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GUSTIN Kickstarter Project

GUSTIN Kickstarter Project

GUSTIN is a San Francisco based premium denim manufacturer who have been in business for the last six years, selling their wares at some of the best boutiques in America. They’ve earned a reputation for excellent fit, high quality and classic stylings, and now look likely to impact the fashion industry with an interesting new take on retail which they’re starting up via Kickstarter.

$81 For Premium Selvage Denim

$81 For Premium Selvage Denim

The idea GUSTIN has come up with is to design a complete collection before turning the collection over to customers to come up with the final word in which individual pieces will be produced and shipped. Basically, the consumer audience chooses what ends up being made at full scale.

Further, whatever you do purchase will be shipped directly to you, and thus you’ll wind up just paying wholesale costs rather than the markups that tend to be applied on top of a product. For example, the denim they’re starting the project with will be a paltry $81, compared to the $205 you’d expect at market value.

GUSTIN's denim entry

GUSTIN’s denim entry

Basically the idea is that through their Kickstarter, they’ll raise up to $40,000, at which point they’ll have a collection created from which you and the rest of their customers can decide what goes into full scale production. After the $20,000 mark is reached, GUSTIN will be able to start bringing in materials, and will be able to begin to have the garments handcrafed in San Francisco.

When the final collection is ready to go, instead of giving customer the options to purchase each piece, there’ll be funding levels shown. When the audience pushes a particular item up to its funding goal, the item will be produced, sold, and delivered to consumers at wholesale pricing.

GUSTIN denim after 1.5 years, 6 months, and new (left to right)

GUSTIN denim after 1.5 years, 6 months, and new (left to right)

The entry into the market that GUSTIN are taking is through raw denim, a niche market that they’ve been in for the last six years. They pride themselves on what they call the “3 F’s”: Fit, Fabric and Finish.

“Fit” to them means a classic, straight leg fit; “Fabric” means a 13.5 oz Cone Mills denim with a classic red selvage line, and “Finish” signifies handcrafted garments without cutting any corners and including excellent and subtle detailing.

GUSTIN Denim Details

GUSTIN Denim Details

They’ll be moving into production with sizes between 29-34, as well as 36; and the recommendation is purchasing one size up from your typical jean. Inseams are 34 for the 29-33 waists, and 36 for the 34 and 36 waists. These will be produced after the Kickstarter campaign finishes and once they hit the $20,000 goal. If you do get involved, the jeans will be shipped out no later than April 2013.

You can get in touch with them at if you have any further questions about the whole project, though most questions are answered on their Kickstarter Page.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • eskuAdradit0

    I’m a short and slim guy, 28-32 501xx here.

    I wish I could be a part of this project.

    • Richalicious

      Hey buddy, you could totally be a part of the project !! they do a size 29 which will shrink a bit if you wash them…… the legs are quite long but you can get them hemmed at any tailors for about £10. I’m a 34 leg and i had to turn my hem up twice but plan to get them hemmed after a few washes to allow for shrinkage

      I would recommend this brand to anyone wanting a good starter pair of raw denims.
      Go on take the plunge !!

  • Devan Prithipaul

    there really doesnt seem to be anything special about this denim. just a regular USA raw, selvage, denim.

    • E

      Do you want it to bake a cake?

      • Guest

        Making denim for vanity’s sake is over-done.

        • tr143

          Then why the hell are you on a raw denim website?

    • Jay Cheng

      The price?

    • Jon Lukacek

      It’s nothing really new. I agree.

    • Dom

      Actually they wove into the fabric musk ox wool, which makes it exceptionally strong. Didn’t you see that?

      It’s all about the quality. If these are as good quality as they look then they are a steal. I purchased a pair of 99 dollar 18oz selvedge from them. I’m excited to see whats up!

      • Kretek

        Yea, not sure why there’s so much hate. The reason they are special is because they are selling raw denim at a reduced cost and they are passionate about what they do. That’s why I bought from 3sixteen. They were dedicated to their product (and it helps that 3sixteen is awesome).

        I could the LVC collection is nothing special because of the fit, but even I can see the value in a pair of jeans that offer a bit of nostalgia.

        Also, the reason I helped to fund GUSTIN was because I wanted a pair of jeans with fabric from White Oak.

    • Guest

      There’s something special about your $300 Samurai’s that are no better quality and no one gives two shits about?

      • Devan Prithipaul

        yes there is actually! samurai denim is some of the best in the world. i happen to own the entire GO Rin No Sho collection which is extremely special.

  • Arch Angel

    Hey do you guys think this would be a good first pair of raw denim? Or should I go for a full price pair of japanese made ones around $300ish?

    • Валерий Пятак

      I think buying Gustin’s jeans as the first pair of raw denim would be a reasonable solution

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  • JC

    I have a couple pairs of these and I think the quality is awesome. There are a few really good reviews online but what I think sets their jeans apart are the details. The custom hardware is amazing. The donut buttons on my naked and famous elephant 2s are so thin that sometimes i can barely get them done; wouldnt have the same problem if they were as thick as Gustin’s. Double chain stitched inseams (1 with tonal thread), red chain stitched hems and red bar tacking; half-lined pockets…the only nit picky thing would be the really thin leather patch. They also have a nice selection of denim with interesting selvedge IDs. And for $100, you can’t beat it. Can’t wait to see how they age!

  • Richalicious

    I’ve got a pair of the #24 Slate and they are great….. in fact wearing them right now !! Their customer support is fantastic, so no complaints there. Ordered 16oz bad boys (cone mills fabric) last week for my wee bro as i’m looking to get him out of his generic, already faded £50 shit jeans and into some quality threads.
    I can’t recomend these guys enough for anybody looking to venture into the world of raw

    Go Team Gustin :) Great Brand !!

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