Stovall and Young – USA Crafted Raw Denim

Today we introduce to you Stovall and Young, a thriving new denim house out of San Francisco, CA aiming to bring their customers a tough as nails pair of raw jeans that are made start-to-finish in the USA.

Sean Young and Chris Stovall, the two best friends that conceived the company, oversee all phases in order to ensure that the finished jeans are a quality product. It should come as no surprise then that the way they run their company and manufacture raw denim is entirely to their own liking. Rather than providing a shoddy pair of raw denim, Stovall and Young have said they’ve invested two and a half years into perfecting their straight leg fit with the overarching goal of making sure they outfit the wearer with the best jeans possible.


Looking at their denim from 30,000 feet above, one will discover their fabric sourced from the well-known Cone Denim mill woven in Greensboro, NC; and their leather patches provided by a partner in Portland, OR. After all of the materials are cut, sewn, and constructed together in San Francisco, CA, the end result is a pair of all-American Stovall and Young jeans.

As for a closer inspection of the denim, two fits are offered in their line – The Martin and The Young. The Martin, a straight leg fit, is their more popular model, while The Young is of a more slim cut with higher seat. Both are made of 12 oz. sanforized natural indigo denim and feature blue selvedge detail with a raw leather tag and black pocket bags.


However, while the collection may strike some as just another pair of clean-cut, “Made In The USA” line, Stovall and Young have added some of their own signature flair. For instance, instead of the including the usual coin pocket, the men have had it widened to easily fit a smartphone (among other items) that can be easily accessed at all times.

Also, for some subtle variance and style, a selvedge detail belt loop has been added to the back center loop on the jean and the denim are sewn with a copper or grey thread. Co-founder, Young, is particularly proud of the latter who describes its inclusion as lending a “more sophisticated and modern, James Bond kind of feel”. As well, though some may be left dissatisfied with their use of zipper flies, Stovall and Young have told us this is temporary and button flies will be present on their next releases.

Lastly, for those who prefer to hold off as long as possible on washing their raw denim, they will be pleased to know Stovall and Young is also a firm believer in this approach and designs their denim as such. Their view is that for the best fade results possible (with Stovall and Young denim), one should simply wear the hell out of them with as little washes as possible.

The Martin Model - Stovall And Young

The Martin Model – Stovall And Young

The Martin Model After [x] Months and [x] Washes

The Martin Model After Five Months and No Washes

What are your thoughts on Stovall and Young? Let us know in the comments below.

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis is a musician/producer, skateboarder and denim enthusiast. Follow him on instagram at: @dennistehmenace

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  • Jun

    hmm is it me or is the jeans seems tighter and shrunk a lil after 5 months?

    • Gray

      Maybe he soaked them or put on some weight

    • Guest

      Not the same jeans, unless the topstitching changes color.

  • Guest

    Better name than C-spy

  • Renith.haru

    The only sorta cool detail is the bigger coin pocket. Other than that, the jeans are not very innovative or have a lower price point than their competitors that use the same Cone Mills denim fabric. Raleigh Denim has put selvedge on their back belt loop for a long time. Using different thread colors have already been done. They need to come up with something way more unique.

  • Matt Wilson

    I sorta cringe at seeing “selvedge detailing” on jeans these days.The only reason being is that I have noticed that fake selvedge is everywhere recently. I picked up a shirt the other day with the selvedge edge showing, it looked cool until on closer inspection I noticed that it was a separate piece of fabric that had been stitched onto the edge. I have also noticed that overlocking stitching nowadays is much more tightly packed and done with contrasting thread to give the appearance of a selvedge edge from a distance. I guess it is a sign of the rising popularity of selvedge that this emulation has occurred but I think that it makes using the selvedge as a feature kinda cheap. I would much prefer to see the cut, the construction and the fabric as the noteworthy feature. Having said that they do look well made and they have a good ethos.

  • SF Denim Shop

    Skyblue the factory that crafts these and everyone else’s small batch denim in SF will not be supporting short runs in 2013. Minimums will a thousand. Plan accordingly.

  • SF Denim Shop

    Skyblue the factory that crafts these and everyone else’s small batch denim in SF will not be supporting short runs in 2013. Minimums will a thousand. Plan accordingly.