Butcher of Blue: Book Presentation and Exhibition

The Butcher from Denham
Three years ago, Jason Denham of Denham Jeans and Bob Rijnders of Butcher of Blue conceived the idea of producing a limited numbered run of one hundred pairs of The Butcher Jean. The collaborative project’s goal was simple albeit slightly ambitious. Enlisting the help of each customer, the duo aimed to completely document the journey of each pair over a one-year period.

Though not all wearers were able to commit their efforts, forty of the one hundred customers fortunately agreed to participate (in exchange for a handsome €300.00 store credit). Each was instructed to record each and every relevant event in a special Denham x Butcher diary, and turn in with the denim one year later.

The rules of the project were as follows:

  1. Wear your jeans everyday for a year.
  2. Never wash them.
  3. Record every spit, spot, blemish, stain, rip and tear.
  4. Note the damage in your Denham x Butcher Diary.
  5. Keep the faith. It won’t be easy. You’ll need dedication.
  6. The rest is up to you. Eat in them, dance, sleep, rock, smoke, drink, bone, fight or slide. Just make sure not to take any care.

Fast forward one year to March 2013 and each owner was invited to the Denham x Butcher “Wash Friday” event to meet one another, as well exchange diaries and jeans for their store credit. There was even a professional tailor on-site to repair any major rips or tears, and water-filled tub for washing.

Once all was said and done, a celebratory event was held in April 2013 at Dutch denim shop, Best of Brands, aptly entitled, “Butcher of Blue: Book Presentation and Exhibition“.

Every pair tells a completely different story, from the occasional office wearer with just a few fadings to the hardcore everyday user with a huge crotch blowout. From an ex-professional football player to a full-time painter, a great spectrum of fading nuances were on show.

Where is the denim now and what will be done with it? Rijnders is holding all denim in his archive and as a creative inspiration for future washes. Since every pair was photographed and registered with the original owner’s name, he’s able to name the wash after the wearer as a small token of his gratitude.

Worn Denham Butcher Jeans

Pages from the Butcher Book

Impressions of the book

Butcher Diary Example

One of the Denham x Butcher diaries


Jan Den Hartogh of Denimhunters; John Spoel of Yield Agency

Fade Examples

Hanging Butchers

Butcher Attendees

Butcher of Blue Product Display

Butcher of Blue products on display

Paul Travi

Paul Travi

Paul's first experience with raw denim was at the age of 10 when his parents purchased him a pair of raw Lee Jeans. After many years, he found the very same pair of jeans in the U.S. and since then his interest in denim became a passion. Now based in Holland, Paul is constantly researching and experimenting with the amazing fabric.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

    cool idea! i would love to participate in something like this!

    • Grandier

      agreed, i think it’s really awesome to participate in this kind of event. it’s amazing to see there’s a lot of people actually commit themselves to join this thing.

      although i’m a bit confused on rule #1 and #2. they seem to be contradictory to me…

      • Zelch

        Well the first one says to wear them every day for a year.

        And the second one says not to wash them

        Where’s the confusion?

      • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

        i don’t really understand the confusion either, but what i do find confusing is ” from the occasional office wearer with just a few fadings” Doesn’t that break rule 1?

        • Grandier

          sorry,you’re right. i guess its my fault, but i swear i read wash your jeans everyday last night…probably i was too tired that my eye started to play tricks on me