Fade Friday – Iron Heart 634 MINI (12 Months, 0 Washes)

Fade Friday - Iron Heart 634 MINI (12 Months, 0 Washes)

Fade Friday – Iron Heart 634 MINI (12 Months, 0 Washes)

This is a guest post from our forum user, Megatron1505, who sent us a denim fade like no other seven months ago – the Iron Heart 634 MINI – that his then five year old son, Tommy, had been working on.

Now that Tommy has outgrown them after a year of wear, Megatron1505 was good enough to send us an update.

In April of this year, RawrDenim.com ran a Fade Friday feature on my (then) 5 year old son’s very unique pair of Iron Hearts, the IH-MINI. Unfortunately, as children have a tendency to do, my son has grown, and we are swiftly approaching a time when we have to retire his first pair of quality, Japanese, raw denim. As you will see, however, he has made quite an impression on them.

Tommy received the jeans from the founder and owner of Iron Heart, Haraki-San, after meeting him at the Iron Heart UK party which was hosted by the company’s worldwide distribution managers, Giles and Paula Padmore.

Tommy asked Haraki for a pair of jeans just like the ones his dad wears, and Haraki was as good as his word; providing jeans which he originally made for shop displays in Japan.

We received the jeans at the beginning of December 2011 and to no surprise, they quickly became Tommy’s favourite item of clothing, wearing them wherever he went.

In May of this year, we reached a point where Tommy was becoming too tall to wear them any more. I asked Giles for his help and he hand carried the jeans back to the Iron Heart HQ (The Works) in Japan for Haraki to come up with a solution. Haraki’s solution was somewhat unique, in that we had expected him to fit a “false cuff” to the bottom of each leg or simply extend the length.

However, in typical Haraki attention-to-detail fashion, he fully deconstructed the jeans in order to add in extra pieces of denim as his reason was, “to preserve the boy’s fade pattern where it should be”. Absolute genius!

Needless to say, Tommy has really put these jeans to the test in the last 12 months. We will be sad to retire them but will be sure to give them a place of pride in a frame on his bedroom wall.

Though Tommy is not quite big enough for even a small pair of raws from anywhere else at the moment, we will begin searching for his next jeans. The bar may be set high for his next pair given the Iron Heart 634 MINI, but when the eventual pair does hits his legs, Rawr Denim will be the first to know!


  • Name: Iron Heart 634 MINI
  • Weight: 21 Oz.
  • Fit: Straight Cut
  • Denim: 100% Zimbabwean Long Fibre Cotton
  • Length of wear: 12 months
  • Number of washes: 0

Photos – Before

Iron Heart 634 Mini

Iron Heart 634 Mini

Iron Heart 634 Mini

Photos – After

Front - Iron Heart 634 MINI

Back - Iron Heart 634 MINI

Thigh - Iron Heart 634 MINI

Whiskers - Iron Heart 634 MINI

Whiskers - Iron Heart 634 MINI

Back Pocket - Iron Heart 634 MINI

Leg Opening - Iron Heart 634 MINI

Leg Opening - Iron Heart 634 MINI


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  • http://www.facebook.com/giles.padmore Giles Padmore

    Brilliant Tommy….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003326974874 Kyle Brooks Robinson

    Epic. Getting these jeans further broken in is good motivation for having more kids.

  • Derek

    goddamn, i could barely stand wearing clothes when i was 5, let alone a pair of 21oz denim. kudos to tommy.

  • Davil

    What I want to know is how you got jeans worn by a five year old to last a year without one single wash??? That in and of itself is pretty amazing!

    • Megatron1505

      They were washed, 3 or 4 times if I remember correctly, and a soak. I’ll speak to Nick about correcting.

  • bryan solid

    I know it’s unreasonable, but this bothers me. Number one, that anyone would bother putting raw denim on a kid (fact: the fades are nothing special), and two, that they’d frame them instead of giving them to some other kid that could make use of them.

    Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a big jerk, but this is a waste of a Fade Friday for me.

    • Megatron1505

      Bryan, I’m actually going to apologise for my previous comment, as a protective father it annoyed, when perhaps I should have been more professional. I will address your points though.

      We bothered to put Tommy is the jeans as he had asked he owner of Iron Heart for a pair like his dads. and Haraki-San provided them, should we have said no? Would any other denim enthusiast parent have said no?

      The fades are those of a sex year old boy, who spends the majority of his time at school, not wearing jeans. Most denim enthusiasts who have seen them appreciate the difference in the way a child’s activities cause fade and wear to jeans, rather than an adult, speaking objectively I think the fade pattern is more vintage, as jeans that have seen a lot of activity tend to be (look at the pictures of vintage Levis worn by workmen), rather than denim bought to stack, bleed fast, and artificially have their high contract fade patter preserved. I realise that this is more popular, but I simply find it fake.

      As for framing the jeans, they are Tommy’s property, and a gift from Haraki, framing is his choice, and I do not believe that you or anyone else has the right to tell people what to do with their jeans, do you donate your old denim?

      They are a unique example, and I hope Tommy keeps them for ever and continues to share my passion for denim.

      I hope this has clarified my points and stance on this issue, and I am genuinely sorry that you feel otherwise, and did not appreciate the article. I hope you will feel differently about any future pieces I write.

      • bryan solid

        Yup, I get “protective father” to be sure. You can enjoy and defend the fades on your son’s jeans as much as you like, while I’m free to voice my opinion that as far as why I come to sites like this, it’s nothing special to me.

        As for whether or not I donate my old denim, I in fact regularly put clothes I no longer wear into donation bins, including jeans. Anything too worn out for someone else to wear goes into the rag bin. I don’t see where I told you or anyone else what to do with their jeans either. I simply said I was bothered and I even admitted that it was unreasonable. It’s silly too, that I would even put the effort in to be bothered by someone’s kid getting a pair raw denim jeans.

        I’m sorry my comments bothered you. I do appreciate that your son wanted some jeans like dad and he got some- how lucky for a young man to be so privileged.

        If any future pieces you write for Rawr Denim are about your son or your son’s jeans, you can be sure I won’t read them and I won’t trouble you with any comments.

    • Anonymous

      douche faggot

  • Ruedi Karrer

    Congrats Mega for this amazing update. In our remote little mountain village, I saw the first jeans after 1970, when I was over 10 years old. But I’m trying to catch up with some raw denim stuff since then

  • Megatron1505

    Bryan, I would love to write a response to your post in defence of my sons jeans, but I think that is what you want, and how you get your attnetion. Suffice to say that you not a jerk, but clearly a very sad man.

  • rik.WAHYT

    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT…. I LOVE this fade friday. something a bit more left field and great….. Id like to see raw denim kids more often. Like Megatron said, “Most denim enthusiasts who have seen them appreciate the difference in the way a child’s activities cause fade and wear to jeans”…