7 Pairs Of Leather Shoes That Complement Raw Denim

Here at Rawr Denim, we keep a pretty tight focus on bringing you information about everything there has to do with raw denim. As more and more people turn their attention to denim, not only have we seen many old and new brands bring forth all sorts of denim and styles, but there also has been an increased interest in other types of clothing and accessories that nicely compliment the culture and style of raw denim.

One staple piece that is commonly associated with denim is leather shoes and boots, which should come as no surprise since the history of denim and leather goods are closely tied together. While obviously there are many brands in the realm of leather footwear providers that have great selections at various price points, here are a few that we feel are worth mentioning and can get you started on your search for the leather shoe that best fits your denim.

1. Chippewa 6″ Apache Lacer Boot

Chippewa 6" Apache Lacer BootChippewa is known for making great quality leather shoes at a lower price point and the Apache Lacer boot is one of the more popular shoes. Like most of their shoes, it features full grain leather, a Vibram sole, and a removable insole. At $136, it’s difficult to find another shoe that matches the build quality and durability of these boots. For those who want to keep things simpler, the American flag pin can be removed. Available at Country Outfitter.

2. Red Wing 1907 Moc Toe

Red Wing 1907 Moc ToeIt’s almost impossible not to mention Red Wing when talking about quality leather shoes, particularly when it comes to styling them in with denim. The 1907 Moc Toe, one of Red Wing‘s most well-known and oldest styles, features their famous crepe sole that is lightweight while providing the support and comfort needed when you wear them for long periods of time. As with all Red Wing boots, these boots only gets better with time and have proven to last. Available at Zappos or Red Wing Amsterdam.

3. Clarks Desert Boot

Clarks Desert BootClarks Desert Boots are one of the most commonly seen boot in the market due to their low price point and comfort. Known for having a light crepe sole, the Desert Boot is a great choice for those who want a lightweight leather boot without burning too big of a hole in their wallets. The construction of the boot is more minimal and the leather used is softer and flimsier than the other shoes in this post but nevertheless, it’s a classic shoe that, if maintained properly, can worn for years. Available direct from the manufacturers via Clarks.

4. Rancourt & Company Ranger Moc

Rancourt & Company Ranger Moc

While boots are very commonly paired with raw denim, there are also many alternatives if you want a different look and feel. Rancourt & Company offers the Ranger Moc that is hand-stitched using the same high quality materials as many of the boots shown here and are known to be very comfortable and easy to wear. It’s important to note that these are made to order so it will require some patience after you place your order. They’re available at Rancourt & Co.

5. Oak Street Bootmakers Camp Boot

Oak Street Bootmakers Camp Boot

Oak Street Bootmakers is a relatively young brand from Chicago that has been making its way onto more and more wish lists of denim lovers. Using Chromexcel leather from the famous Horween Leather Company, the Camp Boot also uses a Vibram sole which are widely used by brands all over the world due to its durability, traction and flexibility. The materials used and the construction of the boot makes it a great choice for an all weather boot. Available at Oakstreet Bootmaker.

6. Wolverine 1000 Mile

Wolverine 1000 Mile

Wolverine 1000 Mile boot was first made over 125 years ago and has been brought to life recently back using the same techniques and materials that made this shoe popular originally. Like Oak Street, these use full grain Horween Chromexcel leather, but these boots have a stacked leather outsole which gives them a slightly dressier look. Also, many people find the break in period the 1000 Miles to be shorter than other boots. Available at Wolverine.

7. Alden Indy Boot

Alden Indy BootIndiana Jones was one of my favorite movies as a kid but at the time, I didn’t fully appreciate the shoes Harrison Ford chose to wore in the movies at the time. The Alden Indy Boot, which features their unique signature stitching, has since become an iconic shoe that is associated with being rugged while maintaining a refined style. It is the highest priced shoe on this list but not without reason. It’s made from high quality leather and is shaped on a Trubalance last so there is exceptional support for all types of activity. Available now at Alden Shop.

Young Lee

Young Lee

Young is a self proclaimed taco and denim enthusiast who plays in the San Francisco bands, The Soonest , and Theres Talk. He regularly posts pictures relating to denim and menswear on Tumblr, Liverpool and Main and Instagram, Young of The Soonest.

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  • Roy

    Minor quibble: That is not a crepe sole on the 1907’s.

    • Young

      not sure if we’re talking about different boots but the 1907s definitely use a crepe sole. Red Wing calls it the “Traction Tred Sole”

      • Andrew

        Crepe is the material that you see on the Clark’s, with an uneven texture. The 1907s are on a Vibram sole. Probably the Cristy? It’s a different type of rubber than crepe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003326974874 Kyle Brooks Robinson

    Good choices. I have three pairs of Red Wings and they’re great boots. Some other good recommendations are Wesco (especially for engineer boots), White’s, and Vibram. One of the perks of living in Japan is that I can get boots by Vibram, Red Wing, and other manufacturers that aren’t sold in the US or Europe.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Harry.Christopher.Ross Harry Ross

      So Jealous. Living in New Zealand it mean’s exactly the opposite – a tough time finding red wings and vibergs for me :(

    • Andy

      I’m sporting some Red Wing Beckmans with my raws right now. Well worth the price tag – best footwear purchase I ever made.

  • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

    No pictures of fit!!! That’s ridiculous how can we even imagine raw denim on a person with those shoes on! They should change the name to “rawr, imagination of raw denim” haha all joking aside, no viberg? That’s like the best one out there. Good article though.

    • Young

      haha thanks devan. I would’ve loved to include a ton of other shoes and Viberg was definitely in that list but then this post wouldve been more like “1000 shoes that go with raw denim”.

      • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

        Yeah good job on covering a wide spectrum of shoes that go with raw denim. Was a very nice article.

  • MosquitoControl

    I’m a fan of the Chippewa Katahdin Iron Works Engineer. It’s basically the Apache, only with a cap toe, which I think makes it look much better, though they cost a good amount more.

  • Delas Thamrin

    How bout some eastlands,yuketen??

  • http://www.facebook.com/mcbaindn Derek McBaine

    My Danner “Terminal 4″ Mountain Light II look great with denim, amazing boots as well.

  • dave

    No viberg boots? Best of the best

    • William Harris

      here-here!……….oh and Julian Boots

  • Jun

    Can you do an article about best sandals/flip flops that complement raw denim? Where I’m staying now makes wearing leather boots hard due to the sweltering weather and humidity…

    But no Crocs please haha

    • Guest

      How about Birkenstock?

  • Grazfather x

    All awesome boots. I own the clarks and I own similar Red Wings (875, which are better imo… no fake distressing) and want the 1000 mile and/or the indy. Oakstreet Bootmakers make awesome boots, too, but those blue ones in particular don’t go very well with most denim for the simple reason that the colour matches too much.

  • S. Clouse

    I’m afraid you forgot to mention both the Red Wing “Iron Ranger” and “Beckman” boots.

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  • http://www.bangkoktruth.com/ Chuck Wow ชักว่

    I know this is an old thread, but I would like to plug Helm boots in Austin. Amazing, USA made boots. I cannot emphasize enough how quality there are. Your kids will take them of your body at the funeral.

    • LeslieParker

      I feel the same way about my J Adler boots! My grandfather taught me to spend more for quality and they WILL last!

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  • Dean Walsh

    I have the Indy Boot from about 10 years ago…awesome product. But, I have read that the newer versions use less leather and the quality suffers. Also, they are muy expensivo!

    I have recently discovered reproduction WWII US Army boots which are tres cool. These appear to be the best: http://www.wwiiimpressions.com/newusarmyrusset.html

  • 1000km

    The Clark’s look great and are super comfortable, but they definitely don’t last years (without constant resoling). I usually wear a hole in the soles within about a year of occasional use.

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