The Flat Head Glory Park Indigo-Dyed Linen Short Sleeve

The Flat Head Glory Park Indigo Dyed Linen Shirt

The Flat Head Glory Park Indigo Dyed Linen Shirt

It’s getting close to the time of the year, at least here on the East Coast, where many people will begin to put away the the heavyweight raw denim in favor of lighter options. So where is a denim head to turn when the temperatures are rising and they need their fix of fades and indigo?

Look no further than the Flat Head Glory Park Indigo-Dyed Linen Short Sleeve shirt. The shirt features rope-dyed indigo cotton fibers that are woven into a cotton-linen blend. The linen ensures breathability, while the rope-dyed indigo thread means this shirt will fade like your favorite pair of raw denim.

Some may scoff at the price tag, but this shirt is a spring/summer time wardrobe essential that will last for years. Wear it with khakis, denim, or a swimsuit on the way to the beach. Even when the weather begins to cool, throw it on as a breezy and breathable layer under a sweatshirt or jacket. No matter how you wear it, this is a beautifully crafted piece, perfect for the upcoming warm weather.


  • Name: Flat Head Glory Park Indigo-Dyed Linen Short Sleeve
  • Material: 100% Cotton Linen Indigo Rope Dyed Yarns
  • Finish: Rinsed (Shrinkage is Minimal)
  • Source: Made in Japan
  • Other Details: Black Anodized Cast Iron Buttons
  • Available at Self Edge for $250.00.

The Flat Head Glory Park Indigo Dyed Linen Shirt

The Flat Head Glory Park Indigo Dyed Linen Shirt2

The Flat Head Glory Park Indigo Dyed Linen Shirt3

The Flat Head Glory Park Indigo Dyed Linen Shirt4

Darius Lalier

Darius is currently a student living in New York City, attending New York University. Darius has a strong interest in all things raw denim and a specific interest in American manufacturing. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @dlalier.

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  • Anonnymous

    Aw man. I really do love when all these denim brands make apparel besides jeans. I’m have no doubt that their products are dope, but it’s just too hard to justify paying so much for any article besides jeans (and maybe jackets)

    • Ryan Chinaski

      agreed. $250 for a short sleeve linen shirt is a little outrageous.

    • growe13


      I want PBJ to make a tight I/I Jacket so bad. This reminded me of that thought.

  • Richalicious

    250 bucks is far to expensive for a short sleeve shirt ! Anonnymous is spot on sayin jeans/jacket yes but defo not a shirt….. knock $100 off it maybe…. just maybe

  • Devan Prithipaul

    woah! i know some balmain/givenchy stuff that is cheaper than this! that is very expensive for a short sleeve shirt. i also don’t at all think it is an “essential”, and while it may last for years i don’t think its worth it.

    • Sus

      Don’t act like you know anything about Balmain or Givenchy. Stick to G-star and naked and famous.

      • Devan Prithipaul

        i’m more of a high fashion enthusiast than a denim head.

        • growe13

          Then read up on your fashion. Minuets with a fashion class book would reveal that fashion isn’t limited to ball-busting denim, and that when something is artisan-crafted of fine quality, it is worth far more than the mass produced garbage on the market elsewhere (like APC).

          • Devan Prithipaul

            omg dude i know that, im just posting my opinion, stop taking everything i say so seriously. go breathe a little.

    • asdfghjk

      i call bullshit on “some balmain/givenchy stuff that is cheaper”. clearly you have no idea how much those brands price their items.

      • Devan Prithipaul

        haha I do! a lot of balmain t shirts are around $240-250

        • asdfghjk

          t-shirts and short sleeved button shirts are 2 different things. even so, balmain t-shirts are more expensive than usd250 even in online shop.

          try harder

          • Devan Prithipaul


          • a

            Theres a reason why it’s on sale and the only size they have left is 2xl

  • hamsikkk

    ridiculous price!!!

  • Young

    I thought the same thing about the price until I saw it in person. The fabric is nuts. Breathes like linen should but without feeling flimsy and unsubstantial. It has a great weight to it. I still can’t afford it but it’s an amazing shirt. ha

    • Ryan Chinaski

      no one is doubting the quality of the linen. I’m sure it’s one of the nicest linen shirts out there. I just can’t justify $250 on one shirt when I can get a whole bunch of adequate linens on Uniqlo for next to nothing.

      +$200 price tags are reserved for pants and outerwear

  • Kyle Brooks Robinson

    This is a nice shirt, but I think Flat Head’s other spring/summer short sleeves are even better. The kasuri CW-78HW has a seriously amazing fabric, the CW-77HW has a surprisingly intricate lightweight fabric with awesome hexagonal snap buttons, and there are also chambray shirts in a plain version, and one with an incredible embroidery in indigo thread that will fade over time. Yeah, Flat Head’s shirts are expensive, but you’ll be wearing them for years to come, the chainstitch felled seams are seriously solid. Also, these shirts seem to breathe a lot better than normal T-shirts, so they’re a good choice in hot weather.