Baldwin Denim “The Samuel” 15 Oz. Denim – Just Released

Baldwin Denim "The Samuel" 15 Oz. Denim

Baldwin Denim “The Samuel” 15 Oz. Denim

Earlier last month, Baldwin Denim unveiled the newest edition of their fit, The Samuel. The brainchild of owner and designer, Matt Baldwin, who started the brand just four years ago out of Kansas City, the jean is part of their Classic Series line for Spring 2013. The collection seeks to incorporate heavier fabric and special construction into the brand’s most prominent pieces.

Though The Samuel isn’t necessarily introducing anything new or earth-shattering, it does cater to those who favor Baldwin‘s Reed pant (i.e. slim straight fit that tapers through the leg) but are in need of a higher rise. They are comprised of a 15 Oz. Japanese indigo selvedge denim from the Kurabo mills – Japan’s oldest and first denim mill – intended to provide an ideal weight for the early, chilly Spring months.

Recently awarded as one of America’s best new designers by GQMatt Baldwin and his company continue to gain recognition for their thoughtful designs, tidy detailing, and efforts to expand beyond denim. The clean-cut brand hailing from KC is certainly worth keeping an eye on.


  • Name: Baldwin Denim Samuel Jeans
  • Weight: 15 oz.
  • Fit: Modified Slim Straight with a slight taper
  • Denim: 100% Cotton Sanforized Indigo Kurabo Mills Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • Additional Details:
    • Red Selvedge Line
    • Baldwin branded leather back patch
    • Silver “Kansas City Denim” branded Donut buttons
    • Hidden pocket rivets
    • Selvedge detail on back belt loop
    • Hidden selvedge on coin pocket
  • Available at: Blue Owl Workshop for $265.00


Back Pocket, Patch - Baldwin Denim "The Samuel" 15 Oz. Denim

Coin Pocket, Redline Selvedge - Baldwin Denim "The Samuel" 15 Oz. Denim

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis DePrimo

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  • Jun

    Waiting for comments from Devan’s impersonators/stalkers/haters

    • Grandier

      lemme get my popcorn

    • Devan Prithipaul

      im faster.

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        I like Jun, he’s always been kind/sarcastic to me. you guys have just been annoying, when i do things like ask for a fit pick, its 50% to annoy you 50% to actually want one, here, all you guys do is annoy me. there is no benefit to anyone.

        • Trevor Hsu

          Devan is cool just because he pisses you guys off so much and doesn’t give a shit.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    wow! very solid pair of jeans! im not sure why, im very drawn to them. i think that 15 ounces is a very safe weight for spring/summer and that and the mill sounds like an excellent combination. details are nice but not tacky. really would have liked a fit pick, especially for these different fits, its hard for me to picture “Modified Slim Straight with a slight taper.” I’ve never really tried baldwin, are these made in the USA? nice article, though i would have liked a fit pic.

    • cincinnatus

      USA made… Although I hope that doesn’t change in the future as Gap is exclusively Collaborating with Baldwin on a menswear line.

      • Baldwin

        cincinnatus… we will stay made in the USA. The GAP is a one off thing connected with the GQ Best New Menswear promotion. Thanks for your support.

        • cincinnatus

          Thanks for clearing that up. Excited to be supporting the brand currently and into the future. Congrats on the success! Great product.

      • Devan The Dude

        wack. gap and baldwin belong togather. these are ok jeans, aside from the way too short inseams? but they share a catagory with their wack bougie counterparts- imogene willie and raleigh denim. all frills and way overpriced. when an american brand that starts off at in and around the 2 hundred dollar range, suddenly decides to exceed well over that, i question their integrity. of course, they dont need mine nor anybody elses props; endorsements from gq, jayz, etc have them well gased already. imo, for jeans of this quality, id much rather (and you should) support karl (rt), the tellason dudes, christian (lf), 3sixteen dudes, railcar. all you need is a quick peak of sufu, and is this a sufu approved brand, which i dont beleive it to be (while the other brands i mentioned happen to be). all in all, i find these are pretentious jeans for white people with identity crises and a guilty conscious who are willing to pay $$$$$$$$ thinking it will somehow help to releive that. wack.

        • Anon

          I don’t know what sets these apart from baldwin’s other offerings but the majority of their denim is priced in the low $200 range. Of the brands you mentioned, I have jeans from baldwin, rogue territory, 3sixteen and left field. From my experience, I would say baldwin is on par with left field, construction-wise is superior to 3sixteen, and rogue territory, well, rogue territory is in a league of its own. I’ve never been impressed by tellason or railcar. Both are probably good values but they seem very average to me (just my opinion). I don’t think baldwin’s jeans are “wack”, although I admit, I hate that single white rivet on the back pocket. But I can attest to their value. If you’re willing to drop $200+ on any of the other brands it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at baldwin.

  • cincinnatus

    Just picked up a pair of henley’s about a month ago. They were available at a local shop so I was able to try them on. Wish I knew about these. Little more of the fan of the Red line selvedge and the heavier weight. The orange line takes some getting used to on the Henley’s but the quality over-all is superb. Worth the coin. Seems like everyone around here wears APC and Nudie’s so i was happy to try something new.

  • Rodspeed

    Got a pair of Baldwin Reeds about 2 weeks ago. They are a handsome looking pair!

  • Trevor Hsu

    I’ve gotta say, other than A.P.C. (which I admit I’m as into just plain fashion as I am raw denim, that’s partially why I’m partial to A.P.C.), I really like the look of these and Tellason. They just have clean lines and look like they would go with everything.

  • 10isguy

    does anyone have any information on the sizing for these?