One Man Brands – Will Berman and Unwashed Denim

One Man Brands - Will Berman and Unwashed Denim

One Man Brands – Will Berman and Unwashed Denim

I don’t know about you, but when I was a freshman in high school my main concerns were finding a date to homecoming, making the JV cross country team, and passing my learner’s permit test. Will Berman, the founder of accessory line, Unwashed Denimcontends with headaches like sourcing denim from Japan, sewing all of his products by hand, and shipping orders all over the globe on top of his typical teenage existence.

Unwashed Denim

At fifteen years old, this precocious New Yorker may very well be the youngest man working in denim today (in the United States, at least). A la Chaz Tennenbaum, Will started Unwashed Denim — his self-designed and crafted denim accessories label — out of his bedroom last year. But don’t expect a pair of jeans out of him:

“There are already so many denim brands out there that do slightly different variations of the same exact thing (not saying they don’t do it well, because they do).” He explained in an email. “My goal is to steer clear of jeans and utilize that same great fabric on other commonly used goods.”

Will truly takes our One Man Brand idea to heart, performing every single aspect of his company from the stitching to the shipping. He admits he’s taken notes from the best, “My inspiration to start my own brand was, in large part, Roy Slaper [of Roy Jeans].

“I loved the whole idea that everything was done by him, in one workshop, with the highest quality materials and the highest quality craftsmanship. I try to model my ‘workshop’ (which currently doubles as Will’s bedroom) after his.”


Where the magic happens

So far, he’s come up with two flavors of an iPhone sleeve and a riveted keychain in the style of a jean selvedge strip. All of which are made by hand (his hands) out of sanforized 14.5 oz Japanese Raw Selvedge. But that’s far from where he’ll stop, Will’s got plans in the works for a tote, iPad sleeve, wallet, and a backpack.

Riveted selvedge keychain

Riveted selvedge keychain

iPhone sleeve

iPhone sleeve

card holder1

Will’s prototype wallet design

Keep your eye on Berman and Unwashed Denim, who knows how big he’ll be by the time he gets to college! For more information and a look at Unwashed Denim‘s wares, head on over to the official website.

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • jjjj

    im not fimiliar with this brand, but this is pretty damn cool. watch shorty do his thing.

  • Jun

    Looking at the 1st photo…. I thought Greyson Chance stopped singing and started sewing…

  • twin

    thats a chill kid. everyone should get a denim iphone case–there’s nothing cooler than that

  • Harry

    someone should let him know that his denim totes are listed for $0.01 on his website. price mistake?

  • joyce

    card case is better,but the induction is go on well?

  • UnwashedDenim

    Thanks for letting me know Harry. Used it as a test for my payment processor and forgot to change it back. Woops.

  • Lisette -Denimology New York

    I so totally believe that raw, unwashed denim
    is beautiful. It’s – well – raw, not adulterated or even ok, raped!, if
    you know what I mean. It is pure and grateful to you and shows its
    gratefulness by totally becoming yours with time and wear. An extension
    of your lifestyle.

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