Fade Friday – Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes)

Fade Friday - Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes)

Fade Friday – Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes)

It’s been well over 2 years since the Iron Heart Beatle Buster has hit the market – and as you can imagine, it’s been an adventure from day one. Not only since these have my name on it and have been designed & manufactured with the support and generous help of Iron Heart founder and owner Haraki-san and IHHQ UK , but foremost because they represent everything that a high quality pair of jeans should feature.

They feature a 21 Oz. denim that is not only extremely heavy but also super soft and breathable; in other words a pleasure to wear, no matter what season.  I believe that jeans are our everyday garment and therefore I don’t take them off when it comes to chopping wood or changing tires on the car.

My pair has traveled from Asia to the US and back to Europe, has enjoyed the beaches of Thailand and sat on Tokyo’s busy pavements. There’s been sunshine, rain and as much snow as you can possibly imagine. They’ve been biking and hiking and have been a reliable partner for 24 months of my life.

Sadly all that heavy beating has taken it’s toll, there are now quite a few repairs that need to be done. The knees were one of the first parts to give in and the denim around coin pocket and yoke is now seriously smashed. The hidden rivet on the left back pocket is not so hidden anymore and the pocket bags are in need of some good needle work.

They are still wearable though, which I doubt that would be the case if the denim and the craftsmanship behind it wasn’t as excellent as it is. I am already excited to find out how the next pair will last – the special edition in 25 Oz. – the Mega Beatle Buster which will be released for the Heavyweight Denim Championship of the World 2 (HWDC 2).


  • Name: Iron Heart Beatle Buster
  • Weight: 21 Oz.
  • Fit: Slim-tapered, high-rise
  • Denim: Sanforized 100% Cotton
  • Other Details
    • Herringbone pocket bags and rear pockets linings
    • Button fly and hidden rivets
    • Hidden knife pocket in front left hand pocket
    • Poly-cotton constructional stitching
  • Length of wear: 2 Years
  • Number of washes: Unknown
  • Available at: Iron Heart for $400.00

Photos – Before

Fit - Iron Heart Beatle Busters

Patch - Iron Heart Beatle Busters Selvedge - Iron Heart Beatle Busters

Photos – After

Busted Rivet - Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes)

Busted Rivet – Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes)

Front - Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes) Yoke - Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes) Lap - Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes) Knee - Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes) Front Pocket - Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes) Frayed Hem - Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes)



A long-time denim head, Beatle is the co-organizer of the Heavyweight Denim Competition 2 and founder of By Beatle.

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  • whorebucks

    Lot of macro shots, but I just want to see a full shot of those jeans from a far.

    • who the hell took this photos

      yes i totally agree

  • Grandier

    anybody know what’s the thing clipped on the front-left pocket? also, i never wear this kind of iron heart before, the only 20+oz denim i tried on was N&F’s elephant denim. is it really as soft as said in the article?

    • 420blazeitfaggot

      Pocket knife

    • summ3rhays

      Most IH jeans come with a hidden knife pocket in the left front pocket. I use mine for a pen. Can’t answer to the 21oz, but the 25oz is really soft and breathable. More so than my N&F red core.

  • Slacker

    Faded? – Yes. But it just looks worn out to me, no particular distinguishing personality.

  • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

    where are the fades? there isnt even a shot for honeycombs or pocket fading. i really enjoy what i see, very nice high contrast, but the lack of actual fade picture is kind of annoying.

  • Ryan Chinaski

    no comb shots or fit picks. *DEVANRAGE*

    thoroughly unimpressed

    • Kretek

      Don’t worry he already came to the party down below.

  • NtheBarrio

    These pictures are for Tumblr, not a fade friday -___-

  • summ3rhays

    Beatle, Those are awesome. Proud to be wearing the 25oz for HWDC2.

  • Slacker

    No patch fade – disappointed! :-(

  • A Long-Time Reader

    It makes me truly sad to see all the comments on this page. Beatle has been a founder of the current popularity of raw denim since day one. The amount of knowledge and experience she has is probably more than all these commenters combined.

    Add to that the year-plus-long process for Rawr Denim to get this article finished, and yet here are all these kids whining about how disappointed they are because they didn’t get the photos they wanted.

    Do your homework and learn who deserves your respect before you go start bitching.

    • lolhipster

      THEM: “Hey, this food doesn’t look good so I don’t want to eat it.”

      YOU: “you will eat this food and enjoy it because it was cooked by someone you should respect that knows more about food than you.”

      ME: “lol”

    • bryan solid

      Makes me truly sad to see comments defending art-fuck photos that don’t showcase a pair of denim, just a bunch of rips in the denim. Not only that, but seniority in a culture isn’t a guarantee for authenticity or competency.

      It doesn’t take any special talent to wear a pair of jeans, y’now.

      That being said, what you’re missing is that people want to see pictures of the jeans so they can appreciate them. These overly pretentious photos don’t allow us to appreciate the jeans at all.

    • chicagolaw1

      Ive never seen better dick-riding than this before! Truly extraordinary stuff since the dick you’re riding belongs to a woman.

    • chicagolaw1

      Let the dick-riding begin!

    • asdfghjkl

      here’s a homework for you. look at the previous fade fridays, look at the photos and how they were taken, then look back at this particular fade friday.

      now convince us to not ask for a better photo.

    • chicagolaw1

      Nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen, A Long-Time Reader is just riding Beatle’s dick.

  • JB

    While a full shot would be appreciated looks like they’ve held up amazingly after 24 months.. currently working on a pair of Japan Blue model JB0701, and I’ve already needed 2 crotch repairs…. pissed!

  • chicagolaw1

    Macros suck. And where are the fades?

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnsonlb Johnson Benjamin

    Refreshing to actually see that someone WEARS their denim.

  • iptem3000

    If the jeans are named after you you can post whatever the F**K pictures you want of the jeans.

  • barbosa473

    looks like garbage… sorry

  • todd

    well you guys arent nice haha. i have meet beatle in person and the reason there are no honeycombs or fades is becasue beatle doesnt care for that. Just wants to live in and now make the best denim! let be know when any of you have made a pair of jeans!

  • steven.

    that’s some serious contrast right there…
    have to agree that i would have liked a full shot of the denim rather than all the macro-shots…
    they’re cool and everything, but it doesn’t showcase what should be an amazing pair jeans the way some plain full shots could of…

  • http://twitter.com/swissjeansfreak Ruedi Karrer

    Those pants have been on a long journey! Congrats to all your work put in to those pants Beatle!!

  • Olivine76

    Dam I hope my triple works Beatle Busters turn out better than this.