Denim Giveaway #6 – 3sixteen SL-100x, ST-100x, or CS-100x

3sixteen Denim Giveaway #6

Update: Our Denim Giveaway #6 came to a close on December 17th when we randomly selected Michael John Liu as our winner. Congratulations, Michael, and thank you everyone for participating. Keep a watch out for our next Giveaway!

Though it’s been far too long since our last Denim Giveaway in June, we’re now back at it and in full force with our Denim Giveaway #6! We know some of you have eagerly awaited for this day to arrive and we hope to not disappoint.

Courtesy of the team at 3sixteen, up for grabs is a crisp pair of 3sixteen raw denim. Best part too? You get to choose whichever suits you best – either the SL-100x, ST-100x, or CS-100x!

About 3sixteen

3sixteen is based in New York City and led by co-owners, Andrew Chen and Johan Lam. The brand was originally founded in the early 2000’s and comprised of graphic tees, but has since evolved into a complete menswear line and also partnered up with Self Edge co-owner, Kiya Babzani.

For more information on the label and their products, feel free to peruse the links below:

How Can I Enter?

To enter the contest, just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post as to why you would like to win a pair of 3sixteen denim
  2. Like 3sixteen‘s Facebook Page
  3. Share this post on Facebook

Housekeeping Items

To prevent any havoc and confusion, please keep in mind a few notes:

  • The Giveaway will run from Thursday, December 6th until 11:59PM on Sunday, December 16th
  • The winner will be contacted via a Facebook private message on Monday, December 17th and has until 5:00PM EST to confirm their prize
  • We’ll announce the winner as soon shortly after!

What Can I Win?

The lucky name drawn will receive one of the three below pairs of denim:

3sixteen SL-100x

3sixteen SL-100x

3sixteen SL-100x

  • Weight: 14.5 Oz.
  • Fit: Slim-Straight
  • Material: 100% cotton, sanforized raw indigo selvedge denim
  • Source: Kuroki Mills, Okayama, Japan
  • Other Details:
    • Tanner Goods leather patch
    • Selvedge fly and coin pocket
    • Gunmetal shanks and rivets
  • Available for $215.00

3sixteen ST-100x

3sixteen ST-100x

3sixteen ST-100x

  • Weight: 14.5 Oz.
  • Fit: Slim-Tapered
  • Material: 100% cotton, sanforized raw indigo selvedge denim
  • Source: Kuroki Mills, Okayama, Japan
  • Other Details:
    • Tanner Goods leather patch
    • Selvedge fly and coin pocket
    • Gunmetal shanks and rivets
  • Available for $215.00

3sixteen CS-100x

3sixteen CS-100x

3sixteen CS-100x

  • Weight: 14.5 oz.
  • Fit: Relaxed-straight leg
  • Denim: 100% cotton, raw indigo red-line selvedge denim
  • Source: Kuroki Mill, Okayama, Japan
  • Other:
    • Specially marked gunmetal shanks and rivets
    • Selvedge fly and coin pocket detailing
    • Heavyweight natural, leather patch by Tanner Goods
  • Available for $220.00

Nick Coe

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  • unchillwill

    because my brother needs jeans very very bad

  • Daniel Kim

    I would like to win a pair of 3sixteen denim. I am currently working on a pair of Naked and Famous Raspberry Weird Guys, it’s been a little over a year and I am looking into a new pair and brand to test out. The Naked and Famous were my first “real” denim after my Levis 501 STF.

  • Thomas

    I’d love to win quite simply because my heart is two sizes too small and I’ve heard the quickest way to cure that is by awarding the victim of said cardiovascular hypotrophy a crispy pair of jawnz!!!

  • Guest

    Never owned a pair and I would love for this to be how I get my first.

  • AndrewH

    Never owned a pair and I would love for this to be how I win my first.

  • Dennis Wallenberg

    I’d like to win a pair of ST-100X to flaunt them in the denimshop I work at in Sweden 😉

  • Ray

    Just own levi’s my whole entire life, i need something fresh and new please

  • arm

    I DEFINITELY would love to have these as i never have luck in winning anything, so this could my best gift for my entire life!!

  • Simon Eva

    Sweet! I Just recently started working at a raw denim shop in California and have been transformed into a denim head! I have 2 pairs of raw selvedge denim jean…both made by Civilianaire (which are amazing), and I’d love to check out another brand! Regardless, this site is awesome and has helped me learn a lot more about the raw side of things.

  • Brandon

    I can’t really explain to heart why I want 3sixteens, but one big reasons is I’m in the deep parts of canada Alberta and the closest thing to raw denim for me is the store kix and Leo. 3sixteens would be a great new denim journey to start and experiencing new denim Is what I want to get into. I’ve been following rawr denim for awhile trying to
    Figure out how to was my jeans what I do if I totally screw up. But I want to start a brand new blank canvas that I can work with on my own so
    I can create something great with jeans.

  • andy

    I would like to have a pair of 3sixteen raw denim because 3sixteen is committed in creating the simplest yet most unique pair of raw denim crafted with only the best quality japanese cotton and leather. 3sixteen also supports the American economy by helping crafting these unique raw denim in America, generating jobs for American citizens. Basically, 3sixteen makes the best fuckin denim there is.

  • Lee Garcia

    I would like to win these jeans because I’ve grown to love high quality denim over the past few years and would love to try and break in and see the various differences in the pairs of raw denim after they’ve been worn out and put through hell for many years! I’ve heard wonderful things about 3sixteen denim, and I would like experience them for myself.

  • Noah Friend

    Why would I like to win a pair of 3sixteen denim? To look good, that’s why 😉

  • Eric

    After doing research and reading up on raw denim, I’m just about ready to buy my first pair. I would be ecstatic if my first pair could be from a company known for its high quality denim like 3sixteen

  • Patrick Aparicio

    I really want a pair of 3sixteen tapers because I’ve been a fan of the brand and never had a chance to buy a pair, because I can’t find a retailer in my area.

  • Jordy Datema

    I LOVE DENIM! I wear it everyday and respect it! 3sixteen raw denims simply look amazing and I hope to win a pair so I can make my friends jealous!

  • Jonathan Portinga

    I have just started my education on raw denim and I am looking for a pair to get started with. I have always admired a good pair of jeans and have the passion for things made your own. I have an eye for a unique aesthetic that is hard to explain. Good luck to everyone entering the contest.

  • Shyam Royala

    You never forget your first pair of something new:) In my case i’ve never had a pair of these jeans, but by the looks of them im thinking i could get hooked quite quickly.

  • Preston Sam

    I would love to win a pair of ST-100x’s because of the culture of raw denim. I fell in love with it 3 years ago and have been a proponent of raw jawns since. I have converted nonbelievers and would love to get a chance to live through a pair of these jeans.

  • Brian

    Always have wanted a pair of ST’s!

  • ydna

    need something to replace my iron heart 301s

    • ydna

      but im broke as fuck

  • Robert J Silva

    I love denim! I only have one pair of selvedge denim, it’s not even raw :/, so I would love to get a pair of true raw denim! They look amazing.

  • Ian Lane

    I have just gotten into fashion and menswear in general. Unfortunately my need for Jawnz is hampered by being a poor high school student. However, 3sixteen makes some of my favorite pairs of jeans out there. I feel like this would be a great step up from my current levis. Plus I need dem siq fadez

  • Achand Chandra

    i want 3sixteen ST-100x so badly.

  • Derek

    Never owned a pair and I would love for this to be how I get my first.

  • shannon vanderburg

    I want to win a pair so that I can treat them rough, but respectful. As a full time bartender, musician and studio owner I can give them a good life. I wear denim jeans everyday. It’s not a fashion, it’s a lifestyle for the working man. I work hard and need a new pair of jeans that will take the life I lead and tell my story in the fades.

  • Wei King

    Always dream of having a pair of

  • Jason Estey

    Would absolutely love to try 3sixteen and see how they stack up against other brands I’ve tried.

  • Kevin Zeng

    Currently working on a pair of flatheads (SE05BSP). Love the fit and the 3sixteen st-100x seems to fit similar! never owned a pair of 3sixteens and wouldn’t mind working on a pair that fits similar to my flatheads!

  • Rich Oliver

    I’m in need of a new project, so this would be a perfect gift!

  • jeffk

    planned on getting a pair of 3sixteens in the near future anyways. heard great reviews

  • Kevin Zeng

    Currently own a pair of Flatheads (SE05BSP) Love the fit. Never owned a pair of 3sixteens, and the 3sixteen st-100x seems to fit similar to my flatheads. Wouldn’t mind owning another pair of nice quality denim to put into the rotation!

  • John Heel

    I’ve just caught a bad bout of the flu having just gotten rid of it and am fighting to stay awake until tonight when the missus gets back to take me to the clinic and a crisp pair of 3sixteens would be absolutely awesome, to go along with all the medication I’m looking forward to taking later…

  • Delaz Santano

    I would like to win this awesome 3sixteen denim cause I’m broke! and haven’t owned a 3sixteen so far. End of the year y’all gotta get my share of the holiday season somehow!

  • Yida Li

    3Sixteen has really shown its self to be a great denim icon, I’d be proud to wear a pair in.

  • JingLong

    Because denim rocks. _/ ^^ _/

  • Ian Dickson

    I love 3sixteen denim! A good friend owns a pair and I am ashamed too say that I feel the pangs of jealousy inside of me whenever I see her wearing them *shameful*. I always recommend 3sixteen to any new denim heads I have managed to convert but I don’t own a pair myself. I get the money saved up and then life always gets in the way. Ain’t that just the way it goes?

  • Hasri Abd Rani

    i’ve been very very good all year long, not even a blink of an eye naughtiness and i think i deserve a fresh raw this christmas. :)

  • Jay Cheng

    I’m a fan of the 3sixteen SL-BNY1 and would love to try their custom fabric in the ST cut!

  • Eric Cordeiro

    It would be a great opportunity to take a journey with a great product made by a great company with the same passion for denim.

  • Azrul Peterson

    I’ve been wearing, collecting, loving denim all my life and it’s an honor to add a pair of 3sixteen SL 100x to my collection and will wear them till i die.

  • Cody Cox

    I would love to win a pair of these jeans because I enjoy the garment, material, craftsmanship, and lifestyle tied to such a worthy brand. Know many good things from friends about 3sixteen, and want to experience it first hand!

  • Alex James

    Because Stone Cold said so, and that’s the bottom line.

  • James Sun

    I would love a pair of 3sixteen jeans because they are my favorite denim company. I’ve been following the label since their street wear days and I’ve remained a fan ever since. I love their company ideals and what they stand for. Look forward to seeing great new products to come!

  • Stephan

    they would look real good on me with my graduation ceremony in june!

  • Ting Young

    I am eighteen year old student in Singapore. There is a rising demand for raw denim here however many are going after several ‘commercialized’ brands like Nudies and Cheap Mondays but I think we should bring the better quality japanese style jeans aka selvedge jeans to this market. I have been eyeing on 3sixteen for a good one year ever since I saw how amazing the ST-100x were fading in just 9 months. I have been saving up for that pair of jeans for quite awhile now but it will be a perfect Christmas gift for me if I can get that pair of ST-100x. It sure will end 2012 with a sweet bang. Who cares if the world is ending? I will wear my ST-100x with pride and ready to face any challenges life throws at me and let my ST-100x be my second skin, my diary.

  • Greg

    i <3 denim

  • Dong Thanh

    I would like to win this because i want to begin with a new denim project! everything for knowledge;)

  • Kameron Jackson

    I’d love to win a pair of 3sixteen jeans because I’ve really come to love everything about the jeans they produce; the fit, fabric, and construction are all extremely solid and aid in the production of one awesome pair of jeans. Also, I really love the religious message behind the brand and wish that there were more brands on the market that took a moralistic approach to clothing production like 3sixteen does. =)

  • Joe Z.

    I would like to see what 3sixteen jeans are all about. I’d put them to the test, and undoubtably, they would become a Work that turns into a piece of Art. If these jeans and this company are all that, I’ll aim to prove it. And I’ll be brutally honest and write a full review on them, accompanied with pictures, 18 months later. I’d do that by seeing how far these jeans can travel, seeing that my current jeans see miles of walking every day. Can these jeans move? I can make ’em move.

  • Cody

    I have just recently gotten into denim over the past few months and its taken over. I have developed a passion for it. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to purchase one pair so far. A pair of Naked and Famous Dirty Fade. A friend owns 2 pair of 3sixteens and I really like the construction and quality of them. I would love to win a pair of these jeans so I can start to expand my collection of fine selvedge goods.

  • Peder Böhme

    My name is Peder. And this is why I want the jeans.

    I’m a proper raw denim head since about 4 years back now. I’ve yet to experience a pair of 3sixteen’s, but I’ve heard so many great things about them. As a student of the Swedish school of textiles, my interest in denim has only increased since I started. However, I cannot bring myself to buy a pair of my own on a students budget…

    I love denim and all that it’s about. Also, I’d love to see how the Kuroki Mill denim holds up against the Swedish winter. Bet it’s going to provide some sick fades (future fade Friday contribution).

  • Cagney Wang

    One of the best denim brands !!! Why not enlist them !

  • TheBestKept

    I just want a pair..

  • Jyot Sandhu

    I’ve been wanting a pair of 3Sixteen denim for a couple of years now, but I’ve never been able to afford them. I’m a poor college student who’s in dire need of a new pair of denim. It’d be much appreciated!

  • Steven Tran

    I want to win this because i want to dive into a world of raw denims. I’m currently a newbie in this lifestyle and currently don’t own any raw denim. I’m still in the process of picking out my first pair of raw denims and I’d love the opportunity to win this and have 3sixteen as my inauguration into the world of raw denims and create a story with them.

  • Mardi

    Cuz im a poor dutch student, and raw denim overhere starts at about €140..

  • Branden Whitt

    Its hard to be a denim head when your pockets are empty.But that can also be a very good thing when it comes to raw denim because they will last you years. Always been a fan of 3sixteen and their fine craftsmanship but have never had the chance to purchase a pair.Keep up the good work and stay raw.

  • Vince

    Love the brand, great denim and cuts, would love the ST-100x!

  • Spiros Strogilis

    why not?

  • Ray P

    All I want for Christmas is 3sixteen denim!

  • Chris Moultrie

    I’d love to have a pair of 3sixteens to replace my fading, worn pair of Momotaro + N&F Collabo 2 as my “Nice Dark Jeans”. I love my Collabo but they’re not really appropriate when I need a dark pair of jeans.

  • Shahizan Jo Jackson

    I am a trasher not a collector. So far I’ve 2 pair of raw denim one from denim demon and another would be a pair of strike gold and both pair are pretty worn in. It would be cool if I won a pair so that I can experience the fading properties of this jeans for myself and share it with others and spread how awesome this brand is!

  • mert

    i’d love to win some of these so i could strut around town with a giant W on my forehead!

  • Bronson Wistuk

    Honestly, I’d like these jeans because my last pair of denim (a pair of beautiful Brown, Deim jeans from the last contest) burned to a pile of denim scrap and ash. They were the single greatest item of clothing I have ever owned and I’d like to somehow fill that gap missing from my life with a pair of 3sixteen jeans. There isn’t the eccentricity as seen with Chris’ specialty denim, but the simplicity and care given to the 3sixteen cuts is just as impressive. Having paid attention to 3sixteen’s Facebook page for quite a while, it’s refreshing to see a company that cares so much about the manufacturing process and every little detail that customers and denim-junkies crave. Picture after picture shows well-crafted denim with honest care, and I’d like to wear the hell out of a pair of these jeans. Sitting in class, climbing mountains, exploring abandoned cemeteries, running around with my dog; I need to break in a pair of denim.

  • Jason Choi

    I want to win a pair of 3-sixteen jeans because I have yet to own a pair of American made jeans. I feel like to be a true denim enthusiast, I have to own a pair of American made denim with some history behind them.

  • Igor Belopolsky

    Because you can never have enough. Also because I blow out every single pair because of thunderthighs

  • Wong Ci Ping

    1 year ago, i was introduced by a friend into the world of raw denim. And from then on, I fell in love with the world of sharp honeycombs, symmetrical whiskers and everything that has to do with raw denim.
    My first pair of raw denim was a A.P.C. Petit standard which aged beautifully. Looking at the photos submitted by 3sixteen wearers, I can’t wait to try own a pair myself (Not owning one currently due to a really tight budget).
    I already own a 3sixteen double wrap bracelet and would love to own a pair of 3sixteen ST-100x and experience firsthand the aging of these two beautiful products together.


  • Andy Perez

    The philosophy of how a product should be produced and why it should be produced in such a way is unique with 3sixteen as a brand. This shows in their products which are an extension of the individuals who founded the brand. The extreme quality and uniqueness of their pieces comes naturally from a way of thinking about how things should be, hence my admiration of 3sixteen.

  • Austin Bryant

    Woo woo I want a pair of the ST-100X’s, my terrible Gap raws are barely held together at the crotch with tape and wishful thinking…hahaha.

    I feel like it’s time for a real pair of raw jeans!

  • Mike Wooldridge

    “He scratches off a 32 and he puts in 31″

  • Brandon Mahler

    Because I spilt coffee on my pair of rocawears

  • Josh Klassen

    I honestly don’t care if i win this or not, I just wanted to support this site and the brand for doing stuff so cool as these giveaways! This is such a great way for all of us fans/owners of raw denim to see that you all as companies truly care about us! Now if i were to win these jeans would not leave my body, i work in an office and if i won these would be on under my business pants daily just so they got the wear to fade the way i want them too!!

  • Helen Stieve

    I have always loved denim but it wasn’t until recently that I refined my tastes and preferences and discovered the joy of raw selvage. Being a woman my options were slim to none (Thank you A.P,C. New cure) so I began to hunt for options, 3sixteen and Imogene and willie were two of the first brand I came to know and respect. I have a great pair of dry denim on right now, but alas, I have a good friend that does not, So if I won this I would be giving him the opportunity to own a superb pair of pants and to understand what real denim is.

  • Danny Kim

    I want to win a pair of this jeans because I need a new pair that will last me for a while and I hope this last me.

  • Christopher

    I need some 3sixteens for the bitches

  • JustinAledia

    Best denim in its price range and I would love to own a pair.

  • Matt

    I’ve heard great things about 3Sixteen denim and I would love to own a pair.

  • Andy Summers

    I want to beat them into submission.

  • Edward

    I want push them to the limit. I want to take them to hell and back. I want to take pride in the denim I wear. I want my denim to speak.

  • Mitchel Cleveland

    My current pair of raw denim jeans have huge holes in the rear and everyone can see my butt. I still wear them everyday. I probably need these so people don’t have to know what underwear I’m wearing 24/7.

  • Telly Diacogiannis

    i would like to win b/c my birthday is on Christmas and i always get screwed on gifts. a pair of 3sixteens would make me forget about that this year.

  • Rob K

    Because 3Sixteen jeans rock! (and if I buy another pair my wife might divorce me)

  • Karen Dean

    I will respectfully trash them when I move to Bandung, Indonesia’s denim heaven on Earth.

  • BadScene

    I would like to win because I honestly think that 3Sixteen is producing the best pair of denim in the US.

  • Matt Becker

    I’d like to win a pair of 3sixteen jeans because they’d be an amazing way to step into legit raw denim. I’ve been working on a pair of Levi’s STF, and it’s time to step it up! Cheers!

  • Harry Sweeper

    I’d like to win a pair because I hear great things about this brand, and it would be a nice treat at the end of a long and difficult year.

  • JeffChord

    I bought my first pair of raw denim over a two years ago. They were Cheap Monday straight leg’s due to price and a friends suggestion. After research and looking into the ethics and story behind raw denim I fell in love even more. Now it’s about time to retire my cheap mondays (the price matches the quality) and have been looking into different brands for a new pair and 3sixteen is high on my list.

  • Nick Fitzgerald

    What about those of us who don’t have facebook because we value owning our own social lives and privacy?

    • derp

      Sorry bro

    • Ian

      I’m saying….

    • MosquitoControl

      Nick, you can have privacy AND have Facebook. It isn’t hard. In fact, I’d recommend it. Simple fact these days is recruiters are less likely to contact you if you don’t have a Facebook page. Create one, put up a picture, and lock it down tight.
      Also, how much do you really care about privacy if you put your real name and photo here?

    • oilpit

      You value your social life so you *don’t* have a Facebook…that’s logic right there

  • Romano Garagerocker

    I need to win a pair of 3Sixteen jeans because I deserve it!

  • Marcus

    At my size (6’4, 200lbs, athletic build, and size 15 shoe) it’s very hard to find a pair of denim that’ll look good on me. With so many brands on making only slim and skinny cuts, my legs look unnecessarily skinny and my feet extra long, so I am usually left out. When I seen you guys post about the 3sixteen’s new CS-100X I got really excited and want to try them out to compare them to my A.P.C. Rescues.

  • Stephen Atkinson

    Awesome giveaway! Im studying archaeology and working on my masters, I would love to have a pair of raw denim for the field. Imagine the fades i can get from the dig site! I follow rawr denim almost daily, its been a great help since i bought a pair of nudies a few years back. Theyre dead and put away unfortunately, but i still have the raw denim bug!

    -all the best,
    Stephen Atkinson

  • jpc83

    because they would make my tanner goods belt look that much better

  • Hillsider

    I would like to win a pair because I’m a poor bastard Upright bass player who beats the crap out of his jeans and need something solid to wear on my next tour so I don’t have to go pantless :)

  • Michael Ma

    I would be very happy if I won.

  • Clay Petrucci

    I’m pretty new to raw denim, breaking in my first pair now. I would love to get a better quality pair but it’s an investment and I’m spending most my money right now on Christmas gifts or gas. I would love to win these, 3sixteen has some beautiful denim.

  • CK

    I’d love to win these because my wallet can’t keep up with my raw denim habit!

  • Dino

    After seeing my bro’s SL-100x over the past year, I would really like a pair for myself. The fit, the stitching, the detailing, the fabric, the dye, and the evolution of the denim is much more amazing in person than pictures on the internet can describe.

  • Daniel N.

    I just started wearing raw denim and my first pair of naked and famous are “done” getting the fades i wanted to get out of them. I would want a pair of 3sixteen because i want to try different brands to see how they feel and differ 😀

    • dan

      started wearing as in last fall*

  • David L

    Goodluck everyone! Hopefully I can add this one to my collection of 3sixteen’s!

  • Kyle Lau

    I love jeans

  • Zerg Baron

    I want to win the ST-100x’s because they are sexy as fuck really. Love that white patch.

  • Erickson

    This website is great. Right now my Pure Blues are 2 months in and I would love to win a pair of 3sixteen’s!

  • Sam To

    I would like to own a pair, but I cannot afford them at this time.

  • Brad

    This is awesome! I have been wanting to get a pair of ST-100x, but my wife says we don’t have enough money to continue my denim obsession.

  • Dakota Parkinson

    Damn I wish there was a black or gray pair being given away

  • Thomas Hogan

    What if I don’t have a Facebook, can I still enter somehow?

  • Tim Abbott

    I love 3sixteen! I currently own a pair of st-100x and they are THE BEST PAIR OF PANTS I HAVE EVER PURCHASED!!! currently going on 5 months and love them! they are the perfect weight, providing enough stretch as well as protection from the environment. BEST DENIM EVER

  • Christopher Breaux

    So I can replace my Unbrandeds and APCs

  • alabaster cheeks

    Because they are quality

  • Zaim Fuzi

    its about time i get some quality denim from the states.
    i hope to be the very few IN MALAYSIA to be rocking this!

  • elmcitizen

    Just scored an ’81 VW Pickup that I’m starting to restore this winter and I’ve been searching for a pair of raw selvedge jeans that are just a tad less fitted than my SL-100x to wear as I grind, weld, sand, wrench, and eventually paint the truck, bringing it back to life.
    I think starting on a new pair of jeans while starting the restoration project will tell a great story. As the truck returns to its original glory the jeans patina, telling the tale of the trucks restoration.

  • carl

    I’d like a pair to wear whilst playing whist with a circus bear. Most bears don’t care, but this specific bear has shared he cares what a man does wear.

  • Alex Chang Fung Pho

    Looking to try my first pair of selvedge. The pair of nudies I have blew out pretty quick within 4 months!

    Being Asian has its downside: typically short and slim! Your fit seems on point so this would be a great “fitting” experience haha

  • Justin Reynolds

    Would love the SLs. Huge lover of raw and I’m itching to try some different brands :)

  • Blake De Fries

    Oh sweet! I’ve recently become a huge denim head and I’ve been looking to expand my collection on a budget and I’ve been eyeing a pair of 3Sixteens for a while now. So much so that I have made your companies logo my phones background because your logo is so unique and simple that I just love it. I’ve only heard great things about 3Sixteen raw denim and I’d love to try it myself! Happy Holidays 3Sixteen and to all those entering this contest and reading this comment! Good luck everyone!

  • Lih Jian

    I don’t have any pair of 3sixteen yet, hope can win this one

  • David Le

    I just bought my first pair of 3sixteens about 3 weeks ago. I got the st100s. Ive been searching for this fit for years! Im having a BLAST breaking these guys in. Regardless of if I win or not, I vouch for this brand. Proper Dopper Denim.

  • fullblaze

    Bought my first pair of raw denim (Strike Gold) this summer and since then have bought two other pairs (Levis, N&F) Ive been looking into other denim brands and would love to have a pair of 3sixteen.

  • Kevin Hanes

    i’d love a pair of these awesome jeans. i want to cycle all over my city, and not look like planet disco.

  • sean barry

    Ive been a fan since i bought one of your 3sixteen/tanner belts. 3sixteen and ironheart were my next purchases, but my wife is pregnant and dont know when my next pair would be. Give this denim fiend a X-MAS present…

  • Ben Bundy

    “blah blah blah put something you like about raw denim in there blah blah blah”

    I just love the stuff period ! :)

  • Mark Vernon

    From the moment I tried on my pair of 3sixteens’s i knew that I could no longer wear anything but raw denim. Everyday it seems that I love my jeans a little more! I would love to add another pair to my wardrobe as I have a hard time getting myself to put on any other pair of pants!

  • Justin

    Definitely want a pair of these. Been wanting to buy a pair for a while now, it would be so handy if I won.

  • bobbymick

    I would love to win a pair of raw denim! My current pair is shot. Only wash once a year and don’t ever plan to stop the obsession with raw and creating a second skin.

  • Jeff Lentz

    I’ve always liked 3sixteen jeans ever sense my buddy got a pair about a year ago. They look awesome and I couldn’t believe he didn’t even need to wash them. raw denim ftw! I never liked doing laundry anyways!

  • khat10

    Well, my coworkers led me to the raw denim world and I was excited to adopt the lifestyle. I started with a 3 letter French brand and now I’d like to try a REAL pair of raw denim. I’ve followed the recent posts about 3sixteen and have liked what I’ve heard… I’m ready to commit and make start a relationship with a pair of 3sixteens.
    **fingers crossed**

  • Will Ding

    Its the holidays and I’m basically broke. I’ve been wanting a new pair of raws for a long time. I’ve started out with unbrandeds but want to move on to something better. I would love to receive a pair of beautiful 3sixteens. Thanks!

  • Jacob

    I love that you guys care about your denim-heads and are willing to do something like this. I’m still wearing on my starter pair but would love to get my hands on a pair of 3Sixteens. I love the cuts but haven’t had the funds to come up with a pair lately. Thanks!

  • Mitch

    Out here in Northern Utah the raw denim scene is dead. I would love to finally get my cheeks in a pair of 3sixteens to brave the coming winter.

  • TDj

    My group of friends is comprised of many nay-sayers:
    “Those don’t look comfortable”.
    “Why not just buy them faded to the color you want?”
    “I can’t believe you’d spend all that money and then still have to get them hemmed?”
    “Raw denim is for hipsters.”
    They just don’t get it. They don’t understand the journey. They don’t understand that their pants are reflections of their everyday lives – and right now, their pants proclaim that they are wannabes, money-wasters, and just-plain-boring …
    Ah – but I believe I that one might join our side! A 6’8″ giant-of-a-man, I have noted his eager curiosity when I discuss my raw denim. I can see it in his eyes that he is on the verge of leaving behind his Gap threads for something far better. He needs only a little nudge now to fall into the obsession that all of us here have embraced. I publicly vow right here and now that if I won this contest, I’d gladly have you send the pair directly to him. I am confident that your 3Sixteens will show him that there’s more to jeans than department stores can offer. I have no doubt that a pair of 3Sixteens will win him over with their exacting details, their artistry, and their soul. And while I will mourn the sacrifice of a brand new pair of 3Sixteens for which I have pined for so long, I will be comforted by knowing that with one more from my group having gone pro-raw-denim, the rest will surely fall soon thereafter. So let me win … not me for me, but for them!

    • Rob

      I was going to enter, but TDj gets my vote instead.

      • TDj

        Thanks for the support! I’ll work on trying to fulfill the other entry requirements so maybe I can win!

    • Matt Wilson

      I know I just added my name to the list to get these jeans, but you know what? I hope this guy wins. I hear a lot of folk recently mocking people just getting into Raw denim for the first time. With things just like “its becoming so mainstream” “the hipsters don’t understand it at all” etc etc, but who cares, the more folk wearing Raw denim the better, keeping more people away from the sweat shop produced Pri-Mark and soulless Gap. So, any way to include another into the fold is nothing but a good thing. So, he has a good reason, he gets my vote too.

      • TDj

        Thanks! Raw is surprisingly difficult to find in Philly (like in many places across the country), so I feel like any help spreading the awareness with contests like these are amazing!

  • Ed Kay

    i want to win a pair because I LUV DENIM!

  • Damian Barneschi

    3sixteen denim

    Help me stop those crotch blowouts

    They are killing me

    –Damian, (1977- )

  • Danny Guo

    Going through a couple of denim brands I have never tried on the famous 3sixteens. Although if I win I’ll probably give them to a friend as I have enough jeans for a while haha!

  • abelG

    been wanting to get into raw denim for a while, but my college budget wouldnt allow. 3sixteen has always been my number one choice for my first forray into raw denim, and I wouldnt settle for anything less. I would sing the praises of 3sixteen and rawr denim all over the internet if I won.

  • Ray huang

    Why I want this pair? cause i’m getting it for my dad. what a good son I am 😀

  • Fritske

    Cuz free denim beats buying denim.

  • Henrie Zhao

    pick me baby

  • Jerry Ding

    i want to win because my n&fs are ripping

  • Andrew Nicol

    I was first introduced to raw denim about a year ago and have worn nothing but it ever since, I love the wear and tear, the fading and the personality it truly shows. It’s my second skin and I would love to add one more pair to my weekly rotation.

  • sparky

    One of the nicest brands aside from those super expensive Japanese cult brands. What’s not to love?

  • Cory Hogue

    Ready to move onto the next tier of raw denim!

  • Brian Walsh

    i would absolutely love to be able to own a pair of finely crafted american made denim. This is an absolutely great opportunity.

  • jay

    I need to win these jeans because winter is coming up and my current jeans are falling apart. I don’t want my balls to freeze. Please. For the sake of my balls.

  • Christian Bation

    I would love to win this pair of jeans since this will be my first raw denim and i will wear it for a minimum of 1 year no wash!

  • Bazh de Clone

    I Love raw denim so much <3

  • Rachel Jermann

    Currently wearing Nudies that are due for their first wash and looking for my next pair to break in!

  • Jesse Bennett

    nice deal here props guys

  • Brian

    Would love to try a pair of the st-100s they look like they have a nice fit :)

  • Edmund Wu

    Just got into raw denim, would love to have a pair that’s not only raw but also heavier(my current pair is 11oz) and selvedge. Who doesn’t love free high quality items!?

  • Hilton Joe

    I would like this pair of jeans because I love denim and I want to fade the shit out of them

  • Bning

    I enjoy the unique fading pattern that 3sixteen denim has

  • Brian Hong

    Trying to win some free denim. SL100x or ST100x please!

  • Đầu Tròn

    I wanna try 3sixteen :3

  • Jessie Bolaños

    these denims are badass!

  • nico

    I’m just starting to get interested in raw denim, up until now, I’ve only had jeans that stay one color and don’t fade. I love the idea of imprinting your jeans with your lifestyle and raw denim is the best way to do it. I hear that 3Sixteen is a great raw denim company and i would love to own a pair of ST100x’s to start off my raw denim collection.

  • Jan Patrick Eliares

    That Rawr Denim is literally staring at me. Havent experimented with 3sixteens before. Would love to try these out.

  • Jon Anderson

    been a big fan/supporter of the brand for years! must win to start 2013 in some fresh new deminz.

  • Ji Huang

    3sixteen has been consistently one of the best American brands of raw denim! I am currently working on some 30bsps but would definitely love some of the originals. A couple of my friends have 3sixteens and I am very much envious! I wear my denim like crazy and will definitely end up on fade friday if I win :)

  • John S

    I want to win because I knew ajchen back when he was selling humvee tshirts on clubsi! Dude made it big!

  • Vance Macdonald

    I would love to win a pair of 3Sixteen jeans to start off the new year, great chance to wear a new brand since I have tried Naked and Famous and working on Nudies right now!

  • Jason Hsu

    Why 3Sixteen? Made in USA. Tanner Goods leather. Made in USA. Japanese denim.

    Oh, and the whole free thing. Grad students love free stuff.

  • jonathna

    i want to win a pair of 3sixteens, b/c they’re made by some pretty righteous dudes!!

  • Jonathan Cheng

    because today, i slipped and fell and got mud all over my n&f jeans!!!!! disaster!

  • Bryan Ng

    I’ve heard many good things about 3sixteen and want to try it out!

  • Anton Harden

    I want to win to win because im a poor college student lol. plain and simple.

  • Kyle

    3Sixteen demonstrates nothing but top notch quality. The patch made by Tanner Goods, and the source of the denim are two separate entities that sound amazing by them self, nonetheless paired together. With its reasonable price point and quality, It is almost a dream come true. I’ve never come around to experience the the wonderful fades and comfort that any customer would be sure to have, but one day I would definitely like to own a pair.

  • Cheston Sin

    pick me

  • Thomas Jurczyk

    Since I’m a noob at this I’d save them until after I know I won’t mess them up, and then wear and repair them until they’re nothing. I want to become a tailor (my dream job).

  • Calvin

    gotta protect my legs from the harsh decembers

  • Calvin Chan

    I want a pair so I can protect my legs from the harsh winters

  • Alex Cooper

    I would love to win a pair of 3Sixteens because I would love to check out another brand of denim. And my 501s are getting broken in, so it’d be nice to have some extra jeans to cycle through.

  • Ritchie Li

    I’ve been waiting for a while to try a pair of 3sixteen jeans since starting getting into the denim game. I saw these jeans in person and was blown away by the quality. Same price point as APC, but the quality is of a jean worth $300. Good stuff!

  • Evan

    These look FRESH. What else can I say?

  • Andrew Suen

    i’m in need of a pair of jeans

  • Jerad Robinson

    Because after spending $340 on ROY jeans, I can’t afford any others… a tragedy.

  • Paul Luigi Lecaroz

    I’ve been following this blog for almost a year and it has played a pivotal role in creating me into the denimhead I have become; I check daily for articles, Fade Fridays, interviews, guides, etc.

    I currently am wearing Unbranded 101s but I would like to upgrade into some 3Sixteens to feed my insatiable love for the beauty that is raw denim. I am also well-aware of the top notch quality I would be lucky to have if I won this contest (14.5 oz. red line Okayama denim with a Tanner goods leather patch; they will both fade nicely over time after I give them a hard wear!)

    Stay raw!

  • Oscar Escalante Perdomo

    I just love raw denim.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    I am 15 and just got started into the Raw denim scene… if you have seen the Fuck Yeah Menswear video, Requiem for a denim head, thats pretty much me. unfortunately where i live its hard to find a job at 15, and i try to not get my parents to pay for too much of my stuff so i can really only afford Naked and Famous. i really want to give this brand a go because i heard really good things about it

  • Derek McBaine

    Just in time, I need a new pair of jeans.

  • Stanley Ho

    First and foremost, being a student I don’t necessary have the funds to purchase a pair of high quality raw denim even though I find 3sixteens to be fairly reasonable priced for its value. Having taking a textile class, I learn about not only the value of raw denim but also the environment impact and personalization it brings to the wearer. There is just so much to appreciate from the material, construction, fit, to the small details. I think it time for me to transition away from the pre-distressed jeans, that don’t last as long. I have more to say, but to keep it short and simple those are my reasons for wanting a pair of raw denim from this contest.

  • Mason Raasch

    Down to try raw denim. I’m ready to stop being a plebe.

  • Charles Ngo

    3sixteens have definitely been on my list for denim that I’d like to own. Been looking to step out and get a pair of nicer jeans. Been rocking the 501 STFs for way too long.

  • rentih_haru

    I like supporting small businesses and these guys are making amazing jeans! They are also supporting another small business – Tanner Goods from Portland, Oregon. Their relationship with Self Edge also provides them with high esteem. True craftsmanship without being elitist.

  • Guest

    I own a pair of st-120x and i love them, they are well crafted jeans. My friend has a pair of the st-100x and the fades on them are beautiful,therefore i want a pair!!

  • Alex Wong

    I love the quality and craftsmanship provided by 3sixteen, also the quality of service is amazing. I own a pair of st-120x and they are perfect. hope I win 😀

  • David Ballardo

    My 5 year old APC Petit Standards are ripping all over the place and I want to get a fresh pair to work with. These look like a gorgeous replacement!

  • Billiam Phan

    i want dem fadezz

  • Thomas Treffry

    A pair of 3sixteen jeans would be a lovely birthday present for me today! =]

  • Willy Rebaltescu

    I’m only going to say, 1000 points Japan for purchasing the old looms back in the day reinventing the denim “game” giving the urban culture its “edge”. It would be nice to win a pair of 3sixteen jeans so I can get a feel of the hip and fresh New York design scene.

    • David Galdjie

      Japan acquiring “outdated” US shuttle looms was largely a part of the US’s efforts after World War II to help restore Japan’s infrastructure by giving them a cheap-to-produce and and valuable necessity, e.g. denim clothing. It also allowed US factories to make way for newer, significantly more boring projectile looms.

  • Brian

    Question, does the entry still count if we share it with only ourself? As much as I love raw denim, I don’t want to be an outlet for advertising the 3sixteen brand to all of my friends.

  • Adam Sentz

    Because the last shall be first.

  • Jing Jie

    Because i’ve always wanted a pair of jap denim!

  • Yombo

    Because I’m a denim head without a pair… I think I really need one

  • RawrBadua

    I want a pair of 3Sixteen’s because the little details they put into their denim. The Tanner Goods Leather, the selvedge detail inside the coin pocket, and the selvedge detail inside the button fly. Love those small details!

  • David Galdjie

    After buying my first pair of raw denim jeans, I can’t go back. However, my jeans are pretty beat up, and unfortunately I’ve not had a chance to buy another pair of pants for the last two years (a shock, right?). I’d like to win this because, while the gentle breeze across my junk from numerous crotch blowouts was pleasant at first, I’d really like to have a slightly better insulated Christmas.

  • Faisal D Science Guy

    I have always been a denimhead. I’ve always appreciated good denim. Its always a dream to try some good raw denim. I like how the denim evolves with us as we wear it. It is a statement, a diary, a log and a friend. Like a fingerprint, all of them are unique and they are yours.

  • Paul Langley

    I’d love to win a pair of 3sixteen jeans because I have never seen a pair in London and i’ve been to probably every selvedge denim shop here. I’d love to show off a pair playing at my gigs.

  • Myles Ian

    I would like to win a pair of 3sixteen ST-100x’s cause I love the hand feel of the SL-100x’s I own and would like to have a slimmer style. 3sixteen’s build quality is excellent and I don’t want to own another pair.

  • Deaner

    What’s it like to wear a pair of 3Sixteen jeans? Okay, let’s conduct a short exercise. Close your eyes. Now picture the best day of your life. Got it? Hold that image in your mind. Now put it on your legs. That’s what it’s like to wear a pair of SL-100xs.

  • lame

    ‘cuz i dont have any of raw denim

  • Roy

    A pair of jeans is a man’s second skin ….Raw denim is my lover. I take her everywhere with me. I deserve to win this because I am an artisan baker by trade and passionate about raw denim. I have been to Okayama in Japan to research more on my interest!

  • benny

    I have tried a bunch of denim brands. Corporate, US and non-US companies. I truly believe in 3sixteen’s mission and wear SL-100s everyday. I have had a rough year financially and it looks to be a tough Christmas. A new pair of SL-100s would be a great present and would be a great way to end the year. When I pull my jeans on in the morning – last shall be first is an inspiration to start the day-

  • E

    Quality work from quality people. Been meaning to purchase a pair but money has been hard to come by as of late.

  • scott

    I appreciate quality. I prefer using quality tools at work. Anything made to the highest standard always commands my attention and 3Sixteen denim does not fail to do this. I’d love to wear a pair of SL jeans – and who wouldn’t?

  • Shawn M Thompson

    I am a huge fan of jeans and the art behind selvedge denim but with 4 kids (7mo twin boys), I don’t have the funds to afford some of the nicer brands. The guys at 3sixteen are great guys and I would love to finally own a pair of these awesome jeans. Keep up the good work RAWR and 3sixteen. Great site and great jeans.

  • Shaun Coyne

    My SL-120x’s are feeling kinda lonely

  • Michael John Liu

    My current jeans be raggedy!

    • YY

      ^ I vote for him

      • Billy Lu

        but that’s you again.

  • Andrew Johannesen

    To wear the highest quality denim!

  • Jingizu

    went all the way from germany to new york to get my hands on my first pair of black 3sixteens…now about one and a half years later only one shop in the country is carrying one single model. Cant go all the way to states again to get one that fits me so I Thought maybe you can help me out!

  • wnzd

    i choose st-100 for my first denim it’s not mean it good jap.cotton or kuroki mill,i need it becuase this brands living in the american culture (singuralities project,tattoo,american livestyle,black coffee lover,etc) and i boring to see APC any where or Recommend to but APC for the first denim
    ps.i’m a fan of :)

  • Wnzd Nttawoot Rngsngthng

    i choose st-100 for my first denim it’s not mean it good jap.cotton or kuroki mill,i need it becuase this brands living in the american culture (singuralities project,tattoo,american livestyle,black coffee lover,etc) and i boring to see APC any where or Recommend to buy APC for the first denim
    ps.i’m a fan of :)

  • Hayum Razali

    Nothing to say, just love the denim

  • Ryan Berger

    Derp derp.

  • David James Liu

    love the cut, comfort and quality of 3s. I always have a pair in my jean rotation.

  • adrianghaust

    Entering this contest because I need a new pair of denim! Who doesn’t want a pair of jeans made from denim made in Okayama?

  • Perry Ticsay

    I want to win a pair because my flat head 3001s are getting to the point where I can’t wear them anymore.. the tears just keep getting bigger and bigger!

  • Cathlin Sentz

    For my husband :) he loves your denim!

  • Sarah Jay

    I would love to gift a pair of 3sixteen jeans to my boyfriend 😀

  • Cyrill de Veas

    i’ve always been fascinated with raw denim but never got the chance to own one. I hope I can win!

  • Sarah Jay

    i just commented on this but it’s not showing so i’ll say it again…..

    i want to gift these nice raw denimz to my boyfriend

  • Pete

    a couple of friends own a pair of 3sixteen’s. very solid raw denim.. IMO, its better than a lot of the more popular brands like nudies, naked&famous, etc.

  • Peter Li

    a couple of friends own a pair of 3sixteen’s. very solid raw denim.. IMO, its better than a lot of the more popular brands like nudies, naked&famous, etc.

  • Cory Powell

    I would like to win because as much as I’d like to, I can’t afford a pair at the moment. I appreciate the quality and time put into the jeans and I know they’ll last me years.

  • MosquitoControl

    I love 3Sixteen. Wearing a pair now, but it’s ready for its first wash.

  • Jlapan

    Never lenses a pair of these and id love for them to be my second skin

    • Jlapan

      Never owned*

  • Zach Solomon

    This is the premier denim company in the states. Other than Roy, the 3sixteen guys are pioneering, while keeping things in perspective with vintage cuts and influences. Not to mention they look nice as hell.

  • Serghey Bunich

    Great product!!!

  • Jason

    why?? WHY NOT!!!

  • Thomas Vérité

    The raw denim selvedge jeans I invested in a while back don’t fit me anymore (lost some weight) and I’m now stuck with one standard low-quality pair which is taking a beating. The 3sixteen ST-100x denim would look great with my 3sixteen Duffle Coat and Tanner Goods lanyard!

  • Jason Ellis

    Pretty much wear one pair of jeans for the year so 2013 would be rad in a pair of
    3sixteen!! And I really like WINNING.

  • Leslie Liang

    I’d like to win because I’ve never owned a pair of 3Sixteen before and I’d love a pair!

  • Rocky Golchin

    Tanner goods patch. Made in USA. Yes please.

  • Igor Moreira

    I always wanted a pair of 3sixteen. I never win anything, but if I win this, I will wear it proudly, document the fades to you guys and brag about it to everyone.

  • SJ Yang

    because I want a 3sixteen denim!! the best

  • Kevin

    i would love some of this swag

  • Clifford Nguyen

    i’ve been wearing Iron Heart Denim. for a while now, and i want to try something new and affordable. i love the way they look, I have just never owned a pair myself. looks like great pair of denim, and i have heard a lot of great reviews.

  • Gabe Chan

    i should win not only because i love raw(r) denim but i am a huge tanner goods fan and having a pair of 3sixteens would complete my worth holding onto collection (lanyard, belt, bifold wallet and bracelet), hope i win!

  • David Salvatore Herrera

    Because APCs just don’t cut it anymore.

  • Luke McCloskey

    Clean cut raw denim, nothing better!! and I am in NEED!!

  • Geoff

    i want jean

  • Michael David Smith

    I would Love to win a pair of 3sixteen jeans because I have experienced the quality first hand and lusted after a pair ever since, and yet my jobless college student lifestyle leave me unable to buy any. My current pair of Jeans is coming up on retiring so I am searching for a replacement, and what could be better than a brand new pair of 3sixteens?

  • bryan solid

    I’d like to win a pair because I’m addicted to denim.

    Also, I like how the article about the contest for free jeans gets 250 comments, but everything else averages 10 or less.

  • rik.WAHYT

    RECENTLY OBSESSED WITH DENIM FROM EVERY PART OF WORLD..From high end $350+ pairs to low end $30.. Would love to be add a pair of 3Sixteens to my rotation…

  • Matt Huerta

    I’d like to win cause 3 sixteen. that’s it

  • Sam Stag

    I’d love to win a pair of 3sixteen since I’m a total denim nut and it’s a fascinating brand without which my collection will just be gapingly incomplete.

  • Honey Badger Ray Portwood

    I am looking for another pair of denim to break in when I move to Korea, and these would be perfect.

  • Patrick Kagawa-Gee

    been following 3sixteen since their tshirt days. its good to see how a brand can evolve and become one of the best denim brands in the world. i love how they keep it simple but with so much attention to detail. would love to own a brand new pair of their japanese denim

  • Ted Remulta

    3sixteen is definitely on my bucket list of denim to tries! The contest happens to end on my birthday…so it would be an AWESOME present from you guys! ;D

  • Padraic

    Because the spirit of Christmas is best conveyed via Tanner Goods leather and raw Japanese denim.

  • Joel Tan

    i would like to win a pair of new 3sixteen denim, because i myself own a 3sixteen+ made in japan 11BSP! they are amazing still have tons of life in them! the reason i want its because i want to try and feel the original 3sixteen denim! i gave the plus a shot because the brand name sound cool and looks great on fading as well, the build to last kind always attract me! plus i am one of the few and first to own a 3sixteen+ in my country.. so please give me a another new pair to spare the love of 3sixteen over here, with much love from SINGAPORE =)

  • Guest

    I waited two and a half years before washing my pair of ST-100x and the fades came in clean, but I feel like I want a new pair to start working on again! it’s been too long. I’d like to add to my jean collection as well 3Sixteen.

  • Ryan Chou

    I waited two and a half years before washing my pair of ST-100x and the fades came in clean, but I feel like I want a new pair to start working on again! it’s been too long. I’d like to add to my jean collection as well! :) <3 3Sixteen.

  • Allen Tran

    Since blowing out my last pair of denim and continuing to wear them until the gaping hole was wide enough to feel the chilly fall breeze; I have missed the chaffing, groggy smell, and selvage detailing that can only be offered by wearing dirty raw denim for months on end.

    And now that I commute everyday on bike I can only imagine how a new pair will look in due time!

    Pick me~

  • Clifford Nguyen

    3sixteen ST-100x i would love to try these. i’ve never had a pair of 3sixteen yet. i want a pair that i can wear everyday and look good while i wear it. i’m tired of jeans costing nearly 400 bucks.

  • Boondock

    I’m 6 months in on my first pair of raw denim, Nudies, and I love them. So much that I have been so careful with them that I fear they will have no real character. I have heard the second pair is the best because you are the most free with them. I have been reading about 316 and am dying to give them hell.

  • Taiyo Deguchi

    Because I need to retire my current pair…

  • EC

    I’ve been in love with the idea of raw denim for about two years now. I’ve tried APC’s New Cure, two sizes of the Unbranded Skinny Fit, Rogue Territory’s Stanton, Uniqlo’s MIJ Slim Fit, and back to Rogue Territory with another Stanton in addition to the SK. Out of these SEVEN pairs, I’ve kept zero. It’s really been a discouraging battle for me when it comes to raw denim because I am hardly able to try on pairs before I buy them. This leads to me having to measure my other pants and going off of those, but I still choose incorrectly. Though I have yet to try 3sixteen, their ST-100x has been on my list for a while and if I win, I will do even more intensive measuring to ensure that I choose the right size.

  • keith

    gettin in that denim game

  • Timothy Ryan Gilbert

    i want to win because i would like to try 3sixteen raw denim pants and i think it looks cool

  • Guo Jie

    no jeans no life.

  • David Troy

    Why? Because I love dry denim. Because I love NY. Because 3 is a cool number. Because 16 is as well. Because I’m unemployed. Because I ain’t got no pants to wear to interviews. Jean me. Please.

  • Gerry

    3Sixteens are simply the best value for raw denim out there and I would like to win a pair because while they look brilliant when new, as they age and get worn more, they look even more awesome. It’s a brand I believe in – no hype and they deliver what they promise, no bull!

  • Ung Tung Ho

    I have always admired 3sixteen and this will be a nice upgrade from my unbranded.

  • Kyle Chan

    I will look cool with a pair of 3sixteen denim!

  • Hank Washer

    I just recently got into the world of raw denim with my first purchase. The past month and a half have been awesome. I have never loved wearing my jeans so much. Not only are they the best quality jeans i have ever owned, it is fun to work into the jeans. Creating my own patterns of wear through my daily actives. It would be great to have a pair from 3sixteen and see how they compare, see how my wear patterns differ from different brands and styles.

  • Aaron Payne

    I think 3Sixteen is really one of the best values. As it pertains to me specifically, The st-100x has a perfect, tapered fit for me and 3sixteen compromises no quality. You get high-quality Japanese selvedge in a mid-weight (I cant do heavyweight) and a beautiful tanner goods leather patch. The quality is really not sacrificed anywhere. Not to mention, I’ve seen some pretty well-faded 3sixteens.

  • Stanley Ho

    Shout out to SE by the way, one of these days I’m have to check out the store in san francisco

  • Jay Tuno

    All your jeans are belong to us.

  • Saman Sharifi

    Really impressed by the quality of their denim, I need to move on from my faded ass new cures! thanks

  • Stephen

    Been getting into raw denim, and it would be great to get some new jeans :]

  • Andrew Min

    i would like to win a pair because I have never owned a pair of raw denim so to have a pair would be a great introduction to raw denim for me

  • Tiffany T

    I would love to win a pair to give to my brother for Christmas/his birthday! He doesn’t spend a lot on clothes, but he definitely needs new jeans. My friends have told me about what an awesome brand 3sixteen is and how the jeans are super comfortable, so I would love to give him a pair!

  • Tiffany Tso

    I would love to win a pair to give to my brother for Christmas/his birthday! He doesn’t spend a lot on clothes, but he definitely needs new jeans. My friends have told me about what an awesome brand 3sixteen is and how the jeans are super comfortable, so I would love to give him a pair! — reposting so it connects to my facebook

  • Tiffany Tso

    I would love to win a pair to give to my brother for Christmas/his birthday! He doesn’t spend a lot on clothes, but he definitely needs new jeans. My friends have told me about what an awesome brand 3sixteen is and how the jeans are super comfortable, so I would love to give him a pair!

  • Matt Wilson

    So, why would I want there jeans? Well the Nudies I am in at the moment which are reaching the end of the road, been a good run but I could see a couple of months back that their time was passing. I had a really nice pair of Lee 101’s lined up to replace the Nudies, found them a couple of months ago and they were the perfect fit sadly though I got really ill recently which saw me loose a bunch of weight, we are talking 3 belt loops so the jeans were just way to big now. So they found a new home through the marketplace. The opportunity to get a pair of 3sixteen’s in my new size would be fantastic.

  • Michael Le

    ST-100x was my introduction to raw denim. I would love to have another pair

  • Dawson Vosburg

    I love simplicity, beauty, minimalism, and the idea of wearing something in instead of wearing it out. I’m also going to be going a year without shopping for clothes (as in, I actually won’t be able to), so having these jeans would be amazing. Thanks 3sixteen!

  • Timothy Eamon Ring

    I’m in the market for a new, higher quality pair already, so this is great.

  • Kevin Lie

    I would like a pair of 3sixteen because

    Their jeans are awesome,
    Their fit are cool.
    They are my favourite bottoms,
    All that i ever drooled.

  • Chris Lopez

    I’ve never ever owned a pair of “real” raw denim. I’ve only owned and broken in 501s, “rigid” 511s, and a pair of carhartt WIP “rigid” I got as a Christmas gift.

  • Zachary Aaron Wenner

    I’ve fallen in love with raw denim! As a college student, I can’t yet afford $200 pair though.

  • Mu-Lin Cheng

    I would like to win a pair of 3sixteens because I have always wanted a pair but I could never afford them.

  • Ben

    Because something made of something so beautiful would look amazing on me. I also promise to never wash them and submit the pictures!

  • Ung Tung Pin

    I wanna win the 3sixteen and give it to my brother for his birthday present because he loved the 3sixteen jeans so much

  • Jeffrey Wong

    The crotch area on both of my denim recently broke apart after 3 years of wear on both…

  • Ian Graham

    I purchased a pair of Naked & Famous about a year and a half ago, and I have worn those jeans almost everyday since. About a month ago the crotch blew out. I’ve mended it, but it keeps tearing in new places and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to retire them at some point over the next month. I can’t afford a new pair at this point, but a pair of 3sixteens would be a perfect replacement!

  • Dominic Inda

    i would like to win a of these pairs of 3sixteen’s because i am going to wear these beauties till they look like capri’s on me

  • Jason Lau

    I need a step up from APC 😀

  • Nezar Ibrahim

    Because getting them would be a great honor for any denimheads. Especially for those such as myself who can’t get contact to this brand because of living abroad. A new raw denim is a new journey.

  • Phattaraset Ardchawuthinkulawo

    I always looking for a raw jeans so want this goood pairs of jeans to be my first raw denim 😀

  • Tim Nguyen

    3sixteen > APC

  • Timd

    I need a new pair of denim.

  • Tim Bui

    I’d love to win a pair of 3sixteen denim because I’ve heard great things about the brand. I am extremely impressed that the founders were willing to to use a famous bible verse as their brand name, and I’m sure that you can see their values and beliefs reflected not only in the branding, but also in the craftsmanship.

  • David

    Would love a pair of ST-100x as my current ones are approaching retirement!

  • James Smythe

    recently got into raw/selvedge denim, would love to up my game a bit with a pair of these!

  • Michael Fu

    My current Levi’s raws has a crotch hole large enough to give birth through and is beyond salvation. A pair of 3sixteens would be a great replacement and upgrade.

  • Matthew Sun

    I am just really excited to wear a pair of higher quality denim rather than ‘poor-college-student-budget’ raw denim! But what really interested me in the 3sixteen brand was that their Japanese jeans exhibits accurately reproduced vintage details and minimalism, as well as an unparalleled construction (in terms of the fabric specifically produced via Kuroki mills), with contemporary fits. More important, their philosophy of not sacrificing quality, by keeping production in Japan and the States, as well as Andrew and Johan’s initiative of getting to know who and how certain elements of their product is produced -of actively engaging in the process of producing their garments- is really inspiring; their level of commitment to producing the best denim possible is really reflected in their product and their collaboration with Tanner Goods.

  • OligarchyAmbulance

    I want some to give to my best friend who can’t afford raw denim! He wants some so badly!

  • Jscoope

    Because I’ve been wanting a new pair of 3sixteens since some *** stole me SL’s from my dorm room 2 years ago. They pull a fire alarm and then start looting, I guess they were selvedge fans.
    One question, do you get to pick the style (double black, shadow?)

  • Jonny ‘Trunks’ Khammanivong

    Dude the SL-100x’s look really nice

  • Graham Bonn

    I would like to win these because, my baldwins and naked and famous have really put a dent into my already low student bank account.

  • Chris S

    The ST-100x would make my butt look good.

    I’m 6’1 and went from 195 last Christmas down to 155 and need quality clothes (that fit) to wear again.

  • Mango Mitch

    I’m sold on 3sixteen. Took my APCs into self edge to be repaired and Andrew was the one helping me. I didn’t know anything about the brand so he told me a bit about them. I later went home to read about them and felt like a dork realizing he owns the company. I’d love to get a pair of slim ones but the holidays aren’t the best time to be dropping dough on myself. A kickdown from rawr would be dope! Cheers and good luck to all.

  • Adam Jane

    I was in a freak espresso accident earlier this year and had to have both of my legs amputated. Since then I have gotten real into heavier, raw denim as the rigidity holds the shape nicely and I don’t have to stuff the legs of my pants with newspaper to prevent scaring school children. Also, my girlfriend left me, due to the loss of my legs. I was a professional dancer and it turns out she only liked me for my moves. I find that raw denim is more useful for tying hookers to my bedposts, as it is harder to escape from. Another reason I should have them is because my father has never been proud of me. I’m sure some new jeans would make daddy proud. Please let me win some jeans so I don’t have to smoke crack instead.

  • Jonas Karter Chan

    3sixteens are bawwwseeeeee.. i just wanna win a pair soooo badly. I wanna get my fade on!

  • Jake431

    Often you enter a contest because, hey, it’s free, right? But rarely do you get the chance to win something you ACTUALLY want. Because, I want more 3:16. I already have the shadow selvedge, and I want more.

  • Otis Rubottom

    Because I believe you should stand in what your Stand For.

  • John

    I need new pants man, and I need the best! Always wanted a pair of 3sixteen.

  • Chris Copp

    My next pair, whether I win them or not!

  • Jonathan palo

    Would love to win a pair, heard so many goid things and would love to experience 316 for myself.

  • Winston

    im a big fan of tanner goods and a big fan of japanese denim. 3sixteen combines both and i cant believe i do not have a pair of 3sixteen denim. if i could win a free pair of denim i will love you guys a 100x more (yes homo??).

  • Lason Jorenz

    I just found this giveaway and I am excited to not have missed it, I seem to always be behind on these things. I would love to be selected to receive a pair of finely crafted 3sixteen denim! I have been a selvedge wearer for a few years now and have unfortunately not yet been able to own a pair of 3sixteens. If chosen for a gratis pair of 3sixteens I would prefer the ST-100x, tapered fits are my preference. I will be patiently waiting the results of this, thanks for even offering the opportunity.

  • Kirk Wise

    I would like to win a pair of 3sixteens selvedge jeans because I think they have great style and are really unique. These jeans are built to last and fortunately will always be in style. I will definitely be wearing a pair of these jeans one way or another.

  • Tynan

    I would like to win so I can replace my worm out LL Bean Signature’s and step up to selvedge!!

  • Gordon Huang

    i like nice denim

  • Keane Gately

    I would be ecstatic to win a pair of 3sixteen denim because a few months ago I bought my first pair of selvedge from Blue in Green and I’m hooked on the lifestyle. I love my pair of xx-009 deep indigo PBJ’s more than any other worldly item currently in my possession. I haven’t worn another pair of pants since I obtained them on October 5th and needless to say, I would be overjoyed to add a second pair to my collection.

    Waking up every morning and seeing my denim hanging on the wall at the foot of my bed gives me a sense of happiness and comfort I never could have imagined an item of clothing bringing me. Nothing makes me happier than inspecting my jeans after a few day to find a new fade starting in an unexpected place. And when the time comes in a few months, I plan on sending pics in to rawrdenim to hopefully get on a Fade Friday entry.
    Whether it’s the strange smells that come from my jeans or getting looks from people cause I only wear one pair of pants, I love everything about my jeans and the raw denim lifestyle. Some people say it’s weird, but what’s weird to me is why some people buy jeans with tears and stress marks that have no real meaning to them. What’s truly awesome about raw denim is that your jeans become an extension of yourself, and not just another pair of pants that goes in your dresser drawer.

    I would be honored if y’all picked me to receive such a righteous pair of denim. As a college student in my first semester in Boston, money’s tight and I would love to buy another pair when I get the funds, but winning this contest would be a real blessing right now. I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to help a brother (and fellow denimhead) stay RAW for the foreseeable future!!
    peace and love

  • TJ Poresky

    Because it sounds like a really interesting brand that Ive never worn before. I would love to try them out and see how they fade :)


    i love raw denim and 3Sixteen defines it.

  • Vincent Truong

    I had a pair of SL-100x from the first run and I love the fit.
    I know the team did quite a bit of tweaking with it and I am very eager to revisit the SL-100x.

  • Simon Qiu

    I’ve worn nudies to APCs, why not some 3sixteens?

  • YY Liew

    Wouldn’t mind getting another pair for myself.. or even my gf. GF in denim = dream come true.

  • TomHimself

    Im sick of my apc’s. let me win!

  • Brandon Kim

    I’ve never won a contest before

  • AT

    After 2 years of breaking in and wearing APC PS as my first pair of raw denim, I need a new pair. While there are a lot of options out there, 3Sixteen’s quality and reputation speaks for itself. Gotta move on from that skinny fit and get into those SLs.

  • Zachary Tang

    I wanna win a pair cus my 4-year old pair of April77s is falling apart. (and so is my wallet)

  • Peng Wei

    Awesome jeans. Love the details. Would be an impressive upgrade to win a pair. Looks very clean cut too

  • Stanley Ho

    Does 3sixteen still make outerwear btw? Haven’t seen a collection in awhile, but I’m glad they’re focusing more or primarily on jeans now!

  • Charles Harris

    i would love to have a pair of st-100x because im ready to start my next denim project. I started my raw denim life with nudies and after 1.5 years of good wear ive only gotten marginal fades after 3 washes. i think its because my nudies are only 10oz so im interested in a heavier pair like 3sixteen makes. I would love to win a pair because the fades would be sick.

  • Carlos Jimenez

    I would like to win because I am awesome.

  • Grazfather x

    I want. Already have 3sixteen+ 21bsp and I love them. Wouldn’t mind something similar but lighter :)

  • Grazfather x

    Not for me, but nice to see they’re adding a new fit. This is like N&F’s ‘Regular Guy’ which I hear a lot of people complain there aren’t enough choices for.

  • Pierson Tan

    I really want a pair of jeans that I can absolutely live in! The weight of the 3sixteen denim looks perfect; not too heavy, not too light. I’ve been reading reviews on 3sixteen and they sound like the perfect pair of jeans. I hope I win!

  • Brian Dragon Martin

    I love jeans. And I want a pair of raws. I’ve admired 3sixteen’s clothes, and especially the denim. I just haven’t had the cash to buy them. So these jeans would be a huge treat for me.

    I’d wear ’em every day until they’re nothing but a bunch of rips and holes. You better now I’d be on fadefriday.


  • Bevan Mo

    I want to win a pair of 3sixteens to introduce my brother into the world of raw denim. It’ll definitely be a jump from my brothers regular low quality denim. He doesn’t believe in spending a lot on a pair of jeans and I hope this will open his eyes.

  • Bill RD

    i like to win 3sixteen denim coz it’s comfort and has a great spec.Also as a denim enthusiast, i like to use jeans for daily activites

  • Kevin Law-Smith

    what we make is who we are

  • Kevin Salvatore

    I’d love a pair of these; heard lots of great things about 3sixteen, and would love to find out for myself what all the hype is about!

  • Austin Chien

    I’ve heard really good things about these pants from a friend of mine. I’ve been wanting to see what they’re about!

  • Erik Tang

    I’ll be honest. I have one pair of raw denim, and I would like more. Nothing fancy, nothing extremely deep…just a simple guy trying to win some quality goods. Thanks!

  • Tommy

    im a starving grad student with a dire need for new anatomy lab pants

  • William Chen

    I always wanted to try a pair of 3sixteens but never had the chance. I heard these were some pretty good denim

  • Jon Tanaka

    Would love to have a pair that I can wear every day and not worry about them. As much as I love my other pairs, I’d like to make them last as long as possible. Winning a pair would be great to help extend their life!

  • David Lopez

    I’d like to win a pair to try out what raw denim feels like

  • Bryant Kiliman

    No Facebook, please accept my entry. I’ve worn 3:16 SL’s for 3 years now. I keep outgrowing them by weightlifting, but they are super study and a great fit. I’m wearing a pair of the shadow selvedge right now!

  • William Bodykevich

    I would like to win because I am getting into raw denim and I would like to expand on my small collection.

  • El Gallo

    Well I’ve been working on a pair of Levis 514 for about a month thanks to early Christmas gift cards. Been admiring the fade Fridays and counting pennies trying to figure out from online sources what fit would work best for me. Given theres no place around houston that has a large selection to try and choose from. Im leery of spending my hard earned cash for a pair of jeans only to find out its too large or small in the waist and have to pay to ship out and back again. With my luck i guess i should say congrats to whoever wins

  • Michelle Schafer

    I’d love to win a pair for my oldest son!

  • Michelle Schafer

    if facebook let’s me, I’ll like and share. Right now I can’t get facebook to cooperate

  • AlexL

    I want to give this is my friend as a bday gift

  • MBown

    My husband used to buy his denim at feed supply stores, but now the raw denim has attracted him and his nerdy/science background (I say that with love). He treats raw denim like a science experiment and is really excited about it.

  • Asa Peterson

    3sixteen denim represents the pinnacle of raw denim. I remember when the brand was more an urban-wear street company known for their unique t-shirts (which I am a big fan of) more than anything else. But since then, they have embarked on a journey of growth as their products have evolved. As an owner of one pair of raw denim for several years now, I understand the story raw denim tells. I understand why one would want to wear the same pair of jeans for months at a time without washing them. I get why people soak their jeans in a bathtub, sometimes even while wearing them in, instead of using a normal washer. For the more hardcore, I get why you would rinse your jeans in a stream, if you had access to one, in order to preserve the natural and personal beauty that those jeans mean to you. I understand, because I do all of those things myself. If people say I’m crazy, I know it is just ignorance. However, my jeans are nearing the end of their journey – the back of the knees have honeycombed, the wallet and cellphone fades are at their fullest, the hole on the left pant from when I tripped and slid down a trail is barely keeping form. For me, it would be an honor to receive a pair of 3sixteen denim, as funds are limited due to other necessary expenditures. I would continue my journey, sharing every moment with them, paying respect to the care that went into creating the raw denim jeans by telling one hell of a story through them.

  • Nicolas Storero

    I’d love to try 3sixteen brand. I’m pretty new to raw denim world, already bought nf,apc and it seems that on the same price level 3sixteen could be nicer. I’ve caught the virus and can’t stop to increase my collection. What a nice opportunity to had one of these lovely ST-100X!!!

  • Kevyn Wu Yang Cheng

    i am a big raw denim fan!!@!@!

  • Andrew

    After finding this site, I realized that I needed to upgrade my denim collection. Unfortunately, expensive jeans are out of reach with my poor college student budget at the moment. A pair of 3sixteens would be an excellent place to start.

  • Javin Lau

    Keep it clean; keep it real.

  • Jeff Strong

    I’ve only ever worn Naked and Famous. I’d like to try out 3Sixteen.

  • Ivan Susanto

    i always like 3 sixteen, 3 sixteen is a nice raw denim brand

  • Jesse Chan

    crotch on my current pair blew out, a new pair would be nice

  • Paul

    I love those jawns!!

  • Chris sims

    I honesty a few pairs of raw denim. They are all different brands. I have a pair of Nudies, Baldwins & APC’s, but I don’t love the fit. I’m still in search of the perfect jean…

  • TBJ

    Well – really it’s all about me – as a Clothes Horse – you’ll get the best walking advertising you can get for very little investment – Good Luck.. 😉

  • David Lam

    Goodluck to everyone! Happy holidays!

  • James Kuna

    Recently turned on to selvedge denim, hard to find in CO. I purchased at pair of Tellason Ankara rather than 3sixteen and I’ve always wanted to compare the two.

  • Nguyen Viet Anh

    in those jeans…

  • Edward J.

    I am new to the idea of raw denim, but I would like to try it out. I like to pretend that my choices make me real, and there is nothing quite like the raw denim ethos to fit in with performance of authentic material culture. Yeah, I would love to own a pair of indigo-dyed jeans. I have been doing the no-wash thing with my regular jeans for a while now, and it seems fine. Pick me!!!! I want these :)

  • Mike Wilson

    Perfect color and fit for a young professional. The quality of 3sixteen will get me many great years of style.

  • emceeQ

    I could use a pair as a gift to get a friend started on his raw denim journey

  • Chris Stennett

    I would like to win this contest because there are no Quality clothing stores in my area of southwest MO.. I believe in Quality over quanity and take pride in the art of crafting things with my hands which seems to almost be a lost art.

  • Leonard Jacobs

    Would love to have a pair of these classy vintage style jeans. It’s a company you can really depend on to make high quality denims.

  • raw_azn

    I started loving the concept of raw denim when I first found out about it in Australia. I’ve owned two pairs of Nudies since then and wore each pair for six months straight. I’ve never achieved any fades on either of the jeans. I’ve just bought a pair of Railcars so that I can tell the story of raw denim to everyone around me. No one in my area owns raw denim. They know nothing about it. And whenever I start talking about it to my friends they usually just go, “Gross you don’t wash your jeans?” or “Your crazy. Why are you obsessed with JEANS?” And then blow off anything I say after that. They don’t understand that this is more of an art, something that hard work is put into, than just an article of clothing to wear. But just recently I’ve found a few people who actually appreciate that I’m passionate about something and they’re interested in the concept. However, money is kinda tight for high school kids and none of them can actually afford the jeans even if they wanted to. My cousin was really interested in doing it, but can’t afford anything. I’ve been looking for something to buy for her so we can start our raw denim adventures together and show the town how great this is, but buying a $200 gift is kinda a bit much. So I’m hoping to win the jeans for her. I really want to show the school that my “obsession” isn’t anything ridiculous and I hope I can start something new in my school/town.

    • Mika Brown

      Kinda forgot to use a real name, but this is me.

  • Almost_Crimes

    I want to share in the denim joy of my friend.

  • Johnny

    Why I should win a pair of 3sixteen cs-100x ; Just because. :-)

  • Ruben

    Because i’m worth it!

  • Brad Abell

    I want a nice new pair of jeans to wear!

  • Nick

    I’d like to win a pair of 3sixteen ST-100x, because the brand’s really caught my eye recently, and I tried on a pair at Self Edge SF recently and really love the fit.
    I was really blown away when I saw the Fade Friday feature of the ST-100x; denim really is a beautiful thing!

  • Just Joey

    I’ve never won anything but it would be a great story to tell expecially to the 1st person who complimented them

  • Ian Abuan

    Can I get the denim?

  • Ian Abuan

    I want to win these denim because I love quality denim! All the jeans I see in store are decent, but quality denim is were it is at. I love how they look, and when the denim is broken in, it basically tells the story of how they became as is.

  • Ruedi Karrer

    I would like to give this young brand 3 sixteen a chance to spread their name more to the raw denim community.
    So in case I would get the pants, I would donate them in the name of the Jeansmuseum to some other person, who is willing to break them in a long time the hard dry way without any washings and will post some periodical pics to reflect their fading evolution

  • Titan Hardbody

    i could use a new pair of pants

  • Will Chang

    these were the first pair of quality dry selvedge denim that i bought after i started working and i absolutely love them. They have a really clean look and very comfortable compared to some of the other dry denim i’ve had which can be very rough or stiff. 3sixteen pays attention to the details and the wearer will appreciate the little things they’ve added and designed without all the showboating. To name a few of my favorite details – chainstitched hems, selvedge button fly, and the tanner goods leather patch. I’ve met the guys and they’re extremely friendly and chill. They keep to their brand image and they do their best to keep prices fair despite the rises in production costs. American made and customer driven and still look good – can’t ask for more. Wouldn’t mind another pair 😉

  • Lucas H

    I’ve gotten into raw denim in the past couple months, but I can’t afford any quality denim being a college student and all. It would be great to be able to get some great jeans for christmas, and I’m make sure to treat them right!

  • Billy Lu

    I thoroughly enjoy wearing pants of the highest caliber.

  • Paul Mathews

    Love 3sixteen –

  • Matt Reyes

    I’ve been a raw denim fan and avid reader for about a year and a half now. Once first introduced into the culture, I hopped in with some Levis 511, telling myself that one day I would save up and work on a pair of actual nice quality denim.

    As time passed, I found myself only investing in cheap, on-sale denim (a pair of THVM at Urban Outfitters for $20, which had been retired after a major crotch blowout, followed by my current pair of discontinued 514 selvedge, which I also picked up for $20 at the Levis outlet). I seemed to have bad luck with my denim as even when I got my 514s tapered, the tailor put a hem after a misunderstanding.

    After talking to a fellow denim-headed friend, I found out about 3Sixteen and fell in love with the ST-100X. I told myself I would save up for them along the course of the next few months. However, I am merely an unemployed high school student with no source of income–this left me to sell handmade jewelry, ink designs on friends’ skateboards, and sell some of my own clothes to make up the hefty price tag.

    I had recently come up with enough when my parents were left in some financial trouble–what with Christmas around the corner and college applications due, I had to help out and gave them my denim money.

    I’ve always wanted to experience good quality denim and I feel like this is a good chance for that. Being stuck in a school uniform five days a week, I don’t get much wear in my jeans. With college around the corner, I feel like this would be the perfect chance to start new and have a fresh pair of jeans to carry as many memories as the film in my camera.

  • Jack West

    I would love to try those 3sixteen so i can post on fade friday!

  • Jon Michelson

    ’cause 3sixteen is legit

  • Andres Lee Xu

    Very interested in winning a pair of these jeans after discovering this site

  • Andres Lee Xu

    very interested in winning a pair of 3sixteen after seeing this page

  • Gilbert Tsai

    Just a college kid looking to get into the raw denim game, it would awesome to win a pair 😀

  • Romalice Thomason

    I totaled my UB 201’s :(

  • Steven Chan

    I would love to test out different brands of raw denim, to see overall who makes the best raw denim!

  • Mhd Alif

    Always wanted to try a pair of 3sixteen jeans. Hope I get the chance to!

  • Bazh de Clone

    I want a pair of ST-100X so much

  • Finn

    i don´t own a pair yet and since i really want to check out and get to know more about the brand and the quality and all, this would be the perfect thing to win imo!…

  • Theo Sefitrinov

    I dont have to much talk , i wont it (3sixteen)!!!!

  • Jeppe Christophersen

    Why should I win? I know some people probably deserve it more than me, but I really do want a pair of jeans like this.
    I am currently 20 years old, and I discovered the whole raw denim world a few years ago. Since then I’ve been through 3 pairs of raw denim, only one of those being of decent quality.
    I am on a heavy budget due to my studies, so that doesn’t leave much money to buy denim, sadly.
    I constantly try to convince my girlfriend, who is of a wealthier family, that she should give me a pair of proper raw denim jeans as a birthday/christmas present, but that doesn’t seem to happen. Even though I have always been happy with how my denim has developed, she’s a non-believer, stating that can’t see the point. I believe a pair of 3sixteen, when properly worn, could be her revelation. It would certainly beat the pair of Ruffle & Bow I am currently working on.

  • Milad Moghimi

    4 years ago i was introduced to raw denim…… that is when my journey began

    My first pair of jeans was a pair of APC petit standards and OH what a pair they were. They immediatly became the favorite article of clothing in my closet. My jeans and i were inseperable and itreated them like my baby.This was back when no one knew what raw denim was so they would ridicule me when i would say “im not going to wash my jeans for 1 years and they are gunna look so nice after, just watch. So many people would laugh at me because they thought i was stupid.

    I have now owned three more pairs of jeans since then and nothing can compare to the feeling of putting on denim for the first time and toughing it out through the stiffness in the search for an amazing pair of jean fades.

    I want to win these jeans because i have dedicated a lot of the past 4 years to raw denim and i would love to have the experience of taking on 3sixteen which though all of the reviews i have read, are supposedly one of the best jeans available. I would love to implement my denim knowledge to these amazing jeans and see how the fades turn out.

    Thank you for considering me 😀

  • Zac Parker

    Because my size is out of stock at the Tanner Goods store in Portland, Oregon!

  • Milad Moghimi

    also my pair of new apcs suck soooooooooooooooo yeah ^_^

  • shogodr

    I would be more than happy to win a pair of 3SIXTEEN because I am looking for a perfect denim that fit in me. If I do find a pair, I usually brag about it and tell all my friends that it is the best. I am now have a pair of APC and am satisfied with those, but I believe that there is a better pair!

  • wilson park

    I can really put your denim through a stress test like nothing you have ever seen.

  • Tanachote Cheepsumol รักในหลวง

    This pair want to Travel aboard. To Bangkok, Thailand, my home :)

    Anyway, my love is ST-100x. Thank you.

  • Syafique Mutter

    i just love denim

  • BIG Willy

    I wanted to buy myself my 1st pair of raws from 3sixteen but I was impatient to buy it online and bought a pair Kamikaze Attack for $300 at my local shop. Now I wish I had these jeans but I can’t afford. If I win I will try my best to wear the hell out of them and get crazy fades and show it here and everyone. I will revolutionize to my friends the idea of buying tacky washed denims which could even cost more than a simple high quality raw denim like these. Thank you!

  • Raymond Auyeung

    i wanna win these because i wanna rep 3:16 which has a special meaning in my life

  • andrew elefante

    Because I just washed a pair 0f 11 months and need a brand new project and need to get onboard 3sixteen

  • Divadwash

    As I venture thru the wintery landscape of bc I imagine myself wearing proudly that raw branding over my skin and spreading the gospel of this jeanesis……
    Happy christmasies. Dd

  • Jack F

    I want to win because I am recovering from back surgery and am in need of something comfortable to wear around the house to break in for when I can go out into the world again.

  • fahimuddin

    I want to win this pair to have a new experience by wearing 3sixteen denim. and it would be great pleasure for me.

  • Mike wilson

    Want my first selvage to be 3sixteen. Thanks!

  • Hiep Le

    my apc petit standards are going to first wash, so new raw jeans would be great addition!

  • Patrick

    I have a pair of 3sixteens, the SL-100x, and love them and would appreciate the opportunity to gift a pair to a family member who hasn’t tried raw denim.

  • David Rosales

    I want another pair of 3sixteens, my SL-100’s are in need of repair.

  • Alexander Sia

    Because I will rock em so hard that i will be featured on fade fridays, thus giving 3sixteen more publicity ;D

  • Michael Le

    Easily my favorite jeans.

  • Mike

    Selvage jeans by the best around.

  • Simon Ross

    You know what ? Well until I subscribed to this site I thought I was the only one scouring the planet for rare indigo denims, selvedge and raw stuff without all the decals and embarrasing pocket stitching and all my friends thought I was mad. Now every bastard isz buying copies from Target or whatever. Wankers. My first good jeans where Replay selvedge I think 909 or sutch, wait on no, my dad brought back some shrink to fit Levis from San Fransisco when I was a teen in the seventies and that’s when I developed a denim fetish. But the Replays where the first pair I bought and they are virtually more repair than jean now. The last pair was AIKA an Australian Japanese partnership which is now defunct. Great jeans though. The problem now is that Im sick and fat and they don’t fit me. Only got to wash them twice. I may get slimmer one day but until then I’m stuck because I can’t work and cant afford to pay big $$$$$$ for anything nice unless I give up coffee and tobacco which I need even more than beautiful, sensual denim. Help me Send me FREE JEANS PLEASE. That is all true by the way. sincerely Slyme.