Rogue Territory Stanton 12.5 Oz. Tinted Weft Raw Denim

Rogue Territory Stanton 12.5 Oz. Tinted Weft Raw Denim

Just in time for Spring/Summer 2013, Los Angeles-based Rogue Territory unveils their new Stanton 12.5 Oz. Tinted Weft Raw Denim. This pair of jeans shows off Rogue Territory‘s take on denim weft alteration; a trend which is seemingly becoming more prevalent in the raw denim world. For further reading on what “weft” is, check out our previous article, “Warp, Weft, and Twill”.

Rogue Territory Stanton Side View

Specifically, Rogue Territory introduces a unique yellow and olive color tint to the weft threading; creating a change in the fading colors of the denim and different coloring on the inside of the jeans.

The olive and yellow coloring replaces the simple white highlights from the fading patterns, as well as from the inside of regular denim. This special denim came from none-other-than the North Carolina denim factory, Cone Mills.

Details - Rogue Territory Stanton 12.5 Oz. Tinted Weft

Rogue Territory’s fine-tuned appreciation for detail is also seen in other parts of this jean. This pair of Stanton‘s are equipped with a selvedge fly and coin pocket, silk-screened pocket bags, belt loops sewn in to the pocket bags, continuous single needle stitching, and a branded button. In true Rogue Territory fashion, the jean also features a hand branded leather patch and hidden pen pocket.


    • Name: Rogue Territory Stanton 12.5 Oz. Tinted Weft Raw Denim
    • Weight: 12.5 Oz.
    • Fit: Mid-Rise, Slim Straight Leg
    • Denim: Cone Mills’ Indigo selvedge denim with unique yellow/olive tinted weft
    • Other Details:
      • Handmade in downtown Los Angeles
      • Selvedge fly and coin pocket
      • Hidden pen pocket in right back pocket
      • Hand silk-screened pocket bag
      • Branded waistband button
      • Sewn-in belt loops in waistband
      • Single needle continuous stitch on waistband
      • Hand branded leather patch
    • Available at: Rogue Territory for $210.00 USD

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  • Ryan Chinaski

    i like the coloring. too bad rogue territory relies too heavily on the stanton cut. cant fit my fuckin man legs in those things. they need to loosen their cuts up.

    devan, what do you think of the fit?

    • cincinnatus

      Thighs too tight? Same problem here. I’ve really liked these jeans. Guess i know now that this slim is actually really slim.

      • Ryan Chinaski

        A man of my own heart. I got big thighs from squatting/biking. I lift bro. I’m actually gonna pick up some Taylor Stitched later this year. I was reading their measurement. Very roomy in the thighs with a very natural taper. A modern mans jean.

        • geo

          I have both RT and TS and I’m starting to have the same problem with my Stantons as they have become just a little too tight in the lower thigh to be comfortable. If you’re looking for something a little roomier you’ll love the Taylor Stitch. IMHO both brands are the best values at their respective price points. They can easily compete with much more expensive pairs.

          • Ryan Chinaski

            You just confirmed my next denim decision. Good man.

      • Karl Thoennessen

        I use to make a tapered leg fit but it moved a lot slower than the Stanton and SKs. At the time I couldn’t afford to have so many fits, so I discontinued it. if there’s enough interest I’d consider bringing it back. Thank you for your feedback! -K

        • geo

          Count me as someone that would like to see a slightly roomier fit. I have a pair of +2 year old Stantons that have become just a little to tight. All I really need is something that doesn’t taper so drastically at the knee so quickly. A true slim (not skinny) jean. That I would buy that in a heartbeat. Otherwise, keep up the good work. I always recommend your brand. RT jeans are awesome even if they aren’t the best fit for me.

        • Rob

          Would love a pair with a similar thigh block to the Stantons but a more aggressive taper below the knee!

    • Devan Prithipaul

      finally someone that actually provides a fit pick for a new release! i really appreciate it. as far as the actual fit, i like it more than a tapered fit. out of 10, for me the fit is a 9. not a huge fan of the tinted weft stuff, better leave that to Naked and Famous.

      • growe13

        Most of the brands do have variation within wefts that seem kitschy, but this isn’t really that different.

  • oilpit

    Are they going to make this in the SK fit? I love tan weft jeans but the SK is the only RT fit that really interests me.

    • Karl Thoennessen

      We just finished tinted weft SKs yesterday, all we have to do is take fit pics and get them up on the site. Hopefully have them up by next weekend. -K

  • Chris Reilly

    Is this the same fabric as the green heather fill stuff Left Field did? I saw that fabric in person and loved it.

  • chicagolaw1

    Brilliant placement of the “pen pocket.” Its gonna lead to some wicked ink bleed fades.

    • chicagolaw1

      The jeans look decent though.

  • Chris

    What a pretty little patch

  • KhalDrogoo

    Wish they had these jeans for women (-_-,)