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Edwin Blanket Denim 1

Edwin, the Japanese denim company which has been at the forefront of the denim marketplace since their conception in 1947, have added a new tweak to their line for the Fall / Winter 2012 collection. Their new development is called Blanket Denim, a Japanese denim woven from a mix of cotton and viscose which leads to a neppy 12.7 oz denim with the inner feel of a blanket.

The denim has been woven exclusively for Edwin at the famous Kuroki mill in Japan, where a number of the better denim lines to come out of Japan have been woven. Given how everyone likes to stay warm, and winter around the world is cold, these jeans will be the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe to keep your legs toasty.

For Fall / Winter 2012 the blanket denim will be available in Edwin‘s ED-49, a mid-rise, tapered fit; as well as in the ED-55, a mid-rise, relaxed and very tapared fit. Though neither jean is technically raw, given they’ve been rinsed for added comfort, they both appear like they’ll undergo the aging process much like a pair of raw denim and I’d be quite curious about how the blanket component will make the aging unique.


They didn’t stop with jeans either – Edwin also have produced two of their jackets, specifically the Ansel Jacket and the Road Lined Jacket in the Blanket Denim. The Ansel Jacket is a more thin shirt jacket, while the Road Lined Jacket looks like it would hold up with the wind whipping it on a motorbike.

Though each are available from the Edwin store, if you live outside of Europe or Japan, you will need a proxy (i.e. someone who will purchase on your behalf) if you are hoping to make one of these pairs your own.

Ansel Jacket

Road Lined Jacket


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • http://worn75.blogspot.com/ John King

    Hopefully we’ll get to see some evo photos. The Road Lined Jacket is nice.

  • http://fitzgeraldnick.com/ Nick Fitzgerald

    The weft looks really cool, wish that there were some close ups…

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    • http://www.rawrdenim.com Rawr Denim

      Sorry Nick – we had some glitches with the signup module and have disabled it until it can be fixed.

      • http://fitzgeraldnick.com/ Nick Fitzgerald

        Cool thanks! Just want to let you know that I really appreciate the site, but this one little thing was really annoying me.

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