Pure Blue Japan XX-012 Deep Indigo – Just Released

Pure Blue Japan XX-012 Deep Indigo

Pure Blue Japan XX-012 Deep Indigo

Having been over three years in the making, the Pure Blue Japan XX-012 Deep Indigo is finally on shelves at Blue In GreenPure Blue Jeans (PBJ) is a Japanese company who heavily focus on the development and creation of their denims as they believe that “material is a key factor to determine the quality of jeans.”

Front - Pure Blue Japan XX-012 Deep Indigo

This jean, unique in fit and design, was designed by the folks at Blue In Green with heavy inspiration from the PBJ XX-005’s and a uses 100% (non overdyed) indigo woven denim. The most common indigo denims are woven with vertical indigo warp threads and horizontal undyed weft yarns, a trend broken with the design of these jeans.


Front & Back Closeup - Pure Blue Japan XX-012 Deep Indigo

This is where this 14 oz PBJ XX-012 selvage denim shows off its excellence as the denim uses genuine indigo warp and weft to create the solid blue indigo color throughout the jean. Usually, the undyed threads are what give denim the white contrast whereas these Pure Blues keep only the core of the threads and yarns undyed. This allows denim wearer to still create contrast fading similar to traditional denims, but creates a unique blue overcast fade.

Patch & Coin Pocket - Pure Blue Japan XX-012 Deep Indigo

This jean is made using the same single shuttle loom that has produced other fits, but in this case the loom was manipulated and rigged in order to create a unique loose and uneven weave. Only Pure Blue Japan have been able to use these altered machines creating a particularly unique denim given that the looms were immediately changed back to their original state for use  in other productions.

Selvedge & Pocket Bag - Pure Blue Japan XX-012 Deep Indigo


  • Name: Pure Blue Japan Jeans – XX-012
  • Fit: Slim Tapered
  • Weight: 14 oz Japanese Selvedge
  • Pure Indigo warp and weft
  • Herringbone Twill pocket lining
  • Deerskin Leather Patch
  • 100% cotton thread sewing construction
  • Made in Japan
  • Available at: BlueInGreen for $335.00

Benjamin Simons

Outside of contributing to RawrDenim.com, Benjamin keeps busy with his collegiate volleyball team, learning Hebrew, riding his fixie bike, and being in the ocean as much as possible.

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    Absolutely beautiful. I would love to have these as my next pair since PBJ is the epitome of quality, but there’s no way I can afford that right now.

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