping experience. The smell, the cast iron, the wood, the hospitality, and the denim, will leave you not only in a great pair of jeans, but also with a lasting connection between you and the hands that made them.

  • Marshall Deming

    On Instagram @htfddnm @hartforddenimco

  • Damian

    I bought a pair of jeans from these guys a little over a year ago and absolutely love them. The Cone Mills deep indigo dyed duck canvas is fading beautifully. Still looking forward to that first wash.

    I agree with Josh Westbrook that the shopping experience at Hartford Denim is amazing. It’s bar none the coolest clothing shop of any type I’ve ever visited. I can’t wait to attend one of Monday night parties when I’m visiting CT over the summer.

    • Ryan Chinaski

      wash your fuckin jeans weirdo

      • Damian

        I rotate my jeans. Most pairs are only worn 1-2 times a week. Thus, these aren’t too puke-y smelling yet.

        • Mike

          they will start to smell like puke soon….very soon.

  • cincinnatus

    $288 Sounds a little steep to me. I guess the free repairs for life kinda redeems it though. Still not digging that patch in my own taste. Props for the creativity though

  • Mike

    I bought a pair of jeans Hartford Denim Company and they STINK! they literally smell of puke and vomit. and no wonder they offer free repairs, the stitching on the pockets came apart, and the staff accused me of doing it on purpose! stay away!

    • Damian

      Did the jeans stink before or after you wore them? If it was before, then why didn’t you return them? If it was afterward, well, what can be said of that? Stop puking on your jeans? Maybe try a new deodorant???

      As for the issues with pocket stitching, that’s too bad. These guys seem cool and were totally okay when I asked to exchange a pair of jeans post hem. I’m surprised.

      • Mike

        I bought them and they were just in my closet and when I wore them they smelled of vomit and cat piss. It wasn’t me, none of my other jeans have such an offensive odour.

    • alwaysright

      Bullshit, you numpty. Puke AND vomit? That’s one and the same! Do you actually know what raw denm smells like?
      You’re a fool. sorry to say.

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    I hate the patch, but [unconditional] lifetime repairs sounds like a nice idea. The only question is whether the repair gurantee is easy and unconditional. The poster below, Mike, indicates they scrutinize repair requests.

  • Ryan Chinaski

    unimpressed. their core fit is a little tight. could loosen it up round the knee. price is steep and given close ups of the design, id say the construction does not warrant the sub $300 price tag. and besides, I dont really want a pair of jeans for a lifetime. when those things get nasty and ratty ima put them away. dont wanna be walking around with a patchwork on my legs.

    • Zena

      300 dollars can be spent on so many other good things. Seriously, 300 dollars? They better be tailored to me and be able to open my car door for me as well

    • Anthony

      Unimpressed? What exactly are you expecting? They are jeans.

      This is a pretty simple and straightforward jean with some nice little details—deadstock Cone pocket bags, multi-colored chain stitching, exposed rivets, and layered rear pockets—that set them apart, but don’t make them obnoxious.

      Please elaborate how the construction doesn’t warrant the price. From what I can tell, having owned a pair, the construction is on par with every other manufacturer I’ve owned. Stitching is straight, buttons are well aligned, back yoke lines up well. The only thing I found was one of the back pocket rivets was a 1/16th of an inch off, other than that everything seems well constructed.

      An in-house made jean with all the goodies, made of top-tier denim is rightfully priced in the $275–300 range. Once you factor in the cost to make them, and a little mark up to make an hourly wage.

  • mike77777

    “exposed copper rivets”. Bad idea….There is a reason that Levi’s moved to hidden rivets.

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      Yeah, people were fucking up their saddles. I for, one wont, be buying these jeans for that very reason.

      • M. Firestone

        Most their models now have hidden rivets I believe

  • M. Firestone

    I have a pair of 003’s I have put to the test. They have become my work/garage jeans and by all accounts thats what they were built for. They are comfortable to work in and have proven to be very durable. Cutting, welding and grinding in these on the regular and I could still wear them out if I wanted too. I am impressed with the quality and like Josh said I really dug the shopping experiance.

  • Hogan

    I bought 4 pair of jeans from this company and every pair was high quality love the rivets willcontinue to buy jeans from Hartford Jean Company

  • alwaysright

    These are pretty good.

  • nutter

    I made a pair of jeans once, it took me 20 hours over 2 weeks and $35 in fabric and another 10 in buttons and rivets. so when I just spent $235 on hartford denim 010. it is well worth it. I put 4 pairs of my Mexican levis 511s on eBay to offset the cost. it’s either sweatshop jeans, make them yourself, or buck up.