Parke New York – Technology Meets Selvedge Denim

Parke New York

Currently on track to become the most successful crowd-funded denim company to emerge from Kickstarter, Parke New York is an innovative, new online denim brand led by founder, Solomon Liou.

Specifically, Parke is based in New York and, over the course of 2012, have launched a line of selvedge stretch jeans running for $125.00 each; available for both men and women. In less than one month, they’ve already raised over $40,000 dollars from over 300 customers and still have one week left in their campaign.

The first line of Parke jeans is being produced in New York City and features a sanforized, selvedge stretch denim from Cone Mills in North Carolina. Stretch selvedge sounds distinctly uncommon, but where the label sets itself apart is in its technical details.

As a result of incorporating the use of a uniquely patented bi-directional stretch fabric with multiple stretch components in core-spun yarns, Parke jeans allow for an entirely unique denim experience. In short, the fabric is designed to adapt to your body’s movements throughout the day and mold to your body.

Parke New York - Mens Slim Fit

Parke New York – Mens Slim Fit

As for the brand’s backstory, Parke was born out of the founder’s, Solomon Liou, own frustration with the lack of high quality jeans at a reasonable price.

Without any formal fashion industry education, Liou began working with local craftsmen and denim experts in New York City to create superior products using high-quality fabric, artisan craftsmanship, and exceptional fit.

Alongside his team, Solomon spent the last 12 months developing the premiere line of men’s and women’s jeans before launching on Kickstarter.

Parke New York - Detailed Coin Pocket


The denim displayed includes a classic dark indigo, once-washed to reduce shrinkage and available in three different fits for both men and women. For men, there are slim, regular and relaxed fits available, and for women there will be slim straight legged, slim tapered legs and bootcut fits.

This range of denim will be designed to appeal to not only people with a real passion for selvedge denim, but also for denim novices and those who want to get into selvedge denim for the first time.

Parke New York - Womens Fit

Parke New York – Womens Fit

By selling these premium jeans online-only, Parke plans on cutting off the overhead, marketing and middlemen costs associated with typical selvedge denim. They’ve brought the prices down roughly 50% from traditional premium denim prices and thus hope to grow the premium denim industry to expand to a larger audience.

Parke New York

The Kickstarter operation will be running online until January 19th with the aim to raise $50,000 by that date. In supporting them you can pick up an exceptional pair of selvedge stretch denim for a low and attractive price. Even if you are unable to back Parke, be sure to check out their entire collection and backstory.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • jjjjj

    stretch jeans no thanks!

  • Christopher Plaskett

    This looks more like an ad than a story.

    And not to knit-pick, but they haven’t exactly ‘launched a line’… they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign.

    While I don’t necessarily hate the idea, I don’t like the execution: Neither the fit(s) nor the coin pocket detail(s) are particularly attractive, and with no way of viewing actual production construction, the price is way too high, IMO.

    Also, how many times do we have to hear people talk about going ‘direct to consumer using the power of the Internet to keep overhead — and prices — low’? It never really seems to pan out that way.

  • blah

    How will these fade?

  • Jun

    The women’s Fit looks awesome and sexy….

    • Christopher Plaskett

      Which part strikes you as ‘awesome and sexy?’

      The wonky yoke and the angle of the pockets really make them look pretty unflattering to me.

  • Suss

    Where’s the weight? Why are we hearing about this instead of actual raw denim history or info?

    • Rawr Denim

      Hey @30d3c50dbc1028048798bcfc77f2a6cd:disqus – we wanted to keep it more general and brand-focussed since Parke is a Kickstarter project and currently has one denim model. However, the denim weight is 11 Oz., fit is slim, sourced from Cone Mills, North Carolina, and constructed in New York City. Moving forward, we’ll be sure to always include this info.

  • Chris Reilly