Maple Motorcycle Jeans – Kevlar Lined Raw Denim For Motorcyclists

Maple Motorcycle Jeans

Maple Motorcycle Jeans

It doesn’t make sense to have to sacrifice style just to stay protected.

-Dave M. Fairbairn, Founder, Maple Motorcycle Jeans

A major theory behind Dave M. Fairbairn’s Maple Motorcycle Jeans is to create jeans that not only look good, but also save your skin from motorcycle accidents. These Maple Motorcycle Jeans target a large niche of motorcycle riders, who, just like Fairbairn, were tired of having to wear unappealing kevlar pants and also loved to wear high quality denim. Fairbairn, along with his designer Satish Tailor, created the world’s first pair of high quality raw denim with a protective kevlar lined inside.

Back Pocket Flasher - Maple Motorcycle Jeans

Frustrated with his monotonous job in Britain, Fairbairn only found solace in riding his Yamaha Fazer 600. But he came to the predicament of trying to find a pair of jeans that looked great, as well protected him on his motorcycle. So with his love of riding and also his own safety in mind, he looked into trying to find a pair that matched his needs. When he couldn’t find anything of the sort, he pursued creating his own pair of Kevlar lined Jeans. Having no prior experience, he reached out to the desginer Satish Tailor. Together, they created “the highest quality, most stylish motorcycle jeans in the world.”

Back Pocket - Maple Motorcycle Jeans

The Maple Motorcycle Jean company takes pride in having the denim seem like a normal pair of premium denim pants, with no signs of stitching from the inside Kevlar lining. Their goals were to not compromise the grade of the denim, have the customer be happy to wear them even when they’re not on their bike, and also have these jeans become your favorite pair.

Details - Maple Motorcycle Jeans

Features on this denim include 13.5 Oz. Kurabo Selvedge Denim, a button fly, 36’’ inseam, and a vintage cinch in the back to keep them snug. But alongside this, they made alterations specific to riding your motorcycle. They added an angled ticket pocket for easy access while riding, over 60% coverage of DuPont Kevlar lining the insides, a higher rear rise for covering the lower back, brace/suspender buttons allowing for the jeans to stay in place, and removable Forcefield CE approved knee and hip armor.

Front and Back - Maple Motorcycle Jeans

Front and Back Lining - Maple Motorcycle Jeans

They are not concerned with trying to create anything other than their “British designed, premium motorcycle denim.” There are only three styles available from Maple. They are the 1941 Straight Cut Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans with Armour, the 1941x Straight Cut Selvedge Denim without Kevlar, and the Slim Fit Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans with Armour. They decided to create one pair which is not lined with the Kevlar for the people who just love the denim itself. With these jeans now on the market for £250.00 (and £150.00  for the un-lined denim), motorcycle riders can feel safe on the road and confident in how they look.

Fit - Maple Motorcycle Jeans

Benjamin Simons

Outside of contributing to, Benjamin keeps busy with his collegiate volleyball team, learning Hebrew, riding his fixie bike, and being in the ocean as much as possible.

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  • Devan Prithipaul

    OMG fit is amazing, creativity is amazing, maple leaf is amazing since i live in Canada. these jeans are…. perfect. although, i wonder how comfortable the kevlar would be, still though that is so cool. great article, the price is also reasonable for it so thats great too.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    OMG fit is amazing, creativity is amazing, maple leaf is amazing since i live in Canada. these jeans are…. perfect. I love the denim itself but also all the cool details such as the neat pocket details, all the maple leaf stuff and that cinch. although, i wonder how comfortable the kevlar would be, still though that is so cool. great article, the price is also reasonable for it so thats great too.

    • Jun

      I thought you’re Thai, no?

      • Devan Prithipaul

        No my father is east indian and my mother is scottish, however i have lived in Canada my whole life.

    • David Fairbairn

      Devan, Thank you for all the kind words. You’d be surprised at how comfortable the kevlar is. Seriously surprised. It’s Terry knit, so feels like a terry cloth against your skin. If you’d like a fabric sample to feel it for yourself, shoot me an email to

      • Devan Prithipaul

        wow! thank you for the offer. Good job David, youve done something really incredible! im a big fan.

  • jarriaza

    woot woot. and yes Canadians could be proud to wear these.

  • Jun

    So…. can that be considered as a bullet proof jeans now? Protecting the precious family jewels…. hahaha

    • David Fairbairn

      Ummm… I wouldn’t recommend testing with live rounds..

  • Ed

    I see no stitching around the outside of the knees, yet they say there’s removable knee armor. Does that mean I have to take off the pants and inside them out, to remove or insert the knee armor?

    That just doesn’t seem to mesh with their claim that these are “armour reinforced motorcycle jeans, that you’ll actually want to wear, even when you’re not riding your bike”. Do they think I’m going to want to walk around all day with armored pants? Or do they think I’m going to stop and take off my pants when I get where I’m going?

    These look OK, and they’re fine if your primary concern is wearing denim while riding, but I don’t see how they’re as convenient as armored overpants.

    • David Fairbairn

      Thanks for the comments Ed! The armour is removable from the pockets which are on the inside of the jeans. I’m glad that you pointed out the lack of stitching. That’s the point! We really made an effort to make Kevlar jeans that actually look like regular, albeit premium denim jeans. No stitch marks where the Kevlar is sewn in, or for pocket bags. It’s all hidden. As for being inconvenienced by having to remove the armour, it’s pretty low profile, but removing it is a lot less hassle than having to change out of leathers.

      • Ed

        It’s hard to talk about something I’ve never seen in action, so maybe we should agree to disagree. I’d suggest that if you consider this a selling point, you should make a video of it so we can see how it works!

        Personally, I’m skeptical. There’s a video on Youtube (“Motorcycle Pants are Easy”) of somebody removing his motorcycle overpants in 15 seconds, which seems like about what it takes me — and since you still have normal jeans on underneath, you don’t need to go to a restroom or changing room to do it. It would take me 15 seconds just to get to the restroom, so I just can’t see how this would be very convenient.

        As for hiding the stitching, I’m not sure I see the point. Even fashion models wearing blue jeans on the runway have stitched knee pads these days. I’ve never heard of a situation so casual that jeans are acceptable but so formal that stitching around the knees is not. But then, I don’t live in the UK, and I’m sure fashion trends are different there.

        Anyway, good luck with your product, and stay safe out there.

        • Russ

          I’ve done 6000+ miles in a pair of Dave’s Maple Jeans. I regularly wear them to work and leave the armour in all day. Its not very bulky and I find them plenty comfortable enough to wear all day with the armour.

          The armour position is adjustable at the knees with velcro. I took time to get a position that worked well when I sat on the bike. It does shift a lot when you take the saddle. So its a bit of trial and error, but I now have a position that I think would protect the knee cap just fine. As with all such jeans and removable armour, I think there’s a big compromise. I wouldn’t wear these on my Fireblade doing… er… a little over the limit. But I wear them while cruising around all day on my Triumph Bonneville without any hesitation. The outside of the knee would only have limited impact protection I agree. But the knee cap I think would be fine. I’ve had a small spill while wearing BMW off road pants and still bruised up the shin and inside of the knee. Sure, there’s better protection out there. But life’s a compromise. People draw the line in different places.

          Given that its important to get the armour fixed in the right position for you and your bike, I don’t agree that its easy to remove. Replacing it and getting it back in the right place would be a real pain. But like I say, I don’t see the need to remove it so this is a non issue for me.

          Overall, I think these are excellent jeans.

    • hsc3_90293

      I have a pair of these I bought when they came out, sadly I don’t wear mine. The Armor is flat and not wide enough to wrap around your knee and doesn’t conform to the shape of the knee. Also like every other pair of jeans, the outside seam stitching line rotates inwards when you bend down or sit moving the armor inwards. This rotating render the armor protection useless to the outside part of the knee which I think would receive the greatest impact in a fall. The hip armor does sit well.

      I have several pairs of premium denim jeans and high hopes for this design but the armor gives me no confidence. My opinion is that impact protection is more important than abrasion and the jeans fall short in the knee area.

      I ended buying a pair of Kasil Davidson selvedge jeans and taking them to my alterations guy who made up knee bags for my BMW NP armor and this give me way more confidence in the knee protection.

      The jeans do look like premium denim jeans and are big improvement from the ridiculous looking other motorcycle jeans that are out there.

      I have great respect for Dave and what he has done, I just think like most designs, the process is evolutionary and I’m sure improvements will come.

  • worship_mud

    best motorcycling jeans EVER! i ride with them since last year and haven’t put on my leather pants since then! great pants, recommended! 😀

  • BillygoatsGruff312


    You got any irregulars or returned size 32s in either style you could sell me on a discount?

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    I wanted to get a pair of these so damn bad. But, I can’t do the back tab on the 1941s and waist to leg opening ratio on the slims are extreme (nevermind the zip fly). I cant wait for a Fade Friday on these. Maybe when David drops his fall lineup, there will be a model that works for me. Here’s hoping for a slim straight w/o the extreme taper (and a button fly).

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  • Zack

    Where are these jeans made?