Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x The Flat Head x Tate + Yoko (1.3 Years, Unknown Washes)

Fade Friday - Naked & Famous x The Flat Head x Tate + Yoko (1.3 Years, Unknown Washes)

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x The Flat Head x Tate + Yoko (1.3 Years, Unknown Washes)

As some might remember, towards the end of 2011 Naked & Famous and Tate + Yoko teamed up with The Flat Head to create the FHXNFXTY denim. Limited to just 50 pairs, the collaborative denim utilized The Flat Head‘s famous 3XXX denim, a rope-dyed, unsanforized fabric weighing 14.5 oz and well known for its vertical fading.

Though tracking down a worn-in FHXNFXTYproved tricky, we were fortunate to have N&F‘s Bahzad Trinos send an update of his pair for at the 4 month mark and again one year later for today’s Fade Friday.


  • Name: FHXNFXTY – The Flat Head x Naked & Famous x Tate + Yoko
  • Weight: 14.5 oz.
  • Denim: Unsanforized 3XXX denim
  • Fit: Weird Guy (slim top block, medium rise, slim leg and slight taper)
  • Other details:
    • These jeans were made by The Flat Head using all Flat Head construction, hardware and fabric
    • The pockets for the first time feature stitching. It’s hard to tell initially because they’re tone-on-tone/hidden
    • Triple name vegetable tanned natural leather embossed patch with a custom design
    • Iron donut button, hidden iron (copper plated) rivets reinforcing backpockets, copper rivets elsewhere

Photos – Before


Photos – After





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  • Sillywizard

    These look like really comfortable jeans! Wish I had a pair of these. I like the fading: the combs and the vertical fading look good to my eye.

    • cincinnatus

      Agreed. They look super comfortable. Nice to see a pair with this age and not giant gaping holes everywhere.

  • Kyle

    Really nice, these aren’t super contrasty but the overall color and texture is perfect. Flat Head denim never disappoints.

  • anonymous

    oh god, the texture and vertical fading is so orgasmic,
    and the fit, ahh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Very nice, the vertical fading is on point and knee fades are very appropriate. fit is perfect and combs are nicely defined. the back pocket (phone?) fade is a nice touch. It would have been nice to have a picture of the leather patch after 1.5 years but that doesnt take away from these fades. they are really very nice.

    • jester

      cool story bro

  • lzwer

    I have these in size 36.. They aren’t particularly comfortable. The rise is ridiculously low and the thighs are tight. I wore them in the bath during the initial soak to make sure I’d be able to get into them again.

    They do look great faded, though.

  • John

    what are those shoes? dope!

    • Killin’tha’game777


  • Eyechild

    SO wish the second Flathead/N&F collabo had gone ahead *sigh*

  • Grandier

    the side-photo of the fade is really amazing. just look at that honeycombs on the back and front. and did my eye spot a well-made traintracks as well?

  • Jonny Pez

    I’m amazed at how much they’ve shrunk… turning into a very nice fit. Usually N&F jeans say they will shrink around 3%. How were these jeans washed? Hot water?

  • Senior Vincenzo

    You can really see how much the denim shrunk from the soak/washes by looking at the before and after picture. Is there a way to keep unsanforized denim from shrinking too much? because personally, I prefer the fit on the before picture because it looks like there more room in the thighs

  • SAFETYpin

    Fit in the seat seems a bit weird, I think I prefer something with a more vintage anti/fit similar to 501s. Beyond that complaint they look great, particularly the knee fades.