Three Ways To Wash Or Soak Your Raw Denim Without A Bathtub

When it comes to the classic approach of washing or soaking your raw denim, the process is pretty clearcut. Just mix dark care laundry detergent (or a speciality raw denim cleaning agent – such as the Sugar Cane Soap3×1 Denim Solution, or A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care) with room temperature water in a bathtub, and lay your denim in the concoction for about 45 minutes. Easy enough, right?

Unfortunately, as simple as the procedure may be, the reality is that not all have access to one of the required elements – the ‘tub.

Thus, here are three ways to wash or soak your raw denim without a bathtub.

1. Using a Basin

2. Using a Pail or Bucket

3. In The Shower

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  • jon

    that creepy look!!

  • Homogeneity

    That last video is quite awkward, especially when he turns and looks at the camera in the shower with an expression of “Uh..maybe I didn’t think this through too well.”

  • coolfadezbro

    Seriously? An article on things that hold water?

    As much as I love rawrdenim, it’s really falling off. Sigh.

  • NinjaMike808

    Oh, y’all left out the beach method!

  • Russell

    I have a new pair over here and seeing as I don’t have a tub but do want to get some shrinkage going on, should I wear them in the shower of soak them in a basin?

    • Rawr Denim

      Both work equally well

      • risandi pradipto

        Hi, I just want to say that this article is really useful. I had got myself two pairs of unsanforized jeans in Seoul, while I’m away from my hometown in Indonesia (no tubs here where I’m staying, but definitely been a nice weather during spring here to start breaking-in process) so I didn’t wait any longer for trying the shower method, and I gotta say: It worked.
        Once again , thanks for this awesome article.



  • Mike

    Do I need to do a soak if I just purchased my jeans?

  • root

    how important is it to to an initial soak before wearing your raw denim for the first time?

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  • faidzal

    i have a pair of momotaro grand indigo jeans.. i would like to wash team for the very first time. so which method would you recommend me so that i get a very minimal shrinkage as they are already quite tight around the waist and thigh

  • Jamie Callahan

    Sorry if this is asked a lot, or just a noob question, but is there any reason you couldn’t just run them through a soak cycle in the washing machine? Is there an issue with the agitation or something?

    • CrunchyTunaRoll

      I’m curious on this too. I get very little indigo loss with the bin stable technique. Everytime I see a question like this posted, it always goes unanswered. I really wanna know this too! However, I did see on DenimHunters, they openly say that their pairs go in the washing machine, so I think with adequate time before a first wash, a washing machine will be fine, just inside out, and no dryer.

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