EDWIN Surplus Capsule Collection – Just Released

Edwin Surplus Capsule Collection

EDWIN Surplus Capsule Collection

EDWIN have just released their newest collection, namely the Surplus Capsule Collection. EDWIN is one of the biggest names in denim and is well known for a consistently producing a wide variety of raw, washed denim, and non-denim clothing. With the Surplus Capsule Collection, they’ve set out to create a more minimalistic collection that focuses tightly on using unique and dead-stock fabrics.

Edwin 14.5 oz Pure Indigo Dyed Selvedge Denim

EDWIN 14.5oz Pure Indigo Dyed Selvedge Denim

The Surplus Capsule Collection features several styles of pants, denim, and shirts that are all unwashed and have little extra trims besides for a subtle ‘+’ symbol. Their denim selection includes a 14.5oz pure indigo dyed selvedge jean, 11oz light weight organic jean, and a 12.5oz black (black warp/white weft) jean. While the majority of the pieces are traditional and minimal, a couple standouts include a blanket Japanese denim chino and a hickory stripe denim 3 button jacket.

To those familiar with EDWIN, this collection does not stray too far from what is already available from the brand. The combination of simple styling, lower price point, and quality fabrics should interest those seeking items that can be easily integrated into the everyday wardrobe.

The Surplus Capsule Collection can be found in various stockists in Europe as well as online.

Details of the Edwin Selvedge Denim and Blanket Denim

Details of EDWIN Selvedge Denim and Blanket Denim

Edwin Blanket Japanese Denim Chino

EDWIN Blanket Japanese Denim Chino

Edwin Hockory Stripe Jacket and Japanese Black Chambray Shirt

EDWIN Hickory Stripe Jacket and Japanese Black Chambray Shirt

Young Lee

Young Lee

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  • Devan Prithipaul

    I think this has been asked before but what is the difference between pure indigo, natural indigo, 100% indigo, and all the other kinds of indigos?

    • rocky balboa

      Pure indigo is pure from the indigo plants,
      Its fcuking expensive while synthetic indigo is man nade, chemically generated
      Can’t really say about the fade results, but using pure indigo symbolizes a passion and real heritage of jeans while being ecologically friendly
      And synthetic indigo symbolizes a more commercial and conventional denim since it is cheap and easy to get

    • BillygoatsGruff312


      Momotaro 702 vs. Momotaro 702AI

    • OneKae

      Natural indigo (if the term is not abused) should refer to plants like indigofera from which the indigo dye is traditionally made.

      However, crafty marketing schemes gave rise to misnomers like “100%” and “pure” which may actually refer to synthetic dyes because something can just as well be 100% synthetic indigo or pure synthetic indigo.

      The first pair of Edwins in this post looks solid. Nice traditional cut on the chambray shirt as well.

    • Cruel_Angel

      Natural Indigo is plant derived, while Pure Indigo is chemically derived.

      Pure Indigo is chemically exactly the same as Natural Indigo. The reason why it’s called Pure Indigo is because it contains no inconsistencies (such as plant matters and derbies).

      Natural Indigo must be maintained every day and several variables can effect it’s color. The quality of soil and water when the plant was growing, to the weather and even the person preparing the dye. Different countries have different techniques of producing Natural Indigo. Different vats of indigo are going to ferment at different rates and produce different colors. Natural Indigo produces inconsistent colors.

      Natural Indigo denim tends to be quite streaky. Since the Natural Indigo color is inconsistent, the yarns will all come out slightly different shades of indigo.

      Due to this inconsistency it’s difficult to produce the same quality and look of denim from 1 production run to the next. This is why 99.9% of the worlds denim is made using Pure Indigo.

      Many brands will opt to use Natural Indigo from time to time. This is likely to pay homage to their love of traditional style methods, and their love for natural indigo.

      • Devan Prithipaul

        Great answer! does natural indigo fade differently than pure indigo?

        • Cruel_Angel

          They will fade differently. Natural Indigo dyed denim tends to be quite streaky naturally, while pure indigo is much more uniform.

  • Nermin

    Does anyone know how the black denim fades? Does it fade to black or to blue? Specifically for example the Edwin Surplus 12.5 oz Lotus Black Denim?