The Flat Head x Tate + Yoko Collaboration

 Flat Head X Tate + Yoko Collaboration #2

Flat Head X Tate + Yoko Collaboration

For denim heads who missed out on one of 2011’s great collaborationsThe Flat Head and Tate + Yoko have teamed up to bring you seventy five pairs of a 16 Oz. second version.

The Flat Head has a reputation for making indestructible jeans, likely due to their denim being spun on old-style shuttle looms that only churn out 50 yards per day. Looking even more closely at the material, their classic unsanforized 1XXX raw denim is utilized (leading to greater-than-average shrinkage) and the selvedge color is a light pink.

In terms of fit, their selection of skinnier, tapered jeans are almost non-existent so the collaborative item is offered in the low-rise, slightly tapered WeirdGuy model.


  • Name: Flat Head x Tate + Yoko Collaboration
  • Weight: 16 Oz.
  • Fit: Low-rise, slightly tapered through the knee and calf
  • Denim: Unsanforized Flat Head 1xxx denim
  • Denim source: Japan
  • Price: $295.00
  • Available (pre-order): Tate + Yoko
  • Other details:
    • Rope-dyed indigo
    • Button fly
    • Heavyweight pocket bags with The Flat Head logo
    • Hidden iron (copper-plated) rivets
    • Pink selvedge

Photos (source:

 Flat Head X Tate + Yoko Collaboration - Front

 Flat Head X Tate + Yoko Collaboration - Back

 Flat Head X Tate + Yoko Collaboration - Front Close Up

 Flat Head X Tate + Yoko Collaboration - Coin Pocket

The Flat Head X Tate + Yoko Collaboration - Close Up

The Flat Head X Tate + Yoko Collaboration - Selvedge

The Flat Head X Tate + Yoko Collaboration



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  • Simon

    Looks exacly like my 24oz Pure Blue Japan

  • Sahlan Mohamed

    i love the backpocket design and concept. The brand logo will expose when the denim get the fade effect on it.
    e.g;Samurai s500jx

  • speck

    Did these sell out? No longer posted on the T+Y site.

  • Kyle Brooks Robinson

    I don’t understand what they were thinking. Most of Flat Head’s jeans already have low rises (which is a big problem for tall people like myself.) Flat Head collaborations should have LONGER rises akin to the Samurai S710, it just makes for a more flexible jean all around. I’m curious as to whether they fixed the crazy short inseam from the last collaboration. If they made it 39-40″ pre-wash, then it might be long enough for tall people (willing to deal with the low rise.)

    • Mamba

      Dude, why are you so salty about everything N&F does. They’re doing us a favor by having Flat Head make the signature WG cut out of 1xxx denim at a really good price point. Flat head has other cuts of their own and collaborations with Pronto / SelfEdge so go find something that works for you elsewhere. I’m sure they would have used a longer inseam / higher rise if it was a huge issue. N&F sells thousands of jeans and they know what their target market wants.

      • Kyle Brooks Robinson

        I don’t like N&F but I would be interested in these jeans if not for issues like inseam length (actually checking the Weird Guy fit, it doesn’t seem to have a low rise at about 10.5″ in my size; that’s a medium rise, the blurb on this page is a bit misleading.)

        • Mamba

          supremacist hipster.

  • Noel Haynes

    I have a 2 pairs of Flat heads a pair of Iron Heart and some N&F weird Guy. I live in my Weird guys,
    It really works for me. Yes the build quality may not be quite as good but the fabric anda silhouette is great.

  • smatty

    these aren’t happening.

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