7 Pairs Of Raw Denim Between $100 And $200

7 Pairs Of Raw Denim Between $100 And $200

7 Pairs Of Raw Denim Between $100 And $200

Having broken into the raw denim game with your first pair of Unbranded or similar jeans, it can be nice to move up a bit in the world for your next raw denim project. In the gap between around $100.00 and $200.00 are a number of worthwhile options for your next raw canvas. Here are seven of our favorite options.

1. Railcar Fine Goods – Spikes X005

Railcar Fine Goods - Spikes X005

Railcar Fine Goods – Spikes X005

Railcar Fine Goods - Spikes X005

Los Angeles-based Railcar Fine Goods comes in right near the top end of the price spectrum here, but the Spikes X005 slim straight jeans are definitely well worth the price of admission.

They’re a heavier pair of jeans, so a bit more of investment in terms of the wearing-in process, but also a great reward. Railcar is known for an incredible standard of manufacturing and will be a great serving denim addition to your wardrobe. Available for $178.00.

2. Rogue Territory – Stanton

Rogue Territory - Stanton

Rogue Territory – Stanton

Rogue Territory - StantonNot a pair of jeans you’ll really want to be wearing in the winter, but a great pair of summer denim, these are the 10 Oz. grey caste Stanton jeans from Los Angeles (clearly a new denim hotbed) brand Rogue Territory.

They’re a much lighter feeling fabric than a typical pair of quality raw denim, and are thus considerably easier to work through the breaking in process with minimal duress. Available at Free / Man.

3. Acne – Max Raw

Acne - Max Raw

Acne – Max Raw

Acne - Max Raw

Also near the top of the price range are the Acne Max Raw from Swedish Fashion House, Acne Studios. While not exactly a denim head’s top pick due to the distinct lack of a selvedge line, these are a well fitting, Swedish designed jean that looks great wearing in and isn’t of an overly troubling initial weight. Available at Mr. Porter.

4. A.P.C. – Petite Standard

A.P.C. - Petite Standard

A.P.C. – Petite Standard


The A.P.C. Petite Standard is one of the most ubiquitous entry options into the near-premium raw denim market. The French brand has made their denim line the centerpiece of their collections, and rightfully so. They’re a well made, simple and elegant jean that looks good in an effortless French sort of way. Available at Mr. Porter.

5. The Left Field – The Chelsea

The Left Field - The Chelsea

The Left Field – The Chelsea

The Left Field - The Chelsea


The Left Field are well known for their pride in their fabric sourcing (from Japan) as well as the quality of their craftsmanship in their USA based factories. These jeans, the Chelsea, offer the same great construction and details that many who have tried their ‘Greaser‘ jean will have come to expect, but with a lower rise and a significantly slimmer leg.

A nice feature to note here is that the pocket bags are made from real, 100% cotton bandannas, so The Left Field are recommending that you don’t carry keys or sharp objects in them lest you wind up with pocket holes. Available at Left Field NYC.

6. Naked and Famous – Dirty Fade

Naked and Famous - Dirty Fade

Naked and Famous Skinny Guy

Naked and Famous - Dirty Fade

Naked and Famous, the influential Montreal denim innovators, have their own option within the $100.00 – $200.00 bracket. These particular jeans, the Dirty Fade Selvedge, are a unique take on the raw jean.

Designed specifically to fade in a style that looks slightly more dirty than a typical pair, it makes for a suitable, slightly different option for those looking to expand their raw denim experience. Available at tate + yoko.

7. Big John – Carrot Leg

Big John - Carrot Leg

Big John – Carrot Leg

Big John - Carrot Leg

The only Japanese denim manufacturer on the $100.00 – $200.00 list here is this pair from Big John, a company with a deep rooted denim history despite their recent emergence in the raw denim market.

Big John are known for their exceptional crafstmanship and attention to detail. Although these may not be quite as expensive as some of the other Japanese raw denim manufacturers, they’re certainly near par in terms of quality construction. Available at tate + yoko.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • Dengus

    Are you guys getting paid to advertise certain brands? I mean… where the heck did Acne come from?

    • A Long-time Reader

      They came from Sweden. And its actually the other way around. Denim sites tend to stick to the standard brands: N&F, A.P.C. and 3Sixteen for so-called entry-level denim, then hardcore Japanese brands like Samurai, IronHeart and Momotaro.

      It’s nice to see some unsung brands like Acne and Left Field get some recognition. Sure, they might not be considered “for denim heads, by denim heads” type of brands, but they still make raw denim, which is the entire point of us all reading this website, is it not?

      So chill. I’m sure the RD team would be transparent if they were endorsing anyone, like they were when they first introduced Rue + State.

      • Connor

        I’ve had pretty good personal experiences with Acne, hence my inclusion of them into this list. Definitely no endorsement (though we wish there was some)

  • natehate

    the left fields pocket bags look really cool. but what a awful idea. cant put my keys in my pockets, brutal

    • jjjjjjj

      ive been in a pair for 5 months and keys arent a problem. from what i hear big and heavy phones are what rips these pockets. theyre pretty damn cool though. but like someone stated below, left field switched out the bandana pockets on the recent runs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/altoclefchris Chris Reilly

    Yeah left field!

  • Model Citizen

    Why would you put thin ass pocket bags on a pair of raw jeans? Those Left Field jeans look cool but I’d rather have durable pockets than a nice looking detail that nobody can see when you’re wearing your jeans. On a different note, has anybody here owned a pair of the Dirty Fade’s for 4 months or more? I’ve had mine for about six weeks and I haven’t seen any fade pics beyond a month or so.

  • anon

    FWIW…Left Field is switching the pocket bags on all of their jeans to canvas. The bandanna pocket bags are double lined so they’re not that bad but they do break down a little faster. I have a pair of the Chelsea’s with the Japanese denim and they have canvas pocket bags. They’re great jeans for the price. Also, this post is missing the Taylor Stitch jeans they posted about last week. At $145 they’re probably the best value around. They’re made in the US with several options of high quality denim.

  • andrew

    i noticed you didnt mention “united stock dry goods”. they fit into your price point and are personally my favorite above all the others you mention here.

  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    1) those railcars are looking juicey as hell (i really want a next pair?).

    2) left field needs way more love. christian is making some of the sickets gear right now, at give away prices. get on it.

    3) acne, for real? then can we add “j. brand” and “ksubi” and shit like that to the mix as well?

    4) apc is a classic. if youre going to buy shit raw denim, just buy an apc. no need for all this other “dirty fade” and shit like that bullshit, connor, body builder from bc. sorry but your articles are weak so far..
    5) ROY. roy is dope. if you like a straight fit. roy is at the $200 mark and is dope.
    6) theres probably other shit too. im just not at full thought capicitiy right now. dont be a weak unoriginal herb, tho. spend a little while online and youll find the jeans you love..

    • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

      6) big johns shit is hella affordable. always. so why then pick some “carrot top” jean to highlight here?

      7) not my favorite jean.. but, tellason? under $200.

      8) sales. dont be a helpless dolt. there are always sales. for example, independance in chicago were selling left field chelsea jeans for $87 dollars! just saying, theres ways around looking wack and unoriginal..

      9) spend a whole 10 dollars more and cop a pair of 3sixteens or rogue territory stantons..

      • jjjjjjj

        10) japan blue. i own a pair, which i dont wear. the sulphur dye sucks and feels very unnatural to me. however, the denim and the construction is tought as shit. would def recommend these as an “entry pair”.

        • tr143

          What about the dye “sucks?” Some clarity could be useful as I have no idea what you mean.

    • A Long-Time Reader

      3) Yeah, Acne. And why not J.Brand and Ksubi while they’re at it? For real. Does the brand-name really matter? It’s all raw denim. Not everyone can afford the crafted Japanese stuff. None of us got started in raw denim with a $400 pair of Samurais…Hell, $5 says your first pair of raws were Nudies or A.P.C.s just like the rest of us. No point in getting pretentious over jawnz, dude.

  • trehsu

    Go ahead don’t list the price of them.

  • Colin Stewart

    I’ve been wearing a pair of Left Fields for three years without a rip in the pockets. Pen and keys always in one pocket, cell phone in the other.

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