Dry Bones 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Dry Bones 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Dry Bones 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

While there’s not a whole ton available around the internet on the Spring/Summer 2013 release for Japanese denim experts Dry Bones, via their Facebook page we were able to track down a little bit of a preview on their upcoming product drops. As my truly useless knowledge of the Japanese language helped very little, most of what follows is courtesy of either images or google translate. My apologies.

On the non-denim (such a world does exist) side of things, Dry Bones have a number of brightly printed shirts coming out, as well as a couple of scarves and pocket squares, most of which make excellent use of colourful prints (which happen to contrast quite nicely with raw denim).

Dry Bones Knee Work Trousers, Cinch Buckle Denim Overalls

Dry Bones Knee Work Trousers, Cinch Buckle Denim Overalls

However, where we’re really looking is at the unique and heritage inspired collection of denim products. A disclaimer right off the bat: if you’re not into vintage workwear this probably isn’t a post for you.

If on the other hand you are, there are some interesting overalls and very high-waisted workwear trousers in this collection for you to take a look through. The attention to detail is just ridiculous, as it’s very clear the designers behind Dry Bones have thrown an awful lot of time and effort into re-producing the best possible product.

Dry Bones Jackets - Spring/Summer Collection 2013

The denim jackets are also well worth a browse, as again the attention to replicating the best possible workwear details is hard to fathom. You get the impression that you could put in an awful lot of hard days work in these, and they’d emerge looking better than you could possibly hope.

On the whole, if you’re interested in Japanese workwear and its take on vintage Americana, this is definitely a collection you’ll want to take some time to browse through in real detail, only if just to enjoy the attention and care they’ve paid.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

    i love how japanese americana is better than american americana

    • William Harris

      except for Mr Freedom

    • Jun

      Do you like the fit pictures presented here? Does it satisfy your longing and lust for the visual pleasure of seeing men in jeans? Please tell us, we need to know.

      • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

        haha i dont like the fit actually. but guys seriously, if the point of raw denim is that it conforms to your body, why not photograph it on the body?

        • overall joe

          those overalls pictured above are doing a shitty jobs of conforming to the mans body.

        • Devante

          Hey Devan whats up dude? I just asked in the other post about if tellasons conform to the mans body and they said yes it was.

          • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

            All denim conforms to body. The question is WHY people don’t photograph the denim as it conforms to the body.

          • chicagolaw1


          • chicagolaw1

            All this devan hating is making me a fan of the kid. Despite your wit (and the devan-dissing posts really are lol funny), he’s still holding his own. I got your back DP.

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