Fade Friday – Unbranded 201 UB201 (3 Years, 4 Washes)

When I first caught wind of Unbranded a few years back, my initial reaction was of both intrigue and skepticism. $80.00 for a quality pair of rope-dyed, Japanese raw denim? My ears perked up and I eventually did take the plunge, but the whole concept and offering just sounded too good to be true.

Jump ahead three years and four washes, and what you see is my pair of Unbranded 201 (UB201) for this week’s Fade Friday. Though I didn’t document the entire evolution of these jeans, I’m really impressed with how well these have faded (and held up) over a range of activities – including backpacking, bar hopping, cooking, shovelling, and hours of sitting and walking.

Looking at these even more closely, you’ll see some notable markings; such as the rectangular outline of my cell phone on my front, left pocket, the larger wallet shape and small hole on my back right pocket, and the small circle on the back, right pocket where I hold all my coins. What’s surprised me the most though is the honey combs – they’re so settled in, they’ve actually started to shred!


  • Name: Unbranded 201 Tapered (UB201)
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Fit: Tapered
  • Other Details:
    • Blank fly buttons, rivets, and leather patch
    • Chain stitched hem
    • Two-toned stitching
    • Blue selvedge
  • Available for $74.00

Photos – Before

Before - Unbranded 201 UB201 (3 Years, 4 Washes)

Photos – After

Fit After - Unbranded 201 UB201 (3 Years, 4 Washes)

Front and Back - Unbranded 201 UB201 (3 Years, 4 Washes) Front and Back Closeup - Unbranded 201 UB201 (3 Years, 4 Washes) Selvedge - Unbranded 201 UB201 (3 Years, 4 Washes)

Nick Coe

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  • showbe

    Love the slight rips below the honeycombs, cant really be imitated to look natural. This is what I want to get on my raws and hope to have happen also. Only a little bit of it though is like this though.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    What tag size should I get if my true waist is ~34?

  • chicagolaw1

    Well said and Amen. I’m wholly underwelmed by all of these ‘made in america’ cone mills clones.

    “19th-century miner cosplay” – love it.