Akaime A510-XX Raw Denim Review – 4.25/5

Akaime A510-XX Raw Denim - Denim Review

Akaime A510-XX Raw Denim – Review

About two and a half months ago, I was asked to review a pair of Akaime A510-XX’s. At the time, I’d never heard of Akaime, but as a lover of all raw denim, I said absolutely. Two weeks later, a little box showed up on my doorstep straight from Indonesia. I tore into it and held up my new jeans. Even though the denim was sandpaper-rough and stiffer than the box it was shipped in, my initial thought looking at my new Akaime‘s was, “Damn, these are small.”

Akaime Packaging

First Glance - Akaime A510-XX

The history of Akaime is a little vague. Even after reaching out to the founder, Riyandi, for background info on the company, this was all I found out: “Akaime” roughly translates to “red eyes,” which symbolizes the “brave, unique identity of the company.” Akaime is an Indonesian denim company and sources its denim from Okayama, Japan.  The jeans are stitched on Union Special, Reece, Durkopp and Kansai Special sewing machines.

Naturally, my next inclination was to Google search Akaimewhich led me to akaime-denim.blogspot.com.  Surely, there’d be more information about the company on their blog. Nope. All I found on the company blog were links to their current run of jeans (none of which were the A510-XXs I now had in my possession) and a Facebook badge that took me nowhere when I clicked it.

Regardless, I decided to charge ahead with the skeletal information. I mentioned above I received my A510-XXs roughly two months ago, and I’ve been wearing them five to six days a week since. I also mentioned I thought they looked small when I unwrapped them. The first time I pulled them on, I was worried I couldn’t get them buttoned, but somehow did.  I am a standard 32 waist.

Before the jeans were shipped, Riyandi over at Akaime asked me to measure  my waist with a tape measure and compare it to the Akaime sizing chart.  My waist was almost exactly 32″.  The sizing chart said an Akaime 32 waist actually runs 33″.  I like tight jeans, but I figured since the jeans were being shipped from Indonesia, I should err on the side of caution and shoot a bit large.  They were nowhere close to running large, which was torturous the first couple days, but that’s where my gripes with my Akaimes (mostly) end.


Front and Back - Akaime A510-XX

The denim itself is gorgeous, unsanforized, deep indigo denim. I’m not sure how many ounces the fabric weighs, but I’d guess 13-14. I’m a sucker for rough denim, and like I mentioned above, the denim felt like rigid sandpaper when I took the jeans out of their box. Because the denim was so starched, dramatic creasing in the crotch, behind the knee and around the ankles has formed as I’ve worn them, which will eventually lead to beautiful fades.

Rating – 4.5/5


Fit - Akaime A510-XX

The fit of the A510-XXs is slim, with a taper from the thigh to the ankle, and the inseam is long enough to cuff the jeans however you prefer. Aside from a simple angular pattern stitched in navy on the back pocket and a small white tab tag attached to the right back pocket, the A510-XXs are clean and minimal–no rhinestones, flamboyant decorations or extra selvedge edges on the coin pockets or belt loops.  The A510-XXs are the type of jeans you pull on and forget about, because, as long as they fit, they’ll look amazing.

Rating – 5/5

Hardware & Construction

Patch - Akaime A510-XX

Aside from the torturously tight initial fit, my only other gripe with my A510-XXs are the exposed rivets on the front pockets.  The rivets on the back pockets are hidden, but the exposed rivets in the front are plain and uninteresting.  On top of being plain, they are shiny brass, so they call a lot of attention to themselves.  I don’t think Akaime needs to have special rivets manufactured that bare the company name, but subdued or tarnished rivets would be much more appropriate on jeans this simple and clean.

Hardware Rating – 3/5

Construction Rating – 4.5/5


  • Denim: 4.5/5
  • Fit: 5/5
  • Hardware: 3/5
  • Construction: 4.5/5
  • Overall: 4.25/5

Even though Akaime is an obscure company without much market presence in the United States, if my A510-XXs are any indication, their products are quality, and with the right marketing and distribution, there’s a lot of potential to succeed.

If you can figure out how to get your hands on a pair, I recommend you do. Fight your way through the first couple wears, and you’ll be rewarded with a great looking pair of jeans that’ll only get better with every wear.



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        in some cases, too much opinion also attract unwanted attention..

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      I used to come to Rawr for the articles. I’ve stayed for the Devan bashing.

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        I know, Rawr owes me for increasing volume and traffic to their site. I should get payed for post, and extra if i get 5 or more replies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

    about the denim though, i think that the review is ridiculous as it was the last time. why cant a product be bad?! the fit was obviously not good, so why did it get 5/5? it should get 3/5 at most. about the denim, it never mentions the mill or even the number of ounces, and 13-14 oz is very vague and nothing special so the denim should be 3/5. hardware i think is nice 4/5. i dont know how this scored higher than maybe 3.5/5. that being said i actually really like the denim and the brand sounds super cool. i just dont understand this review system.

    • John

      I think the fit looks good. Maybe I will give it 4/5. If you don’t like the review system and you have such a passion on denim, why don’t you start your own blog? You could make any comment you want on your own site

      • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

        I actually like the fit too, but when a fit is described as “tortuous” that is usually a bad sign, and if i had that problem i would give it a 3/5, but i do personally like the fit.

        • le Go blu yays

          Maybe the jeans stretched out enough after wear. did you think out that possibility? no, cuz you criticize without thinking

        • dievan prithipaul

          hey bro, please read “which was torturous the first couple days”
          most raw denim are torturous to wear during the first few weeks of wear especially when we are a fan of the tight or skinny fitting
          and yes, someone please kill this goddamn kid!!! burn it with fire!!!

    • mister56

      It’s like you don’t bother to remember what you just read, or you just like to see your own comments. The author said at the top of the story that this denim company has little information about itself on the internet, that would lead a smart person to the conclusion that information about this brand might be vague. You have little knowledge of what raw denim is about. How could you like the denim and the brand when you complain about the vaguelyness. What the article should be is what the author writes. You are the biggest self absorbed fool I have ever seen. I recommend you read more and write less. Also, 13 to 14 oz denim is not regular, it’s common.

  • Chris

    Personally i thought this review was much better than the first one. actually gives some information along with just exactly how tight the denim was in picture form!
    I say good job exposing a less known brand!!

  • Ji

    I don’t really like how the middle belt loop on the back of the jeans are off-center. Hurts the eyes.

    The fit looks great.

    Thanks for sharing this company, would never have heard about these guys otherwise.

    • Smatty

      I agree that the off center loop is unappealing. It’s weird that none of the other styles (at least what is showcased on their blog) have the off center belt loop… Must be specifically for this model.

  • wsb

    what does the “Wash & Care” actually say on the box for “Sanforized”?

  • bocah

    i think the hardware is real crap, just cheap plain button and rivets, you need to improve that ryan!

    and also the denim quality it’s not that good. It’s not look like 4,5/5 but more look like 2,5/5.
    We’ll see how it fade

  • kennydoggyu

    You should actually checkout the special edition, it’s super slubby.

    • bocah

      so what with “super slubby” denim? any other special?
      come on dude, denim is not about fabric only.

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  • BillygoatsGruff312

    I wish I could expand the wash and care pic.

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