Norman Porter Company – The Culmination Of Three Generations

Norman Porter Company

Norman Porter Company

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Norman Porter is the brainchild of two brothers, Michael and Dave Stampler, and their close friend John. The company itself is thenamesake of the Stampler brothers’ grandfather, the illustrious Norman Porter.

The team strives to produce denim that can stand the test of time while also keeping a fashionable, modern fit. To keep to their own high expectations and standard too, the three men do everything themselves; from making each pair of jeans by hand to keeping all other necessary work in-house.

Norman Porter Bros - Michael and Dave Stampler

Two-Thirds of the Norman Porter Team – Michael and Dave Stampler

The Man Himself - Norman Porter

The Man Himself – Norman Porter

When constructing their jeans as well, the men employ raw selvedge denims from a variety of locales ranging from Japan to the US. Each pair is made of 100% cotton denim ranging in weight from 12.5 to 16 oz. and  is sewn, riveted and hemmed all within their workshop in Philadelphia.

Sizes run from 28 – 36 and come in Japanese Indigo 14 oz., Cone Indigo 12.5 oz., Japanese Green 12.5 oz., and Japanese Grey 14 oz. The jeans only come in their “standard fit” and as described by the Norman Porter website fit between a straight and slim cut.

For Norman Porter, jeans are about personalization, an ideal they believe in so much so that each pair of jeans purchased from them is custom hemmed to the customer’s length. This custom fit even comes at a reasonable price of $250 per pair.

Norman Porter Denim

Japanese Indigo 14 oz., Japanese Grey 14 oz., Japanese Green 12.5 oz. – Norman Porter denim

Aside from producing tough as nails denim, they also specialize in leatherwork and bag production; offering a variety of hand cut, sewn, and stained wallets and belts all ranging in price from $100 – $150.

Wallets and Belts - Norman Porter Leather Goods

Wallets and Belts – Norman Porter leather goods

As far as bags are concerned, Norman Porter offers two styles that are not only sustainable in design but also serve as a piece of Americana history in their own right. One style is tote-oriented, made from repurposed vintage canvas UPS bags; while the other is a handmade waxed canvas built to withstand the rigors of daily life.

Bags - Norman Porter

Bags – Norman Porter

To top it all off, Norman Porter even provides repair services for just about any problem you could encounter with a pair of raw denim. From darning to hemming and even alterations, the guys can do it all.

Keep your eyes fixed on Norman Porter – Mike, Dave, and John are running a company and label in grassroots, homegrown fashion and making the best quality products that they can offer.

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis is a musician/producer, skateboarder and denim enthusiast. Follow him on instagram at: @dennistehmenace

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  • William Harris

    Just heard about these guys and hope you can do a complete review very soon

  • John King

    Must be all one-wash denim since the jeans aren’t button up.

    • Snob police

      Yeah, these are toootallly complete fucking garbage just b/c they have a zipper. Idiot.

      • Guest


      • Retard Police

        Way to make friends and influence people bro. I guess you have a few things to learn about marketing. Rule #1 – Don’t insult potential customers on the Internet. Who’s the “idiot” now?

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  • SuperGoyem

    Everyone just shut up for a minute and I’ll tell you about the 3 pairs of
    Norman’s I have and an opinion of the brand.
    Firstly, I’m wealthy enough to try out and buy all of the best jeans. All.
    Now that that’s understood lets talk about Norman Porter.
    They are one of the most durable , well finished jeans in my vast collection. Tough , old school , no BS jeans. The hard wear is all class.
    No frilly crap. No pretentious wanna be a cowboy undercurrent as with LVC. To put it bluntly- the boys in Philly know there sh-t .
    That it.