Fade Friday – Levi’s 511 Rigid (14 months, 2 washes, 1 soak)

Fade Friday - Levi's 511 Rigid (14 months, 2 washes, 1 soak)

Fade Friday – Levi’s 511 Rigid (14 months, 2 washes, 1 soak)

In this week’s Fade Friday, we bring you a modern American classic – the Levi’s 511 Rigid jean. Contributed by Rawr Denim Forum user Shley, the jeans have been worn for 14+ months, washed twice and soaked once since 2011.

Despite the relatively high number of washes in such a short amount of time we can see a very promising fade beginning to form. The original photos that Shley submitted show nicely defined honeycombs and whiskering amongst other fascinating details. (Note the back pocket fade and sides of the legs by the waist).

To step it up a notch Shley took his jeans on vacation with him to Malpeque Bay on Prince Edward Island for a red sand soak. The resulting effect is stunning. The jeans achieved a pleasant rust colored finish that highlights the present fades and creases. Check out the pictures below for visual proof.


  • Name: Levi’s 511 Rigid Indigo
  • Weight: 11.2 Oz.
  • Fit: 511 Slim
  • Denim: 100% cotton
  • Length of Wear:  14 Months
  • Number of Washes: 2 washes, 1 soak
  • Available at: Levi’s for $58.00-$68.00

Photos – Before (Source: Levi’s)


Photos – During

Red sand wash

Sun baking

Photos – After

Front and Back - Levi's 511 Rigid (14 months, 2 washes, 1 soak)


Details - Levi's 511 Rigid (14 months, 2 washes, 1 soak)

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis is a musician/producer, skateboarder and denim enthusiast. Follow him on instagram at: @dennistehmenace

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  • http://www.facebook.com/yhong.phatchara Yhong Phatcharaphisutsin

    incredibly awesome

  • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

    heyy nice fades. although i dont see much of a contrast, the combs and whiskers are nice. i saw in an interview somewhere where they said that sea soaks were useless, but i think that these jeans look really unique.

    • The Van Pretty Paul

      cool story bro

      • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

        can you please stop commenting cool story bro on everything i post?

        • http://www.facebook.com/PaulPahlLuigiPascalPepitoPoogieUgiKuya Paul Luigi Lecaroz


        • http://www.facebook.com/PaulPahlLuigiPascalPepitoPoogieUgiKuya Paul Luigi Lecaroz


        • http://www.facebook.com/PaulPahlLuigiPascalPepitoPoogieUgiKuya Paul Luigi Lecaroz


        • Derf Van Piis On Paul

          Brool Story co

      • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

        k, what the heck is happening!?!!! what is with all these usernames that have “Van” or “DeVan”, guys, if you have a problem with me or what i say, let me know! im asking you guys to please stop commenting cool story bro on every thing i do on rawr, i find it disrespectful, very 2012, and thats not what Rawr is for. if you guys have a problem, come to me directly instead of this passive aggressive BS (united).

        • Devan Prissypaul

          ok. how do we get a hold of you about the problems that we have with you?

          • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

            just tell me here. or message me on Facebook.

          • devan

            cool story bro.

          • Devan PrithiPaul Luigi Lecaroz

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    • DeVan Had No Windows

      Can you please stop commenting with cool stories bro everytime you post?

  • http://www.facebook.com/arie.vandenberg.39 Arie van den Berg

    Great sand-soak. Good idea, never did and saw it before.

  • JB

    Love the sand and soak idea…. And since noone else has said is this week no fit pic? :/
    Still it’d be exciting to see what these will look like in another 6 months

  • shley

    Happy to see my best pair to date featured on this week’s Fade Friday. Keeps me excited to continue my fades. I thought I could share some most recent photos taken of my Levi’s 511s. Sadly, not fit pics, I’ll try to set some up tonight.

    • Devan Prissypaul

      cool fades, bro.

      • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul


    • Trevor Hsu

      Nice fades. Looks like a lot of the dirt’s color has washed out. Much lighter and cleaner looking now. Have you washed them since the pictures up there?

  • Suss

    Neat fades. Raws don’t have to be expensive to fade nicely ^^
    Also, this whole Devan thing’s dumb. He’s a quality poster, just bc he is critical of some articles doesn’t mean we need to go after him

  • barbosa473

    nice progress.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003326974874 Kyle Brooks Robinson

    In what bizzarro universe is two washes in 14+ months a “high number of washes in such a short amount of time”? That’s crazy. That’s actually pretty hardcore.

  • Shley

    Fit pics.

  • Shley

    Here are some fit pics.

  • jacob davis

    i did something very similar with my pair of Levi 501 shrink to fits. but instead rubbed with dry Oklahoma red dirt instead. after a good soak, there were know indications of dirt stains. it gave the weft a great red tone, and defined all of the whiskers and honey combs very well, also the fade from the wallet became lighter. I highly recommend messing around in some dry dirt, or sand. It really works the denim and makes it unique.

  • greySky

    After doing a bunch of research, it seems to me that Levi’s 511 rigid are NOT actually raw. As in, they have been washed during the manufacturing process. “Rigid” is just the name of the colour, and even if it says the jeans were made in their “waterless” process, they’re still not raw. They just washed them for a shorter time or something, you can find their video that shows it. It looks like the only ones that are actually raw are the raw 501s…

    That being said, I love the way these jeans turned out anyway.

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