Fade Friday – Allevol 004 Straight (2.5 Years, 30+ Washes)


Deriving their name from the words, “All” and “Evolve”, Allevol is a small London, UK apparel label whose collection is comprised of not only premium Japanese raw denim jeans, but also knit sweaters and various accessories.

As it’s been some time since Allevol last appeared in the Fade Friday spotlight, we’re pleased to feature a well-faded pair of their 004 Straight in our weekly showcase. According to the label’s co-founder, Takashi Okebe, the photos were taken near the 2.5 year mark and the denim was washed approximately once per month for thirty months straight.


  • Name: Allevol 004 Straight
  • Weight: 14.6 Oz.
  • Fit: Classic straight fit with medium rise
  • Denim: 100% Cotton Japanese raw selvedge denim
  • Length of Wear: 2.5 Years
  • Number of Washes: 30+ Washes
  • Available at: Allevol

Phot0s – Before

Allevol Before

Phot0s – After

Allevol Front and Back Fit

Allevol Thighs and Back Pockets

Nick Coe

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  • phil

    these are the rockawear?

  • Grazfather x

    They look like good quality jeans but man that fit is horrible.

    • Taka

      Grazfather x, thank you for your comment. Yes Indeed it looks a bit oversized here… The person who wears the jeans is pretty into vintage clothing (and 004 is like ww2 model…).

      • jjj

        you keep saying that, like as if what you guys are doing is way ahead of its time. the only thing “vintage” about this fit would be if he were going for some kind of 7th grader-in-1996-smoking-at-the-train-tracks throwback.

        • jjj

          im also not knocking the jeans, man. just responding to the fit, which should be besides the point, and contridicting my postings in the “skulls” article regarding why dont people post wear pics for fade friday. this is why.

        • Taka

          I would not say that this person is way ahead of its time. It’s just simple cycle that we are going through (some people prefer wearing wide or slim cut no matter what). When you look at the trend in Japan, we had a big vintage clothing boom in 80s/90s, then it went to street/outdoor trend. “Heritage” trend kept going for a while now (and I would like to believe that it stays), but eventually people get bored with it (I am sure the trend setters are not looking at “Raw denim”, “selvedge denim”, “Made in Japan” that sort of things anymore, although I would like people to stay Raw and keep loving a pair of good denim. Anyway, the denim was made for work-waer initially, so we just simply need to thank the 3big denim brands for spending good budget for advertising (that says wearing slim jeans is trendy for the last 60years). Now we can wear any types of denim, wide or slim :)

    • bocah

      I think the fit is fine, but the knee bulge look horrible.. Did the fabric stretch that much Takashi?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003326974874 Kyle Brooks Robinson

    Yeah, those are about four sizes too big. The fading’s nice, but the fit combined with the seemingly-giant back pockets makes him look like he’s been shrunk.

    • jjjj

      he looks like hes going to beat you up on the playground.

      • Taka


  • bryan solid

    Lots of fading but not much distinctiveness and I’m not a fan of the really baggy fit.

    • Taka

      I personally think this is slightly over-sized too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/devan.prithipaul Devan Prithipaul

    ehh nice knee fade, but terrible combs and that fit is disgusting. not to mention the huge pockets. must be for android users.

    • Taka

      Android users…. Never thought about that!

  • Vinny_thegraduate

    Nick, you’re going to let your boy get beat up on this post like that? Fade Fridays slippage much like my team NYK.

    • Taka


  • Ledreshaum

    The wiskers that go across his thighs look really cool. would be better if there were better honeycombs. I think that when your pants are too loose along the knee its harder to get good honeycombs

    • Taka

      Agreed. It would’ve been nice to see better honeycombs… In order to get that, this jeans should’ve been worn 6months without wash :)

  • Jun

    The jeans are washed once a month???!! What blasphemy is this?

    Everyone knows that raw denim can only be washed after a minimum of 6 months continuous daily wear…. This is a scam!

    • Taka

      That’s a NJRM (Nudie Jeans Recommended Method) or Rawrdenim method (is it Nick?). Jeans is workwear, so should be washed as much as needed… I like this skyblue colour though.

  • none

    Can only be washed after a minimum of 6 months? that’s not the case Jun, there is no exact time or duration of wear before one should wash their denim. To each wearer its different. There’s no wrong to wash daily if he wants to, nor it is any correct to only wash after 6 months. And guys, the fit is what he likes, might not be the nicest fit to some of us, but that is what he favors.

    • Taka

      Totally agreed None. The issue (or whatever it’s called) is that fashion business aways wants a new trend to sell. Wearing a pair of jeans tightly was really popular in the end of 60 and 70s, because of the punk/rock fashion. Thus the 505 was born. Once people were little bored with it, then something new comes up, like hiphop, skate, grunge boom in 80s/90s (Kurt Cobain, for instance, was wearing Levi 501, kind of relaxed fit though). Then, skinny cut was really popular in 00s (and still is). I personally think the time is coming for slightly wider relaxed cut (prime example brand is Our Legacy). but we will see….

  • Daniel

    These jeans look great. The colour is beautiful. The fit is nice and relaxed.
    Interesting to see the reaction if someone does not buy into the fashion hype of
    slim/skinny fit, high contrast and wash as late as possible.
    Denim is about individuality.

    • jjjjj

      shutup. the fit isnt nice. and it isnt about them not being slim/skinny, theyre just a bad fit and look juvenile.

      • Taka

        Daniel and jjjjjj (is it 5 j or 6? I have bad eyes…), thank you for your comments. Everyone has a different taste in terms of cut. In Japan, all the skinny/slim cut trend is gone long time ago (although UK/Europe is still strong and I personally wear slim-ish jeans nowadays). As you may be probably aware, real vintage lovers in Japan never wear skinny jeans. Maybe someone who likes 70s UK punk fashion, like Sex Pistols, may mix it up though…

  • NtheBarrio

    Damn, no love for these jeans. But I don’t think they look bad at all!

    • trehsu


      • Taka

        NtheBarrio and trehsu, thank you for your comments.

  • trehsu

    I like that they did something different and washed more than others would. The fades still show enough while the entire thing is lighter than it would be otherwise. I also like that they aren’t manorexic like some jeans are. I myself like straight legs and not skinny, although my 501s arent that baggy. It’s nice to have some diversity around here.

    • Taka

      trehsu, thank you for your kind compliments about the colour fade. I also love the colour here, as it looks very natural. The fit is (as stated above) like 40s model, so pretty wide…

  • Chris

    My problem with these is that the fit is so bad that the fades, despite having nice contrast, are not specific to him. (If that makes sense?) Even though they are clearly a nice pair of denim, they are well on their way to looking like Old Navy Jeans…

    • Taka

      Yep, the fade may not be THE look that people are looking for, here at Rawrdenim guys. Every pair should look different. So in that respect, this pair is good looking to me. Thank you for comparing with Old Navy jeans, that’s a super compliment…!

  • xkb

    nice, soft natural fade. i’d like to wash my jeans once a month to get a similar effect, but i have to put in the work for the honeycombs!

  • swissjeansfreak

    Nice jeans, great front fadings and fit looks very comfi, doesn’t bother me

  • BillygoatsGruff312