NOIR Jean001 – Indigo And Black Broken Twill Raw Denim

Noir Jean, The Jean001 in indigo

NOIR JEAN001 Broken Twill Indigo

If we’re to be honest, Australian menswear brand, NOIR, isn’t one that is “front of mind” for most denim heads. In fact, with the brand’s availability being limited to select retailers in their motherland, we’ll admit we had never, until now, had the pleasure of an introduction to their products.

Though little is publicly known about NOIR, through their various social accounts we’ve learned the brand maintains a simple two-pronged vision – each piece should be both timeless in design and long-lasting in durability. This is achieved through conscious, minimal aesthetics, as well as purposeful use of organic, natural dyes.

In terms of their selvedge denim, they’ve turned to a Japanese mill based in the popular Okayama prefecture. They claim the manufacturers they use are a third generation master craftsmen family, which heavily contributes to their product’s superior quality.

The Noir Jean001 Back Pocket Stitching

NOIR‘s back pocket stitching

In terms of their raw denim offerings, they currently produce the Jean001 and Jean02. Sporting a slim straight fit, the Jean001 is available in indigo and black; both of which are constructed from a 13 Oz. broken twill denim sourced from Japan’s Okayama Prefecture.

As we discovered, the NOIR brand has a strong reputation for their attention to detail, thus it came as no surprise the Jean001 comes emblazoned with one of the most unique patches we’ve seen – one made from the scales of a shortbill spear fish, known in the land down under as a “Hebi”.

Noir Waistband Patch Made from Hebi Scales

Waistband Patch Crafted from Hebi Scales

Noir Jean001 Black Details

NOIR JEAN001 Broken Twill Black Denim

The rest of the JEAN001 is just as thoughtfully crafted. Gold donut buttons and copper rivets pay homage to the designers favorite pair of jeans – Levi’s 1944 and Big E 501. NOIR‘s signature rear-pocket stitching is also a refreshing and unique twist on other brands often unvaried designs.


  • Name: NOIR JEAN001
  • Fit: Slim Straight
  • Denim: 13 Oz. Japanese selvedge denim from the Okayama Prefecture, Japana
  • Other Details:
    • Gold donut buttons and Copper rivets modelled on the Levi’s 1944 Big E 501
    • Signature rear-pocket stitching
    • Red Selvedge Line
    • Hebi Scale Waistband Patch
  • Available at: Up There Store for $319.00 AUD


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  • Devan Prithipaul

    not really a big fan, i don’t like those diagonal pocket arcurates and the fit is a little big for my taste. also there might be a copyright issue with En Noir and Noir. i really love the patch though, definitely a trend-setter, id love to see other denims using non-calf leather for patches.

  • oilpit

    Way too many “slim straight” raw denim on the market. The fit is generic, there are more than a dozen brands that do the exact same thing. Raw labels need to set themselves apart if they want to gain any traction.

    • Grandier

      somewhat agree with you. imagine a drop-crotch raw denim, i think that’ll sell good in the east asia market and a unique selling point of a brand.

      then again cant really blame the fit, its a classic after all

      • oilpit

        I’m not saying everyone should start making crazy, innovative fits. But the fact of the matter is that “classic fits” are not “in” right now. Call me conformist or hipster but skinny jeans are what people want right now. APC, N&F and Nudie all make a lot of great skinny fits, but if you want really high quality denim with a trendy fit you have to look really hard now days. It seems everyone that uses cone mills or nice Japanese denim are all producing played out repos or slim straight fits. Boring.

        • Alex

          Agreed, an over-saturated market now with a few unique brands that have truly established themselves along with a handful of brands that have been around to gain a large following.

          It just seems to me anyone can start a denim brand now if they really want to. Talks of durability, fit, quality, and mills but they all seem the same to me.

        • ramartz

          My thoughts exactly. The market is thirsting for this. Not to disrespect Noir, but the fishskin patch and other details mean a lot less when the pants look dated from afar.

    • chicagolaw1

      slim straight is a classic cut that is actually really versatile. you can wear it for a relaxed look, a slim/skinny-type look, baggy, dress up…etc. every jeans line should have at least one slim straight cut imo. g-star raw makes a lot of unique cuts and the people who wear them are trendster douchebags.

  • chicagolaw1

    Finally something new! These are hot. I’d cop a pair if they carried them at Mildblend.

  • nittygritty

    “Hebi” means “snake” in Japanese.