Ande Whall New Special Roll 5 (SR5) Raw Denim – Just Released


As much as we hate to admit it, we’ve been caught snoozing over the past few months. Since New Zealand’s Ande Whall released the Special Roll #1 (SR1) just under one year ago, the one man brand has created not just one, not just two, but three additioanl special rolls! Luckily, this was brought to our attention by reader, Andrew Turner, and we were just able to sneak in the new Special Roll #5 before the month is up.

We’ve yet to touch base with Ande Whall on what he has planned next, but it seems he’s really stepped up the production pace and is now delivering a new roll every 1-2 months. Though the SR#5 run is still (very) limited to 21 pairs, it’s available in all four of their fits; namely the “Cobra” (super slim), “Mustang” (slim), “Caribou” (regular), “Buffalo” (loose).

From 30 feet away, the SR#5 may appear to be like any other pair of indigo raw selvedge denim. However, upon inspecting from a few feet away, one is bound to pick up on the model’s peculiar construction. As a result of the weft yarns being spun with short bits of red, green, yellow, and blue threads, the fabric is left with a multi-coloured, Donegal tweed-like finish.

Whall describes these specks as “tiny bursts of coloured irregular knots or dots” and that’s likely the most accurate evaluation of the denim. For those who tend to stray away from bright-coloured denim, don’t fret – aside from on the weft side (i.e. inside the jeans), the SR#5‘s sprinkled appearance isn’t incredibly noticeable.

Given Ande Whall‘s pedantic construction approach and techniques, you can do no wrong by arming yourself with a pair of his raw selvedge denim. In this case though, considering it’s eccentric nature, limited availability and comfortable 13 Oz. weight, the SR#5 is even more of a valuable and unique garment.

For more information and to purchase, go to Ande Whall‘s site.


  • Name: Ande Whall Special Roll #5 (SR5)
  • Weight: 13 Oz.
  • Denim: Sanforized red-line selvedge denim from Okayama, Japan
  • Other details:
    • Multi-coloured dot weft construction
    • Short slub weave
    • 6oz selvage denim pocket bags
    • X-bar tacked back pockets
    • Wings back pocket stitching
    • Made in New Zealand
  • Available at: Ande Whall for $265.00 USD.


Ande Whall New Special Roll 5 (SR5) Raw Denim - Just Released

Multi-Coloured Weft Construction

Close-up of coloured weft dots

Selvedge closeup, inner pocket bag patch

Leather patch, peak-a-boo selvedge

Enduring construction

SR#5 Detailing

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  • anonymous

    just shut up devan

    • Slacker

      Jerks like you need to have their IP banned.

  • Sillywizard

    Now this seems really cool, unique and innovative without being weird and over the top! It certainly is impressive what Ande Whall has been able to do as a one-man brand. I wonder how he does it? This is a guy I would really, really be interested in reading an in-depth portrayal on how he got started and how he brought everything together to realise the brand (do you hear that RawrDenim? hint-hint).

    I like the use of different coloured threads in the weft, subtle and tasteful.
    Btw, what’s ‘short slub’? Does that imply there is normal slub and long slub weave alternatives?

  • cincinnatus

    These are interesting… It’s always funny to see “catalog” look with the images. A lot of the japanese companies do it. Some people are getting stoked on glitter fonts and drop shadows and weird graphics. Samurai does it a lot. Reminds me of that. I also like that the pocket bags are 6 OZ denim. Its probably not that comfortable but if it keeps the pocket from blowing out in 2 months and having loose change spill down your leg, that works for me.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    These remind me a lot of the Naked and Famous rainbow selvedge. So, will these fade multicolour? Really neat pair of jeans. And good article too.

  • MPLS

    Left Field used a denim very much this about 5 years ago or so. Up close and personal the “tweed” effect is very cool. Glad to see it make a reappearance.

  • johnnybravvo

    JUST funky enough to warrant interest. Nice to see someone taking some CALCULATED risks…

  • Richalicious

    Really interesting denim…… would be good to see these on Fade Friday in 6-9 months and see what the outcome is

    Nice to see you back Devan ! :)

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    I’m really liking this brand. I’d like to know more about where the denim is made, but everything seems top notch out of Andre Whall. I wish they carried them at Mildblend, I’d totally check them out (but there limited availability is probably a blessing in disguise).

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      Had to check these out some more. Loving everything I’ve seen from the brand, just wish they were from US (minus cone mills). They remind me of old school wranglers (but higher end). Gots no bread to pull the trigger on these right now…alas.

  • olalala

    I’ve always been a fan of ande whall, but one question though, why no chainstitched hem? It just feels that something is missing in this awesome pair of jeans

    • Kyle Brooks Robinson

      I think that a lot of his valuable sewing machines were lost after the earthquake in 2011, he probably hasn’t been able to re-acquire a machine to chainstitch the hems yet. Maybe that’s also why the back pockets are bar-tacked instead of having hidden rivets like on his older jeans.