Civilianaire Grand Opening – Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Civilianaire Opening - Melrose, Los Angeles

Civilianaire Opening – Melrose, Los Angeles

Up and coming denim label Civilianaire hosted the grand opening of it’s latest and sixth store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles last Saturday. The Southern California-based brand has been expanding rapidly since it’s launch in 2009 by Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman, the duo behind Lucky Brand and Jean Shop.

Civilainaire Melrose Store

Civilianaire‘s line centers around selvedge raw denim woven in Japan and assembled at their factory in Vernon, California. Their jeans come in Regular, Slim, and Super Slim cuts for men (all available in 10oz, 13.5oz, and 16oz sanforized weights)  and in a Super Slim Stretch option for women.

Civilianaire‘s are defined by detail-oriented touches like mustard-herringbone pockets, yellow line selvedge ID, natural twill waist band, zip fly, a subtle back pocket design, and a label tab proclaiming “Enjoy!” on the chain-stitched hem. Retail Director Erik Schnakenberg, who’s been with the company since it’s inception, was there sporting what he said was probably the oldest pair of Civilianaire‘s in existence. They fade pretty well after three years.

Civilianaire Denim

Civilianaire Pocket Bag

Erik explained that their unique twist on raw jeans was the color variety. Civilianaire‘s cuts come in the standard indigo as well as light blue, tropical blue, baby blue, Jake and Elwood Blue, gray, olive, and burgundy.

Civilianaire Store

Beyond the jeans, Civilianaire has a full line of tees, button ups, and jackets as well. The label, however, eschews typical seasonal rollouts in favor of year-round basics–chalk that up to the LA weather.

This opening was just one of many for Gene and Barry’s brand, their agressive expansion will soon see stores in Carmel and New York City. So if Civilianaire isn’t currently in your area, just wait, it probably will be soon.


Regular cut in selvedge black canvas

Regular cut in selvedge black canvas

Civilianaire's women's line

Civilianaire’s women’s line

The women's Slim Stretch faded for one year

The women’s Slim Stretch faded for one year

Civilianaire Denim


Civilianaire Harrington

Civilianaire Harrington

Civilianaire Tote Bag

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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