Fade Friday – Kapital Century Jeans 5S (6 months, 1 wash)

Fade Friday - Kapital Century Jeans 5S (6 months, 1 wash)

Fade Friday – Kapital Century Jeans 5S (6 months, 1 wash)

Century Denim has been a fun experiment. Kapital created this denim in a juxtaposition to American denim and Japanese craftsmanship. With an initial kakishibu coating in addition to the raw denim, the original stiffness gave way to a very soft but rugged denim. Because of the unique nature of the weave, the fade and the whiskering have been gradual. However, as you will see the progress thus far is unique and impressive.

The lines run unevenly between the pattern of sashiko on the front side. While on the back side the lines are straight and very distinct. In contrast to the whiskering lines, the fade on the thighs and knees is subtle, but because of the indigo sashiko threads and kakishibu base denim the tones are very warm.


  • Name: Kapital Century Denim 5S
  • Weight: 12 Oz. base denim X 12 Oz. sashiko
  • Fit: TH (Regular, Straight)
  • Length of Wear: 6 Months
  • Number of Washes: 1

Photos – Before

Kapital Century Jeans 5S (6 months, 1 wash)

Photos – After

Front and Back - Kapital Century Jeans 5S (6 months, 1 wash)

In sunlight - Kapital Century Jeans 5S (6 months, 1 wash)

Front close-up in sunlight - Kapital Century Jeans 5S (6 months, 1 wash)

Honeycombs - Kapital Century Jeans 5S (6 months, 1 wash)

Honeycombs Closeup - Kapital Century Jeans 5S (6 months, 1 wash)

Fit back - Kapital Century Jeans 5S (6 months, 1 wash)


Currently living in Osaka, Japan, Jon has a broad set of interests, but primarily focuses on: photography, Japanese fashion, design, old textiles, organic-dyeing, Japanese textiles, leather crafts, and vintage work-wear.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

    Hmm im not a big fan of the denim itself the orange and blue kind of clash. fades are pretty good, although a surprising contrast of honeycombs to knee fade, usually with thae level of knee fade you would have deeper more defined combs, very interesting. fit is good, and from afar the denim seems really dynamic, but closer, it seems almost dirty. not for me, but im really interested in these jeans, they’re really something special.

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  • bocah

    This is what we call Holy Grail of Denim

  • Grandier

    after seeing a lot of indigo denim fades, this one is….pretty interesting.

    dunno, maybe the denim itself is quite different from the other majority of fade fridays. ‘guess having variation once in a while is good.

  • Sam

    These are unreal

  • greySky

    Very unique jeans. Cool to see. This was a good choice for Fade Friday because these definitely seem out of the ordinary.

    And as a side note, I don’t get all the Devan hate. Yeah he criticizes every pair, but he doesn’t just trash them. He talks about what he likes about them and what he doesn’t. I don’t see the issue with that. In fact, I’d be into hearing more about what other people like or don’t like about each pair as well.

  • squatty

    wow what is that weave/twill?

  • Duud

    God damnit! This why we can’t have nice things! Grow up guys!

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnsonlb Johnson Benjamin

    Whoa. I am not even sure what is going on with this denim, but I like it. The weave is so completely different. I am going to try and learn more, completely new to me.

  • Jun

    Everyone… for the love of denim…. just chill alright?

    Hope the mods doesn’t lock up the comments section cos of this…

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    I come for the article, I stay for the comment war.

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  • Smatty

    These are fucking sick.

    I don’t normally care but I have a lot of free time today…

    Why I don’t appreciate your posts.
    From that dude everyone hates…
    1. Hmm im not a big fan of the denim itself the orange and blue kind of clash.

    Response: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you don’t like ’em. You always start with this. How about a constructive comment. Oh, the coloring is not pleasing to you? Colors on opposing sides of the color wheel will generally not blend well. I’m glad you noticed this and shared it. I hate it when my denim fades don’t have any contrast. Fuck. What insight you have. Great opening sentence.

    2.fades are pretty good, although a surprising contrast of honeycombs to knee fade, usually with thae level of knee fade you would have deeper more defined combs, very interesting.

    Response: I think this was supposed to be two sentences. I don’t really understand what you are trying to say here… Are you saying contrast of the fades in the combs to knees is surprising because your expert knowledge in the fading and wear patterns of sashiko/denim hybrid fabrics and your knowledge of how often and what activities the poster did while wearing these pants over the past 6 months are not what is to be expected? If so then, this comment is at such a high level of clothing knowledge that it goes right over my head. Very interesting insight from a 15 year old indeed.

    3.fit is good, and from afar the denim seems really dynamic, but closer, it seems almost dirty.

    Response: This sentence in kind of ambiguous. You seem to use a replacement word for ‘clash’ that you used in the first sentence that has a positive connotation dynamic. You said in the first sentence that you didn’t like the dynamics of the pants. Except you use the word clash. Oh I get it. Showcasing your excellent vocabulary, eh? And yes, they do look dirty, initially (for like a split second). Then I remember that I have never seen any clothing ever made out of this kind of fabric and I chalk up my initial reaction to having limited knowledge of how this type of fabric fades.

    4.not for me, but im really interested in these jeans, they’re really something special.

    Response: No need to restate yourself again. I’ve know you are not a fan from the first sentence. Wait, you are interested?! Is it because of the clashing colors of the weft and warp? Is it because the knee/comb fades aren’t what you expected for this fabric? Is it because the pants look dynamically dirty when viewed far away or up close? I don’t get it. I agree that these are special tho!

    I think that you should probably revise each post you make and delete everything except the very last phrase and only post that. But I think you like the attention so I will feed your desire a bit.

    • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

      thank you for that response! that is really constructive, but to be honest, im not writing articles here, im just posting my opinion, i usually don’t revise them or anything, i dont think of it that much. its not a big deal to me, but i guess everyone else thinks its a big deal.

  • Orangeade

    Awesome to see something this unique. Anyone touched these in person? I’d be interested to hear how this denim feels. Looks really rough from those close-ups…

  • cincinnatus

    The fit is pretty rad and it looks like they’ve been worn the fuck out of and loved. Thats always a good thing.


    Thank you for the wonderful coverage. We understand everyone has different opinions, which is ok! We love these jeans and they truly are unique.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. Expect future updates

  • beansontoastandfishandchips

    Excellent jean, and write up. Thanks for sharing!