Matthew Scott’s Jeans for Genes Day Charity

Matthew Scott's Jeans for Genes Day Charity

Matthew Scott’s Jeans for Genes Day Charity

Would you wear the same pair of jeans for a year? Matthew Scott has decided that he will, and he’s going to do it for the Jeans for Genes charity.

Matt works for an Australian retail store called Glue Store as their official Denim Trainer, a job in which he’s seen how denim geeks are captivated by the canvas a new pair of raw denim provides. Having heard about the Jeans for Genes charity, a group which supports children’s medical research, Matt decided he’d commit to his Denham Grade Slim VJS in order to collect sponsorship and donations to aid the charity.

While Australia, with its scorching summers and very humid days, might be one of the tougher countries in which to put forward this sort of challenge, Matt thinks he’s up to the task, and given that all the money will be going to a great cause we’ll be supporting him the whole way through.

It’s great to see denim being used as encouragment to raise funds for charity; it’s a new mark on the second skin that a pair of raw denim becomes.

You can follow Matt’s journey for Jeans for Genes Day either through his instagram @matthewscott1208 and on his page where you can make a donation. Every dollar donated will not only encourage his journey, but will also go towards a great cause supporting children’s medical research.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • Steven Chan

    What shoes is he wearing?

  • secretdouchebag

    I applaud his effort but wearing your denim for 300 days straight is not that big a deal for denim nerds. I have worn mine for 1.5 years straight with only 1 wash.

  • DD

    Nice article!