The Roy SF01 “Special Fit Jeans” – Just Released

On March 2, 2013, Self Edge dropped an exciting new jean, the Roy SF01 Special Fit jean that Roy himself had reworked from the standard 5-pocket jean. This is one of the nicest detailed jeans we’ve seen in a long time, including thin belt loops created on a 1920’s Union Special belt loop making machine, a nifty leather patch fit onto a smaller than average piece, and completely re-worked front pocket openings. Even the fit has been modified, coming in between a straight and a slim fit for a jean Roy calls the best fitting jean he’s ever created.

The Roy SF01 "Special Fit Jeans" - Just Released

The Roy SF01 “Special Fit Jeans”

Of course it isn’t a special edition Self Edge jean without some excellent denim, and this is no exception with a 14.5 Oz. (16.25 Oz. post soak) loomstate unsanforized indigo denim from Cone Mills, made precisely to Roy’s specs. It’s interesting to note, this happens to be the first time in more than three decades that Cone Mills have produced a new loomstate unsanforized fabric.

The fabric looks a grey-ish initially, and appears to be slightly streaky. However, following a rinse and a little bit of wear, the streakiness fades into a more rich and classic indigo as the slubby fill yarns wear off slightly.

Straight from Self Edge’s product description – “Words don’t do these justice, never have a pair of jeans had so much life contained within them.”


  • Name: Roy SF01 Special Fit
  • Weight: 14.5 oz. (16.25 oz Post soak)
  • Fit: Slim Straight Fit
  • Denim: Loomstate Unsanforized Indigo Cotton
  • Additional Details:
    • Thin Union Special crafted Belt Loops
    • Custom Leather Patch
    • Re-worked Pocket Openings
    • Duck Cotton Pocket Bags
    • Hidden Rivets
    • Special Limited Fit
    • Crafted completely and painstakingly by hand
  • Available at: Self Edge for $340.00


Back - Roy Special Fit Denim

Front - Roy Special Fit Denim


Limited Edition Patch

Pocket Bags - Roy Special Fit DenimHem - Roy Special Fit Denim


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • Grazfather x

    Not a fit for me or many others here.

    • Jun

      Devan’s gonna rage.

    • hanif

      its funny everyone only like slim or skinny fit. The original vintage jeans are straight cut

  • Devan Prithipaul

    yeah… that fit…. is really special. im really not a big fan, and that back pocket detail is not that nice. also those pocket bags look very unnatural. however the denim is so unique, it might be worthwhile to pick up a pair.

    • Haz

      I think the pocket bags look awesome. Great colors and a slightly unique shape – coupled with that stitching. I’d wear these inside out.

  • muka

    It could be a little tighter. However, I think most raw denims do not look great on the first wearing. And I believe that there is a lack of raw denim ‘models’ out there. I rarely see nice fitting pictures.
    But I love the enthusiasm for detail put into this piece of work. The different machines used for different kinds of stitching are impressive!

  • Trippy

    Devan is a faggot.

    • Devan Prithipaul

      lol i am! is there a problem?

      • MosquitoControl

        Yeah, but with the guy you responded to, not you.
        Well, I mean, in this case, haha.

    • Model Citizen

      You’re an ignorant piece of shit. Fuck you.

  • Alfred Arcidi

    Back pockets look too large on the model.

    • Jun

      It’s designed for android users… you know Note2 etc

      • Devan Prithipaul

        heyyy thats my line!

        • Jun

          Well it is my line until you start showing those fit pictures you promised! pffffttt!!!!!!!

      • Vinyl Scratch

        I’ll have you know that I fit my Note 2 just fine in the front right pocket of my APC New Standards! =P

        • Jun

          Have you tried sitting down with that phone in your front tight pocket? Standing with the phone in it doesn’t count… haha

    • Blackcow

      The problem with the model come from the top block, but it’s difficult to judge 1/ because we don’t the size he’s wearing and 2/ we need post soak pictures (will shrink a lot). In my opinion the problem doesn’t come from the back pocket size, I don’t personnaly think they are to large but maybe too short…The real point is the med rise. The rise is a way higher than the last issues. So the to block is different, of course.

      • Blackcow

        I have received mine on today and the fit is really absolutly not roomy at all.
        I was a little worried after reading comments on different threads but finally it will be a perfect fit. Will soak them tomorrow. In my opinion the SF01 is worn a little oversized on the Self Edge pics.

        • ranny

          Hello! I can agree with majority of the judgments left here before,-

          Yes, they are a bit “roomy” around upper thigh area, but that makes sure you won`t “feel” uncomfortable, whatever you feel encouraged to do , you just forget about wearing top-dollar denim! I caught myself wearing my 34 size in my workshop, working in my garden and also for some harder jobs,- flooring for example,- where you have to go down on your knees and up and down and ….

          The 34 seems to be just a little bit wider around your waist (maybe 1/3 of an inch or a half,- and then also the upper thighs again,- after two cold soaks) with the same tag on Levis 501 and also Ironheart 634S. Doesnt`make any difference for me. The 634S looks a little less “work-like”, but for going into action without any concern about the stuff you wear, it`s the Roy.

          Anyway,- got a second pair in 33, just in case!
          I just love them.

  • Missed Out

    …except that its entirely sold out already unless you are small enough to wear a 29.

    It’s too bad you have to basically live online to nab a pair of Roys, but it is a one man operation.

  • CAS

    The jeans are filled with great details, the denim feels and looks awesome.
    The back pockets are not huge, they are regular size. The only thing is they shrunk a lot less than what they were supposed to ( what se site says). The fit is regular and the rise is high. the denim is really tight, and they look like they are going to be hard to fade!!


    Coincidentally, I was at Self Edge/La Brea on the day of release of these new Roys in early March, and tried on a pair. As much as I wanted to like them, the Roys were too baggy for my taste, and I opted for a slinky new pair of Stevenson Overall low riders instead. The Stevensons are with me back at my base in London (UK), and they’re looking great !! Thanks are due to Tyler at Self Edge for helping me get the fit I want.

  • PilgrimKirk

    I have somewhat thick legs and I wear a 34 in the RS04, a comfortable relaxed-fit. I wear a 33 in the Special Fit, and they are spot-on, as described, between straight and slim. After comparing the measurement charts at SelfEdge and emailing Roy directly, I nervously went down a number in the waist and things worked out just fine. The pics of the model are somewhat misleading. If the model is wearing his typical size, pre-soak..yeah, I understand why they look the way they do. Take away: Trust the measurements and your own experience with soaking/shrinking raw denim.

  • BlackC

    One size 30 have been restocked at SE