Oni Denim 512XX Heavyweight Low Rise Tapered Leg Jeans

Oni Denim 512XX Heavyweight Low Rise Tapered Leg Jeans

Oni Denim 512XX Heavyweight Low Rise Tapered Leg Jeans

Following up the Pure Blue Japan XX-012, Blue in Green has released another sharp looking pair of denim, this time from Oni Denim. The Oni Denim 512XX Heavyweight Low Rise Tapered Leg Jeans utilize a heavier 16.5 Oz. original low tension selvedge denim which create the aesthetic look and feel of hand woven denim.

Front Details - Oni Denim 512XX

Oni‘s slubby low tension weave successfully uses uneven threads and yarns in order to create this hand-woven texture. Previously, fabric looms were practically destroyed in the attempt to simulate the roughness and texture of hand woven denim.

Only one loom was found capable of creating this texture, and all of Oni Denim is woven using this one and only machine. It is operated by a single master weaver in Japan who is able to manage it and prevent damage to the machine. This single loom produces the super loose tension in the thread length necessary for weaving Oni Denim.

Back Details - Oni Denim 512XX

Back Details

Notable for this particular denim is the unique fading. The fading begins with the top most layer of fine points above the threads and then moves to a layer of lines along the threads.  The denim fading ends with a gradual presentation of the denim surface.

Selvedge Detailing - Oni Denim 512XX

Selvedge Lining

Available in sizes 28-34, Blue In Green is offering them in Raw or Once Washed and both with plain rear pockets.


    • Name: Oni Denim 512XX Heavyweight Low Rise Tapered Leg Jeans
    • Weight: 16.5 Oz.
    • Fit: Low Rise, Full Thigh, Tapered Leg
    • Denim: Oni’s New XX Denim – Japanese Selvedge Low-Tension Slub Denim
    • Other Details:
      • Special XX Edition produced exclusively for Blue in Green
      • Genuine Indigo
      • Deer Skin Leather Patch
      • 100% cotton thread sewing construction
      • Made in Japan
    • Available at: Blue in Green for $305

Benjamin Simons

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=568760619 Ray Conde

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  • Suss

    Cool how pretty much the whole article is a copy-paste of the BiG page…

  • Nigel

    Genuine Indigo? only 305$! good deal, i love oni denim, one of the best in the world in my opinion, really unique. yeah this article isnt all that great, seems a lot of it is just copied and pasted.

  • chicagolaw1

    These might have triggered a completely unnecessary purchase if they had back pocket arcs. I’m wondering if anyone is knowlegeable enough to write a short piece on why some jap brands cant have backpocket arcs when sold in US stores. (But some of them do..making the situation all the more confusing). I understand it has to do with a Levi’s lawsuit. Yet, despite the size and enthusiasm of the raw denim community, I have yet to read an article explaining this situation. I welcome a post or link in this regard.

    • Young

      the lawsuit wasn’t about whether or not companies could have back arcs or not (if you look at any big US brand that sells denim, chances are they have some sort of back pocket design) but instead it was specifically about the design of the arcs, leather patch, and having the red tab in the back. other than that, some brands decide to not have any back arcs while others do. in this case, oni has some styles with the back pocket detail while others don’t.

    • Harry Ross

      @chicagolaw1:disqus here’s an article that Rawr did a while back offering a brief explanation to the Levis vs. Rest of the World fiasco. Although it doesn’t clear up why some brands still do offer pocket arcs it offers a bit of background to the situation.

      (www. rawrdenim .com /2011/05/ 4-years-later-levis-v-s-japanese -repro-lawsuit-still-fair-game/)

      I had to add spaces so that the comment could be posted.

      • chicagolaw1

        Thanks bro!

      • Young

        the pocket arcs just can’t resemble the Levi’s arcuate but that doesn’t mean they can’t have any pocket arcs. As long as they are different enough, pocket arcs are allowed.

  • Rodspeed

    I was wondering about that…does anyone know if ‘genuine indigo’ the same as ‘natural indigo’?

    I have been wearing these for the last 3 weeks (listen, they’ve been at BiG at least since early March and they’re only now spreading word…weird). Needless to say, this brand does not get enough love. The denim feel is ridiculous. I feel like I have scaly komodo dragon skin on my legs aiii!

    • A Long-Time Reader

      Genuine indigo does not indicate natural indigo. It just means that the dyeing process is completed with 100% (synthetic) indigo dye, rather than a mixture of indigo and other dyes like Indanthrene (a la PBJ No-Fade series) or mud-dyed like Sunrise Japan, etc.

      If they included even a mixture of synthetic and natural indigo, the price would start about $200 more.

      • Rodspeed

        Good to know. Thanks!

  • William Harris

    Love my ONI’s

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnsonlb Johnson Benjamin

    I enjoy when articles are able to elaborate more one the unique construction techniques of jeans, such as the innovation in the loom here.

  • subaru

    Does anyone know the difference(s) between the 16.5oz and 14oz? I mean other difference(s) other than the weight and price? Will there be much differences in fading (if any) between the two models?

    I’m relatively new to raw denim, and would like to buy a pair of these ONI. The 16.5oz is out of my size.

    thanks for the help!