How To Cuff Your Raw Denim – The Single, Double, Skinny Cuff

Basic, Unrolled Jean

Raw denim is unique for its individuality as the way the denim will conform to the wearer. That not being quite enough for everyone, men have recently taken to rolling their cuffs in different ways to create an extra sense of individuality.

Sadly for those looking to get into this, there aren’t a ton of relevant resources available that cater to men in this respect. As a result, we have created a basic guide to cuffing your denim.

1. The Single Roll

Single Cuff – Short Roll

Single Cuff – Long Roll

Starting with basics, the simplest way of cuffing your jeans is the single roll. While there are a number of ways you can make it your own, the single roll just entails rolling up the cuffs of your jeans once.

If you just work in front of a mirror or looking down, roll up a bit and see how it looks with your particular jeans or shoes. Sometimes a longer roll works well, sometimes a short little cuff just to show the selvedge off is all that’s needed.

2. The Double Cuff

Basic, Unrolled Jean

Double Cuff Roll One

Double Cuff Roll Two

Past the single cuff, the next logical option would be the double cuff. This time, you start with a smaller cuff and then re-roll again. You can either keep both legs consistent or you can have them a little bit mismatched each such that it’ll look a little messy (a.k.a. the messy cuff).

The only caveat is that this typically won’t work as well with a heavier denim since the cuff will be incredibly thick (unless this is a look you’d like to acheive!).

3. The Skinny Cuff

Basic, Unrolled Jean

Skinny Cuff Roll One

Skinny Cuff Roll Two

Skinny Cuff Roll Three

Skinny Cuff Roll Four

Similar to the double cuff and messy cuff is the skinny cuff. To achieve the skinny cuff look, you just need to take the hem of the jeans, turn the cuff up once, then roll twice upwards to get a slim fit on the jeans.

It can look equally good on a more relaxed jean leg or on a skinny leg jean. This often looks great with a pair of relaxed jeans sitting over a slimmer shoe rather than a boot. For a boot, typically the single cuff is a better option.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • bryan solid

    Always go for the single cuff myself. Mine usually end up being somewhere right in the middle of the short and long pictured here. My PBJs are double cuffed due to the long inseam and I have a pair of N&FxMomotaros that I bought on impulse because I had a discount with an inseam short enough that I don’t cuff at all. Those look best with boots or bulkier shoes.

    Don’t like the skinny cuff look at all, personally.

  • Matt

    having bought rogue territory’s which come standard 36 inseam I had to do a big double cuff.

  • Ben Bundy

    i have like 6 skinny cuffs on my Flat Head Inseam 40 !!! ^^

    • Alex Chang Fung Pho

      Curious to see what that looks like lol versus just double cuffing it thick

  • Dave

    man I feel like we’re getting out of things to write about when they’re writing about how to cuff your jeans

    • bryan solid

      It really is part of the culture though. While we might not need a “how to” it’s nice to have something to spark discussion.

      Without the site authors putting out articles, Rawr Denim will stagnate mid rather have some fluff pieces here and there instead of nothing at all.

  • Chris Reilly

    I have to say that I’m pretty partial to the long, fat cuffs. I’m currently wearing a pair of jeans with a 2 inch tall cuff.

  • mark

    i know it’s trad, but cuffs look awful. just get them hemmed with a chain stitch.

    • Jonathan Contreras

      How could you say that?? And if you don’t cuff, chain stitching isn’t really necessary. Lets be honest, most of us cuff to show our chain stitching detail.

  • Richard

    There is a type of cuff missing…

    Where you do a long single cuff and you then cuff it over the long single cuff, but don’t cover the chainstich. You should still be able to see it.

    So it’s a double cuff with the chainstitching showing.

  • TrevorH

    Can you also write a guide on the various ways of tying my shoes. I’m still stuck on Velcro.

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  • Ho Lee Fuk

    Seriously? A how-to on rolling your jeans?