Raw Denim For Body Builders – The Sequel

Four More Pairs of Raw Denim for Body Builders

Four More Pairs of Raw Denim for Body Builders

As some of your may remember, we recently published a piece recommending some of what we’d gathered to be the best jeans for those with slightly larger than average thighs, a piece we named 5 Pairs of Raw Denim for Body Builders.

Well, given that we saw so many opinions emerge from the woodwork which left a number of issues to be addressed, we’re quite proud to present a sequel post. Bearing in mind some of the responses, we’d also like to disclaim that the Naked and Famous Weird Guy fit may not work for a proper bodybuilder.

1. Levi’s 501

The Levi's 501

The Levi’s 501

Available from just about any Levi’s outlet, the 501 is the staple fit, and one that we’ve gleaned should fit your thighs if they happen to be of a bodybuilder’s cut. The straight cut fit can be worn tighter or looser, depending on which way you size, and is a classic and stylish look. Available at: Levi’s for $65.00.

2. 3sixteen CS-100X

3sixteen CS-100X

The 3sixteen CS-100X

The 3sixteen CS-100X is one of the most recent offerings from the New York based denim brand, released in response to those who wanted a jean with a larger thigh and tapered leg. The denim is the same as the rest of the staple 3sixteen rotation, but the jean is much more likely to work out for those who are looking for a little more room in the leg. Available at: 3sixteen for $220.00.

3. Tellason Ankara Straight Leg

Tellason Ankara Straight Leg

The Tellason Ankara

The heaviest offering on this list, the Tellason Ankara has a straight cut which allows for plenty of space in the thighs, and comes in a hefty 16.5 Oz. Cone Mills denim.

Made in America, as are the previous two jeans, these are crafted in San Francisco, and similar to the 3sixteen also offer a long inseam which gives the wearer extra flexibility in modifications. Available at: Tellason for $220.00.

4. Flat Head FH 3009

Flat Head FH 3009

Flat Head FH 3009

Imported from Japan by Self Edge, these jeans from The Flat Head come in an excellent fit for someone with legs of steel. The straight fit allows for a nice roominess, and the excellent quality denim will shape nicely to your legs.

As many commenters mentioned, it’s also worth emailing Self Edge about fit questions regarding some of their denims. They have an excellent level of customer service and product knowledge if you’re after some of the slightly more obscure Japanese denims to fit your sculpted legs. Available at Self Edge for $360.00.

For those interested in a follow-up article suggesting raw denims for other builds, please let us know below.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • jake

    I have an OshKoshB’Gosh branded denim workwear jacket from around the 40’s 50’s. I love it because of the beauty in the denim. There’s an innocence and naivety around it i love.
    To the point, somewhere in it’s past motor oir or some such liquid over the years has soaked into the cuffs and made them brittle. Short of some insane darning/patching does anyone know of any way to soften the cuffs?
    Any help appreciated!

  • Kris Barger

    Imogene and willie has the “hank” cut. It fits me perfect and it is 13.75oz cone mills denim. I have a 40″ waist and 29.75″ thighs. My first pair and I feel lucky to have found a brand that makes a ______ cut to fit a guy like me. :)

  • devophill

    It’s not always just fashion, or an image. Some of us are blue collar workers, right now. I wear jeans most days, I just want a pair that looks good, is comfortable, and won’t fall apart.

  • Julez

    Is no one else uset that this article is supposed to help bodybuilders find jeans, but the guys in the picture probably skip leg day? Just saying