The GRO Project And The Cardinal Denim

The GRO Project And The Cardinal Denim

The GRO Project And The Cardinal Denim

In a market dominated by premium denim brands all promising heritage, attention to detail, the strongest fabric and then some, pure craftsmanship isn’t always enough to stand out among the competition. The GRO Project’s new jean, The Cardinal, is raw denim manufactured with a hefty philosophical backbone to complement the construction of their pants.

At face value, The Cardinal is a pair of 14.5 Oz., Cone Mill, right hand twill, straight-leg jeans with a slight taper at the ankle. It’s the design philosophies that make The Cardinal unique, to say the least.

The aesthetic of The Cardinal is based on The GRO Project’s conception of “invisible armor,” a blurry term that begins to sharpen when you zoom in on the foundational symbols of The GRO Project: the brand seal, the lion, the toy soldier and the leaf.

Patch - The Gro Project

On every pair of CardinalsThe GRO Project’s company seal is stamped onto the primary button on the fly. The seal is a reminder to retain an “unlimited dedication to [your] passion,” and seems to be well placed on the fly since you’ll be running your fingers across it every time you pull your Cardinals on.

The lion appears on the leather logo patch on the back of the jeans, as well as stamped on the back of the front pockets on the inside of the jeans. The lion symbolizes pride in community. The toy soldier is a bit hidden, but can be found on the inside of the jeans, stamped to every rivet (for the record, the rivets holding the back pockets of the jeans on are hidden).


The toy soldier urges you to “build your army” and “empower yourself.” And finally, the leaf, the top of which is stitched as the decoration on the back pocket, symbolizes The GRO Project’s dedication to building quality garments that will last season-in and season-out.

From everything mentioned above to the details you’ll be discovering a month into wearing your Cardinals, it is obvious The GRO Project team of designers built a pair of jeans thoughtfully based on the company’s core philosophies.

The GRO Project And The Cardinal Denim

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  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    i dunno about having “dedicated to passion” on my fly buttons.

    • FunkyTunk

      Oh dang! ahahahahahhhah this made me choke LOL

  • Davil

    Not sure what you guys are talking about. The denim and selvedge I see in the picks look excellent. Looks like they have an excellent lineup of textures and indigo dyes in the lineup as well. Should produce unique fades through their lineup. Made in America as well. Would like to see more detailed picks and info, but this is something I’d consider buying from what I’ve seen so far.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    nice jeans! not your typical brand, but the ft on that model isnt great.

  • chicagolaw1


  • Devan Prithipaul

    wait, where can you buy these?!

  • D

    I really like these. I has some streetwear styling to it. Dope.

  • bigtomisin

    I like the inside branding. Thats pretty clever.

  • William Bodykevich

    I like the idea but I’m not sure about the fit.

  • Suss


  • DefeatedandGifted

    I think they left the kitchen sink out of the product “philosophy”…

  • Nezar Ibrahim

    I love the camo pocketing bag. But the fit. . . .eh


    Just to keep it real. Nice try but I’ve gotta be hones. Nice fabric, fugly back pocket emb, disgusting cammo pocket lining, and horrible horrible fit. Guys, not everybody SHOULD do denim even though they thick they CAN do denim.

  • bocah

    weird arcuate

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