Fade Friday – Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx (9 Months, No Washes)

Fade Friday - Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx (9 Months, No Washes)

Fade Friday – Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx (9 Months, No Washes)

This pair of Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx, shared through Denim Debate, shows amazing fades for 9 months of wear. While we might not be able to get updated photos, this photo highlights the fades created from classic Levi’s straight leg fit. The best part of this style is the great looking stacks and the excellent honeycombs.

Levi’s Vintage Collection (or LVC) is a reissued denim line from Levi’s, who’s goal is to capture the essence of American work wear. The LVC 1947’s were created during the post-WWII era, when the demand was high for a slimmer jean. This pair contains the trademark red tab with its capital “E,” and eventually became the jean of choice for the emerging middle class.

For further reading, check out our guides to Levi’s 501 Vintage Jeans1873 to 1944 and 1947 to 1966.


  • Name: Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Fit: Classic fit with straight leg
  • Length of Wear: 9 months
  • Washes: None
  • Other Details:
    • 100% cotton
    • Shrink to fit selvage denim from Cone Mills Oak Plant
    • Inseam: 34”
  • Available at: Indigo And Cotton for $250.00

Photos – Before

Before - Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx

Photos – After

Front and Back Fit - Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx

Front and Back Flat - Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx

Whiskers, Knee - Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx

Cuff - Levi’s LVC 1947 501xx

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  • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

    FIT!!!!! MY DREAM!!!! FIT FIT FIT! A PICTURE OF RAW DENIM CONFORMING TO THE MALE BODY FOR FADE FRIDAY! PRAISE THE LORD! haha these fades are wicked awesome and its cool that theyre from levis, a brand thats not usually covered here. great article. great fades. great FIT. ah this is a truly awesome friday indeed.

    • Guest

      I dont think people like me here on rawr

      • Model Cititzen

        While I’m not as OBSESSED with fit pics as you are ;), I tend to agree with you, I appreciate fades more when I see the jeans on somebody. These jeans look fucking sick and the fit is perfect.

    • Jun

      Please contain your excitement. There maybe children reading this article.

  • Braelyn cates

    Wow I love these. Great job on the article!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mcbaindn Derek McBaine

    1947 501xx are my favorite raw denim hands down. Beautiful jeans, great article.

  • Kennydoggyu

    Look how crazy the combs are. Wait till it’s washed. I bet they’ll be contrast like crazy

  • ws501xx

    Amazing contours to the male body. These are being worn exactly as 501’s should be. Please keep posting progress.

    • mens butt fit

      agree about the contours.

  • Kretek

    I must have an impeccable ability to maintain raw denim. My APC New Cures look very lightly used after wearing them every other day for 10 months. I’m pretty proud of that. Every time I see a Fade Friday I think “how did they do this in X months?”

  • Corey

    Here’s what I can’t seem to figure out… can I get a fade similar to this if I hot soak my shrink-to-fit 501’s immediately after purchase (so they shrink to actually fit me), and then wear them for 6+ months before their second soak? Or would I need to wear them big and baggy as hell for 6+ months before I can give them their first hot soak in order to get this kind of fade? Please feel free to chime in with any advice for a newb.

    • http://www.gilt.com/invite/tman916 Thomas

      Soak em first so they fit. If you wear them baggy and then soak the fades will be out of proportion. Also, hot soaking kind of speeds up the fade process.

    • Scott

      Hey, I have some 501s that I’m breaking in, currently on my second month. I wore them for a day or two to make them more pliable, then did a hot soak. That was on the third day, iirc. Been wearing them almost daily since then, and everything looks good.

  • jjjjj

    these are awsome and will look so sick once they hit water. soak these bitches..

  • Kelly


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