Momotaro X Indigoskin x Take5 16.7 Oz 0701 Collaborative Denim

Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz Collaborative Raw Denim 9

For this pair of jeans, we take you to the far east, all the way to Thailand to introduce the Momotaro X Indigoskin X Take5 0701 collaborative denim. For a bit of background information on Indigoskin, its founder and owner, Tuchawee Sonthirati, explained to us how its name is derived from the feeling of wearing your jeans almost as a second set of skin. The brand strives to bring its customers satisfaction through the “Quality of Siam” – their own perfected blend of traditional Thai artisan patterned fabric and Japanese denim.

In honor of their fourth anniversary, Indigoskin teamed up with their close friends, Momotaro, to produce this unique run of jeans. Producing a very exclusive run of 80 pairs, the Momotaro X Indigoskin X Take5 0701 denim draws on the Momotaro 0701 Tight Fit Jean as inspiration and incorporates branding from both collaborators throughout.

The jeans are made of an unsanforized 16.7 oz Zimbabwe Cotton Selvedge Denim and have a few details that make this collaboration really shine. The jeans feature traditional patterned Thai fabric for the pocketing and waistliner adding a colorful touch to the inside of the jean. The waist button is a silver Momotaro donut button while the fly is made from black Indigoskin laurel leaf donut buttons.

All three brands have their names on a tag sewn in near the waist indicating those involved in the project. Further, the Indigoskin logo can be found embroidered in gold thread over the coin pocket, and on the back right pocket Momotaro’s signature double stripe can be found with a gold Thai design layered over it.

The whole jean is completed with a deer leather back patch bearing the branding of both Indigoskin and Momotaro. Set to release in April 2013, Indigoskin and Take5 (whom are helping coordinate the project) will both hold a presale of  25 pairs each online. Afterward, the remaining 30 pairs will be up for sale on Indigoskin‘s website.


  • Name: Momotaro x Indigoskin x Take5 0701
  • Weight: 16.7 oz
  • Denim: 100% Cotton, Zimbabwean Unsanfordized Selvedge Denim
  • Fit: 0701 Tight Fit Jean Silhouette
  • Cost: TBD
  • Other Details:
    • Traditional Patterened Thai Fabric Pocket Bags
    • Specially branded waist buttons, back pocket, coin pocket
    • Deer Skin Leather Patch


Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz 0701Waistband - Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz 0701 Branded Donuts - Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz 0701Pink Selvedge - Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz 0701 Back Pockets - Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz 0701 Leather Patch - Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz 0701 Specially branded coin pocket - Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz 0701 Tag - Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz 0701 Fly Buttons - Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz 0701 Back Pocket Detail - Momotaro X Indigoskin 16.7 Oz 0701

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis DePrimo

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  • Chris Reilly

    These are gorgeous!

  • Devan Prithipaul

    really nice!

  • Devan Prithipaul

    so nice! but why only 80 pairs, these are so beautiful!

  • jjjjj

    that 3 tone stitching is awsome..

  • Jun

    Thai selvedge jeans and Thai girls…. best combo ever!

  • William Harris

    could do without the momotaro stripes, but indigoskin has some pictures of amazing jeans in their hall of fade

  • trehsu

    I really like this collaboration but I wish the back lining inside the yoke was the same as the front pocket pouch lining. The two materials sort of clash

  • Ray Conde

    I dont think I’ve wanted a pair of jeans this bad since I saw the Momo peach arcs, or the Go Rin No Sho sammies.

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