5 Pairs Of Raw Denim For Bodybuilders

5 Pairs Of Raw Denim For Bodybuilders

5 Pairs Of Raw Denim For Bodybuilders

Not everyone has the legs to fit into the typical slim raw jean. For those who spend more time in the gym, or happen to play rugby, cycle or speed skate, getting a pair of raw denim around your quads can be a difficult and trying experience.

Luckily, there are a number of pairs out there which have been proven time and time again to be quite friendly to the slightly more built crowd. Here are five which we’ve heard first hand success stories with.

Samurai – S5000BKB

Samurai S5000BKB

Samurai S5000BKB

From Samurai, the S5000BKB is an expensive but exceptional option for those raw denim lovers who have built their legs up to the point that a slim fit just won’t do anymore. This is a limited edition (patches are hand-numbered) run of a 17oz Japanese selvage denim sewn from a Black x Black Warp & Weft weave.

They’re cut and sewn with the typical high standard of craftsmanship we expect from Samurai and will fit your legs nicely while looking brilliant, plus black denim appears to be making its way up the popularity ladder. Available at Blue In Green.

A.P.C. – New Standard

A.P.C. New Standard

A.P.C. New Standard

The original A.P.C. jean, the New Standard, is a surprisingly good denim option for those who have cultivated themselves larger than average thighs. The only thing here, as with some of the other pairs, is that you’ll want to make very sure you’re trying them on in-store starting in your usual size rather than the typical A.P.C. sizing down.

Or at the very least, it helps to have a good idea how they fit before you get into something that may get around your waist but won’t be able to slip over your thighs. Available at End.

Benny Gold – Gold Standard Denim

Benny Gold - Gold Standard Denim

Benny Gold – Gold Standard Denim

The most budget friendly option for guys with slightly bigger thighs are these Benny Gold jeans. Like most on this list, they’re a classic straight cut jean that will do you well if you’re looking to get into the raw denim market at an entry level price. Available at Benny Gold.

Naked and Famous – WeirdGuy Fit

Naked and Famous - WeirdGuy Fit

Naked and Famous – WeirdGuy Fit

Montreal’s Naked and Famous are typically known for being atypical and having an option for pretty much any sort of raw denim you could possibly want including raspberry scented, glow in the dark, and 32 Oz.; so of course they’d have an option that would suit men with slightly thicker built legs.

The WeirdGuy fit, despite its slightly off-beat name, is a great fitting straight cut jean that will keep your legs in comfort and style. Available at Tate + Yoko.

Edwin – ED39

Edwin ED39

Edwin ED39

As we’ve come to know, Edwin are one of raw denim’s premium manufacturers. These straight leg jeans cut from a Zimbabwean selvedge denim are no exception, and feature plenty of room for your thighs.

One of the more expensive options on this list, they will come at a higher initial cost but will end up wearing far better over time than another option on the list, such as the Benny Gold might. Available at Mr. Porter.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • jj

    body builders love this shit. ive come across body building forums a few times while searching for something. they have avatars like the old myspace profile pics- where they take a picture of themselves showing off their chests in mirror and tribal tattoos, discuss wack jeans, and dress like the people above.

  • DC

    don’t mean to disagree with you, but I’ve been selling Naked & Famous for 5 years & there is no way the WeirdGuy fit is for bodybuilders. Do you know how big their thighs are? Not a chance

    • Quoise

      True. There is also no way the WeirdGuy is “straight” fit. There probably isn’t anything else out there with as much of a taper.

    • and he smokes with cigarettes

      yeah, those “weird guy fits” are something else. sweet shoes too.

  • ib

    LOL This is pure failure.

  • Danny

    I need a list of jeans with a small waist, large thigh ratio that tapers. If a company can come up with that it would be a perfect fit.

  • EC

    As a former football player (not quite bodybuilder) that loves raw denim, I would suggest against the WeirdGuy fit if your waist is below ~33. Athletic guys in the more 31-32in waist would do well with the Paul Rose Heritage TTS (my current pair) or N&F Regular Guy.

    The Hank Rey fit by Nudie also works but is very expensive for raw selvedge pairs.

  • Jor

    Make on for us guys with chicken legs

  • oilpit

    The fact that the weirdguy is on this list is nothing short of hilarious

  • Dale

    don’t mean to disagree with you, but I’ve been selling Samuris for 5 years & there is no way theS5000sESKABOB fit is for bodybuilders. Do you know how big their thighs are? Not a chance

  • Davil

    I would suggest sugarcane okis or Hawaiian or just simple pair of Levi’s 501. Not just good thigh space but also in the bottom which bodybuilders also need. The SC denim is also very unique and of great quality.

  • Anon

    I don’t lift weights, but have played goalie in ice hockey and keeper in soccer for most of my life. Have some pretty big thighs. I own a pair of J Brand Walkers that I really like. They don’t sell that particular model anymore, but you see them pop up on flash sale websites every now and again. Might be something to keep an eye out for.

  • joseph

    3Sixteen also came out with a pair that might fit the thick thighed category: 3Sixteen+ 30BSP

  • Coldsnap

    Yea, none of those jeans will fit a person that actually lift weights. Old Levis repros, sugar canes, that’s all i know.

  • ETang858

    I am a lifter and work my legs fairly extensively. I have not measured them but I have this same reoccurring issue as mentioned in the article. I used to wear a pair of PRPS Impala’s which I got off gilt (size 32). They fit my thighs nice but didn’t have the tapered look I wanted. I just recently got a pair of 3sixteen+ 30BSP. I got size 33. The waist is large on me and the thighs are quite snug. I am hoping they will stretch out more. I’ve only worn them twice. The best pair I’ve tried on in terms of thigh and look are a pair of Iron Hearts from Self Edge. I do not recall the model though.

  • http://twitter.com/elliottwdavis Elliott W. Davis

    I just purchased a pair Tellason’s Anakara jeans and love them. I’ve got a 33 inch waist, 41 inch hip, and 25 inch thigh. I sized up to 34 and had them taken in around the waist. I’m excited to try the S5000BKB when I have a couple extra dollars.

  • skullkiddan

    I’ve tried wearing the weird guy fit from N&F, even going so far as to size up an inch in the waist, but even those were too tight in my thighs. The stf 501s work pretty well, but didn’t give me enough taper in the legs. The best pair I’ve found so far is the momotaro 0201s since they seem to have a large thigh to waist ratio. Still a bit large in the calves though. There really isn’t muh for a guy with a 33″ waist and 28″ thighs.

  • xkb

    i fit into this category, Edwin ED-55 works really well for me. Also tried on an APC new standard which is near perfect. I have the ED-39 which is also good, but not quite tapered enough. Same goes for the Levis STF 501. I’ve tried the N&F weird guy, which in some fabrics is absolutely too tight in the thigh.

    thanks for this article, good to see other’s views on this as it can be so frustrating!

  • chris

    gotta say, a very useful article. i hate baggy jeans, but most of the fitted options look like jeggings on me; hard to find a jean that fits a bulkier leg ( i do MMA) and yet doesnt look baggy or like tights.

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  • BigBart

    Speaking as a thunder-thighed guy who is a competitive
    weightlifter, and
    not a fat-ass: you really have to size up on the APC’s. APC’s had been
    my pre-weightlifting naturally big legged standard for a while, but as
    my legs have gotten bigger from training seriously, they really don’t
    like things like going up stairs in my APC’s (even wearing a liberally
    sized pair). Not too long ago, I split a pair from the thigh to the knee
    along the outside seam while lunging for my falling daughter. That was

    Ironically, I had some success with a Naked & Famous
    Slim Guy a while back, though haven’t worn them in ages- but they may
    be worth a shot.

    At this point, my favorite fitting denim is
    Taylor Stitch. The denim is nice, the lines are classic, fit is true to
    size, and they allow some room to move. Plus, great customer service.

    I will never
    wear some crazy ass stitch pocket whiskered back buttoned body building
    Bayridge Jersey Shore jeans. But then again, I’m not a body builder, nor
    do I skip leg day.

  • Kris Barger

    Imogene and willie “hank” cut is all I could find for me. Very straight cut. But they tailored a taper for me after I bought them no charge!! I wear size 40 waist and my thighs are 35″ around. I have looked for other fits and can’t find any others besides this one. 13.75 oz

    • Kris Barger

      oops I meant my thighs are 29.75″ around. Just went back and read this and had a typo.

  • Nick F

    Worst guide ever written. The fact that Levi’s 501 LVC isn’t even mentioned is all it takes to know that this guy has no clue what he’s talking about.