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Filled with an unrelenting love and passion for denim, Jens Olav Dankertsen established and launched Livid Jeans in 2010 as a small artisan denim brand based in Trondheim, Norway. The jeans are made by hand with the use of a handful of industrial machine and in an old fashioned way that lends the brand a rustic, yet refined, sense of character.

After an eight month development period and their first jean selling in May 2011, the concept and brand of Livid Jeans quickly began to spread and orders started piling up. Due to their clean and purposeful use of superior selvedge denim from Kuroki Mills, Japan and the Cone Mills, USA, it comes as no surprise that Livid has been so widely embraced by enthusiasts at home and abroad.

Jens Olav Dankertsen, founder of Livid Jeans

Jens Olav Dankertsen, founder of Livid Jeans

Snapshot of the Livid Jeans factory in Trondheim, Norway

Snapshot of the Livid Jeans factory in Trondheim, Norway

Raw Materials - Livid Jeans

Aside from meeting the day-to-day needs of running a hand-made jeans company, the next step involves scaling the operations to cope with growing demand and be able to produce and ship abroad. Among numerous measures to resolve these challenges, they’ve added a new member to their team and also launch a limited Retail Line.

We’ll dive into this and other facets of Livid at a later date, but in essence, the Retail Line is a batch of denim limited to 400 pairs of denim. What makes this line a little more special is that they’ll also be running a project in tandem which will document each wearer’s journey, called “The Inside Story“.

Each customer is encouraged to wear a new pair for eight months straight and send them the resulting photos as of October 1st, 2013. The winner will be chosen the next month and the subsequent batch of Livid Jeans will be reproduced bearing an imprint of the winner’s history and name inside the pocket lining.

Livid Jeans - Retail Line

Livid Jeans – Retail Line

At this moment too, Livid is working on a new website which will include a fully functional store to present their full range of garments and products in granular detail. Upon website launch, shipping abroad will also no longer be an issue, and the new medium will serve as a platform to bolster the company to bigger and better opportunities.



Somar is a young and passionate denimhead. He's in over his head and his denim addiction has definitely taken over all his free time. ''October 2012 was when I discovered raw denim and it definitely got a hold on me! Every day I'm still learning and discovering new stuff.'' Next to reading and writing about it, Somar also has his own blog called 'Fade Project' where he posts updates about his denim. Tumblr: Instagram: @fadeproject

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  • Model Citizen

    Those back pockets look really long and kind of awkward.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    the details are very strange. fit isnt bad, but that detail is making it really awkward.

    • Jun

      What are you talking about the fit isn’t bad? The fit is awesome! Can’t you see how tight the denim is hugging his nether regions? I just love these sort of ball busting denims…

      • Devan Prithipaul

        haha omg Jun you’re the best! haha you always make me laugh. on a more serious note, the back side is kind of lame and im not a huge fan of straight fits, it would be nice if they actually had an online store, im not quite sure what was the point of this article if we cant buy the jeans, and not many people on rawr live in norway.

    • Somar

      Which details do you mean Devan? And what exactly is making them akward?

      • Devan Prithipaul

        details like stiching color, slevedge color, back pocket placement, and leather patch. the fit is very awkward for me, it is very tight in the crotch area but then it kind of seems to get larger the farther down you go. almost like a reverse taper. it seems a little unnatural. however it could make for some good fades.

  • TBD

    Agree with the pocket remark. Seems that back pocket placement is really strange in lots of these new labels. Either too small, too widely spaced or long and thin. Is it so hard to grab a few pairs of classics and adopt? And, while, yes, copying is often wrong I can forgive in this case if it results in a better fit, more functional pocket and I don’t have to check to see if my wallet has fallen out each time I pull on a pair.

  • mister56


  • William Harris

    saw theses guys onThose Who Make, and was kind of impressed

  • reglog

    Seems like rawrdenim has turned into a website that introduce new and small brands rather than about raw denim as a whole. Its not that I dont like where it is going, just that rawrdenim is lacking on information of the jeans itself. Seriously there is a lot to learn from the history itself, dig it up.

    • Devan Prithipaul

      i agree. maybe some more articles on actual denim construction or instructional articles somehow. i completely agree with you.

      • growe13

        I want to see a DIY denim project here so bad! It’s killing me. Also want to find some denim patterns, because outside of shops (lock and key) they virtually don’t exist (the ones at places like JoAnnes are garbage).

  • Dim Smith

    Promising brand. The fit of those Jakob Straights looks really nice and downright sexy after the 8- and 12-month fade pics I saw on their site. Wish the model wore the pants up more (or I guess it’s a lower rise?) Curious to see how Livid develops its line, though.

    • Somar

      Livid jeans is definitely a promising brand. They got a lot of media attention, but Jens keeps his cool. We’ll keep an eye on them!

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