Fade Friday – Iron Heart 634S-RAW (8 Months, 8 Washes)

Fade Friday - Iron Heart 634S (8 Months, 8 Washes)

Fade Friday – Iron Heart 634S (8 Months, 8 Washes)

Iron Heart is one of the primary staples of heavyweight denim for good reason. Honestly, this pair is as tough as nails.

This week’s Fade Friday takes a look into Iron Heart 634S-RAW, courtesy of SuFu’s ThinFinn and a branch from the all-too-famous IH-634S. These were limited in rotation and have a couple of different features to separate them from  the IH-634S. The jeans made from a 21 Oz. denim that shrinks to 23 Oz. due to the fact that it is unsanforized, and the pockets feature an interesting half-lining.

This pair has extraordinary fades, starting with the large deep honeycombs and even fade around the knees and thighs. The ‘combs have a really prominent fade that can only come from dealing with some of the most heavyweight denim.


  • Name: Iron Heart 634S-RAW Limited Run
  • Weight: 21 Oz. (shrinks to 23 Oz. post-soak)
  • Denim: Unsanforized 100% Zimbabwean Long Fiber Cotton Denim
  • Fit: Straight Leg
  • Length of wear: 8 Months
  • Washes: 8 Washes
  • Additional Details:
    • Button fly
    • Hidden rivets
    • Right Hand Twill
    • Limited Run
  • Formerly available at: Iron Heart

Photos – Before

Before - Iron Heart 634S-RAW

Photos – After

Iron Heart 634S-RAW (8 Months, 8 Washes)

Front - Iron Heart 634S-RAW

Back - Iron Heart 634S-RAW

After 10 Months, 12 Washes

After 10 Months, 12 Washes

Alexander Ramos

Based in Los Angeles, Alex spends his time studying management at California State University, Northridge. He also interns for HVW8 art gallery during his spare time. Brands that he enjoys consist of Edwin jeans, Iron Heart, Levis and Momotaro.

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  • llvlaglne

    lol did you contact the owner if you can post this?

    • jjjj

      seeing that all of these pictures are coming from a sufu “what are your jeans doing today” update from months ago, and a new unoriginal type bro writer working on his second pair of apcs, who youd much rather see throw himself into traffic on his fixed gear outside of urban outfitters than write another rawrdenim article, id say no, he didnt.
      but if im my insticts are wrong here, id say this; thinnfinn is an og in the game, with an otherwise really cool style that any man could appreciate. but damn, son, you wash your jeans way too much, especially for being in such a cool climate.
      i dont know rawrdenim, i guess anything is better than nothing.

      • llvlaglne

        what? lol

      • A Long-Time Reader

        Really? You read (and incessantly comment) on nearly every post on this site, and yet here you are saying you’d rather see one of their writers get hit by a bus? What the fuck is wrong with you? If you can write a better article, lets see it.

        tl;dr – Put up or shut up.

  • Jun

    Devan will rejoice with the fit pictures…. and then will rage cos the fit is not to his liking

  • Jun

    Devan will orgasm because got fit pictures… then will rage cos the fit not to his liking haha

    • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

      its true! i dont like the fit! its like his knees barely touched the denim, i also dont like how these are super washed out. the contrast is really strange. im not a big fan of this one.

  • richalicious

    @2e945dfac39057c6403a60d075a3c5b9:disqus LOL, Poor Devan he gets awful abuse on this forum :( slagging aside…. nice wash, honeycombs etc

    • Grandier

      looking at how he behaves in every fade friday, i’m not surprised. although he sometimes brought up some good points, most of the times it’s like hearing a little kid yelling at something that he doesn’t like.

      • richalicious


      • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

        im only 15, so im not really an “adult”, and yes! nobody likes me here! i just like seeing a picture of ‘fit” as well as fade, i think that they go hand in hand.

        • That Guy

          Cool story, bro. Tell it again.

          • Greg

            No, no, I’d really like to know more about his age. 15 and a half, is it? Oh, how you’ve grown!
            I’m 17, and I can say that how old I am has no affect on my view of this stuff. Jessayin’.

      • Model Citizen

        Ya’ll need to lighten up. I’m sure the 4 seconds it takes to read a post that annoys you really impacts your day. Plus he’s fucking with you half the time ayway. Chill.

        • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

          thats true! i kind of do that “fit” thing as a joke, you guys take this stuff too seriously.

  • Grandier

    so Alex mentioned about the 21oz shrinks into 23oz. how does that work? i thought any unsanforized denim will retain its thickness even after shrinkage?

    never had one, so i’m pretty curious myself.

    • Jeff

      21oz means that 1 yard of this denim weighs 21oz. When you soak, you’re not actually losing any mass of the denim. It’s the same mass, but shrunken to a smaller area, so a smaller version of the same jean would weigh more per yard.
      Unsanforized denim will “weigh” more when soadked than sanforized since it shrinks more.

      • Grandier

        i see, thanks for the explanation!

  • David

    Apart from the fact that the photos are shopped (note the neon grass), how on earth do you still get such contrasted fades in only 8 months and 8 washes? Wouldn’t the washes have diluted the contrast, “washing out” the color?

    • Bran Van 3000 Piss on Paul

      true this. it is known that to keep high contrast one must only soak the jeans in a 5050 solutiopn of unicorn’s milk and albino smurf tears… anyone achieving such contrast while keeping their jeans in social wearable condition must be lying or faking

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  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Will Iron Heart come out with a kevlar lined pair of heavyweights for riders?

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      I wanted to send this PM to beetle, but don’t know how.

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Gotta love leg twist