VIAPIANA – Custom, Hand-made Denim From Thailand


Ben Viapiana is the founder of VIAPIANA, a custom denim company based out of Bangkok, Thailand where, for $229.00 – $269.00, you can order a pair of handcrafted jeans customizable from the ground up.

Similar to how New York City’s 3×1 provide an entirely bespoke denim solution, VIAPIANA allows you to choose the fit, denim, stitching color, button fly or zipper, as well as button and rivet colors. After about two weeks the jeans will arrive, built by Viapiana himself, specifically for you.

Ben Viapiana at his workstation in the Viapiana workshop

Growing up the son of a tailor, Viapiana explained to us, “Even at an early age, I remember cleaning the machines, threading needles and cleaning up.”  But unlike his father, Viapiana had no interest in bespoke suits. Instead, he turned to crafting his own hoodies, jackets and street wear.

The story takes a humorous, and possibly fateful, turn as Viapiana reveals how his decision to sew jeans was out of sheer necessity.

“My father told me wearing jeans didn’t look good and we argued forever about the way I dressed. Finally, though, he gave me an ultimatum: I could only wear jeans if I made them.”


Now, at his Bangkok workspace, between sewing custom jeans and tracking the course of the construction process via Twitter and Instagram, Viapiana strives to perfect his methods and details.

The pocket lining labels on VIAPIANA jeans read, “Hand made with high standards in Thailand,” and since Viapiana puts his family name and associated pride in craftsmanship on every pair of jeans that roll out of his workspace, it may very well be true.



North Carolina bred. Whiskey. Books. Rock n' Roll. Raw denim.

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  • Daniel Olatunde Balogun

    He is great at what he does! Quality handcrafted Jeans!

  • Gray

    Ben is the man! I have had mine for over a month and am loving them!

  • Devan Prithipaul

    great article

  • none

    Now how do i contact this guy? Seriously thinking of heading up to Bangkok to custom made myself a jeans with Viapiana!

  • Grazfather x

    Custom jeans, but not ‘bespoke’

    • viapiana

      What’s your definition of bespoke? I understand that doing 100% bespoke is a little hard over the internet, but I consider what I do to be a tailoring service. Walk in customers have unlimited options.. it’s just a little hard when you want to simplify the web form. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Jun

    Ben, you seriously need to give me some discounts for my tireless effort in promoting your site to rawrdenim… I’ll be heading to Bangkok sometime this year to order some jeans from you :)

    • viapiana

      Walk in discounts are available.. if you’re in bkk I’ll hook you up don’t worry.

  • Chris Mason

    Had jeans made by Ben and been real happy with the finished product and service he provides – def check him out if you want some nice jeans made. C

  • Brad

    Easy, informative person to work with. Delivers quality product. Highly recommended.

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