Edwin Blitz Spring / Summer 2013 Collection

Always one for an interesting collaboration or capsule collection, Spring/Summer 2013 has seen Edwin Europe collaborate with Parisian Motorcycle Collective Blitz to create a fusion of denim and motorbikes from the two brands pre-existing camaraderie. While the idea of fusing raw denim and motorbikes is far from unique, this is an interesting collection from two well respected brands.

The collection is unsurprisingly non-seasonal, and non-trend driven despite its S/S13 moniker. The two brands label it more of “a study into the intuitive nature of denim and the pre-requisites placed upon clothing used by those who live, work, and thrive alongside their bikes”.

Fred & Hugo, founders of Blitz, have specific daily routines that impose specific requirements on their preferred garments that demand versatility and durability as core principles. Using Premium Japanese denim exclusively spun for Edwin Europe, the pieces in this capsule collection have been designed and cut to incorporate subtle functional details that would make them wearable in the lifestyles of those like Fred & Hugo.

EB47 Denim - Edwin Blitz Spring / Summer 2013 Collection

EB47 Denim

Unfortunately, the denim specific offerings in the collection are few and far between, but the one jean and two jackets are likely the highlights of their capsule. The jean, modelled after Edwin’s ED47 is a Japanese red listed 14 Oz. denim with military herringbone detailing, a custom backpocket design celebrating the collaboration and added stress-point rivets to try and maintain the longevity demanded by the motorcycle lifestyle.


Garage Jacket

Blitz Bronco

Bronco Jacket

The jackets are both cut from a granite coloured 13.5 Oz. selvedge. The Garage jacket features a USMC inspired chest pocket print and numerous pockets to keep your wrenches and spanners organized, while the Bronco jacket seems more apt for riding with the blanket lining in place to keep you warm when the highway winds whip up.

The entire collection can be seen on their site, the denim pieces alongside the rest of the capsule release.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • http://twitter.com/Ben_Fab Benjamin Fabre

    It would be prolly too expensive for some made in tunisia stuff…
    edwin europe killed Edwin japan!

  • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

    kind of a boring article. but somewhat good to know. no fit pictures.

    • Jun

      I know you’re disappointed with the lack of fit pictures but chill ok? You can always google to find pictures of men with body conforming denim if that could satisfy your lust and craving.

  • Suss

    Gross. The branding on the first jacket is obnoxious, as is the collar, and the quality doesn’t look worth writing home about.

  • S Kusamura

    Anyone else heard the surely apochryphal story (I heard it from a bunch of older Japanese guys) of the Edwin company being founded by a bunch of Japanese nationalists lamenting their loss of WW2?

    They told me: ‘Edwin’ is pronounced ‘Edo-win’ in Japanese, and Edo is the old name for Tokyo. Hence ‘Edo Win!’ and their belief in a hidden meaning in the brand name.