Introducing Olaf Hussein – Seeking To Tap Into Your Inner Wanderer

Olaf Hussein - Seeking To Tap Into Your Inner Wanderer

Do you often feel like you live in “a landscape filled with a complete…indirectness”? Do you despair over the thought that “The growth of the human race has removed us from coal mines and rice paddies, to offices and studios, and the only touch our fingertips now feel are the strokes upon keyboards or the swipes on screens”?

Olaf Hussein

If so, we would like you to meet Olaf Hussein, the Amsterdam-based label that aspires, “To make the finest quality clothes that the merest touch would send our primitive wanderer into ecstasy.” Hussein aims to represent the modern interplay of various cultures and his commentary is in the details of his work.

Olaf Hussein - New Standard Slim Jeans

Olaf Hussein – New Standard Slim Jeans

Olaf Hussein - New Standard Slim Jeans

The core of Hussein’s line-up is in jeans, currently in two fits: the New Standard and New Standard Slim. Not to be confused with A.P.C.’s New Standard, the denim is made of Japanese 13 Oz. kuroki mills selvedge, dyed with natural plant indigo. The jeans also feature Japanese reproductions of American Talon zippers, golden Italian buttons, and a green handmade leather patch by Guild of Holland.

Olaf Hussein - Seeking To Tap Into Your Inner Wanderer

If your inner primitive wanderer would like to know more, Olaf Hussein’s wares are currently stocked in the Dutch boutiques 1, Van Dijk, and the world-renowned denim haven Tenue de Nîmes. Further information on the brand itself is available at their official website.

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • Devan Prithipaul

    I dont understand this denim. that is a phrase i will rarely say, but i dont understand this. it copied A.P.C. has a very mediocre fit and seems to be somewhat well made but i dont understand this philosophy of this brand. definitely will not purchase.

    • Re-tired

      Dude, get off this forum, please… Channel your energy into getting a boyfriend instead.

      • Guest

        haha i have a boyfriend!

      • A Long-Time Reader

        Calm your tits. If you’re just here to rag on other people, you can leave too.

    • Jun

      Gotta agree with Devan on this one though… fit isn’t really that good but maybe they’ll offer some skinnier or taper fit next time…. the kind that Devan would like (I call them balls crusher haha)

      • Devan Prithipaul

        i kind of blame the article actually, it didnt present the brand well. it kind of looked like it was made in like 30min.

  • alias

    Dafuq.. Did they get the models out of a POW camp?

  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    “clothes to send your inner wanderer into ecstacy”, jesus crap, theyre just jeans, olaf..

  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    do the zippers have large talons are the people pictured above inner wanderers sent into ecstacy because they put on olaf jeans or are they at one of those group rate couple retreat resorts in the islands if i buy these jeans will it be easier for me to then touch a boob instead of just swiping my computer screen how much are these do i need to live in europe to own these

    • Von Douchenschpogen

      It says up above that you can buy them at the Von Dutch botique.

      • Jun

        There are still people buying Von Dutch stuffs????

  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    i.d. on the tiny green belt please

  • chicagolaw1

    The ad with the heroin addicts holding hands definitely turned me off. As did the corporate mission “to make the finest quality clothes that the merest touch would send our primitive wanderer into ecstasy.” Really?!

    I can just picture my tribal ancestors now, stroking a pair of New Standard Slim Jeans. The mystical experience calls them to contemplate the nature of the universe and the first world religions are born.

    • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

      youre right. also the heroin addict models are historically inaccurate. if youre trying to take a “throwback” to this sort of extreme, it would have been more fitting (no devan) to model neanderthals pinned against mammoths trying to get dinner, or maybe a picture of someone who has frozen to death inside of an iceberg wearing olaf jeans.

  • greySky

    This is just…weird. It’s starting to seem more and more that most raw denim jeans are pretty much identical, with different “philosophies” and advertisement. And this company philosophy is just…a little out there.

  • JahButtLove

    guys, i own a pair of “olaf jeans” and its not as bad as it sounds. it all started when i went on holiday with my family to jamaica and smoked this crazy plant stuff some old guy with crusty dreadlocks had given to me. i had been just kicking it on the beach all alone, and out of nowhere, a group of shirtless wanderers had appeared and started to approach me. initially, i thought i was just tripping out. but their leader, a guy with long hair and a chinease symbol tattoo, told me that they were here to “tap into my inner wanderer”. i thought it was joke, “ok. haha you russel brandt looking ass nigga, that isfunny”the leader didnt think so. he stepped ahead of the pack and his expression turned serious. he repeated, “were here to tap into your inner wanderer”. which i replied, “oh word? is this a threat????”, as i jumped up from my seated position, kicking sand as i tried to run away. i didnt get very fall at all. they all formed a hand holding circle around me while their leader had his way with me. once i surrendered and accepted what was happening to me, i was ok with it. guys, ive been in a pair of olafs ever since and theyre starting to get some pretty cool fades. i dont think im ever going to wash them. there are just too many memories attached to this pair of jeans.

    • RasJahButtLove

      just before he tapped into my inner wanderer inside the circle of love, i sreamed “ayo, daniel day lewis, why dont you strap on a pair of olafs and go wander through fucking compton”. he told me, and this is a phrase that i will never forget, “no, you will be the one strapping onto a pair of olafs after this”. and i was. i was.

  • Kyle Brooks Robinson

    Rawr Denim covers some seriously weird stuff. Aren’t there enough interesting things coming out from brands everyone actually likes – Sugar Cane, Samurai, 3Sixteen, Left Field, Ande Whall, Flat Head, etc.?

    • A Long-Time Reader

      Problem is that those are the ONLY brands covered. I think Rawr wants to cover everything related to raw denim, both the good and the bad…

  • NtheBarrio

    This man has the exact same body as a poor starving 17 yr old girl at fashion week. Which is cool(I guess…), but when it shows up in a place like this, it makes me feel like some companies are falling into the mainstream advertising techniques. Not a very respectable denim “philosophy” in my book. tsk…

  • Eric

    Anyone know what company the shoes being worn are from? They’re pretty sweet.

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